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Chuck Norris

  1. What’s Leaving Hulu: September 2017Adios, Road House.
  2. the cannon canon
    Cannon Films: A 10-Part Appreciation of TrashWhat other studio was crazy enough to deem Chuck Norris its leading man, and bet big on a Stallone arm-wrestling flick?
  3. parodies
    Chuck Norris One-Ups Jean-Claude Van DammeA CGI Chuck Norris, that is.
  4. the racie for gracie
    So That’s Where Anthony Weiner Got His Sexy Screen NameFinally, a useful Chuck Norris fact.
  5. explosions
    Movie Review: Why Isn’t The Expendables 2 More Insane?This sequel is aggressively dumb, aggressively macho, and just plain aggressively aggressive.
  6. chuck norris
    Watch the Trailer for Chuck Norris: The Movie, Which We Wish Were RealOn second thought, the trailer is enough.
  7. the expendables 2
    See New Posters for The Expendables 2Well, it’s certainly not Ladies’ Night.
  8. No. 1 American Chuck Norris Endorses Newt GingrichNewt campaign: What cabinet position should Chuck get?
  9. truth
    Walker, Texas Ranger to Become Real Texas RangerCongrats, Chuck.
  10. conspiracies
    Chuck Norris Warns of Obama’s ‘Secret Vault’This is obviously a vast conspiracy and not just some mundane executive order.
  11. chuck norris
    Facebook and Twitter’s Top Trends of the Year Include Chuck Norris, ObviouslyAlso: “yard,” “years,” and “Facebook applications.”
  12. slideshow
    The Presidential Race’s Most Effective Campaign SpotsBefore the final debate seems as good a time as any to evaluate the best of what we’ve seen so far.
  13. early and often
    Which Candidates Should Worry About the Actors Who Endorsed Them? A Graphical GuideAs the primary season approaches its climax, each voter is faced with a choice: Is it better to back a candidate based upon the opportunistic ramblings of cable-news talking heads or the endorsement of the voter’s favorite actor? Folks who filter their beliefs through those of a television or movie personality risk surrendering their stake in actual issues. Then again, they’re secure in the knowledge that they’re for the same guy as the Fresh Prince. Who are these actors, and how might they help — or potentially destroy — the campaigns that are so carefully conducted by their buddies? Glad you asked! —Dan Amira
  14. company town
    Oracle of Omaha Screws With Everyone’s HeadFINANCE • Buffett to the rescue: The Oracle of Omaha may take a 20 percent stake in crisis-ridden Bear Stearns. If the deal goes through, Bear CEO Jim Cayne will have another new bridge partner to brag about. [NYT] • Goldman Sachs named Edward Forst as co-head of investment management, a troubled group with a mere $796 billion in assets. Forst takes the place of Eric Schwartz, who’s retiring after 23 years with the bank. [NYP] • “The tears of Chuck Norris would supply enough liquidity to solve the credit crisis. Too bad he never cries.” [Bloomberg]
  15. the early-evening news
    Chuck Norris Sent to Iraq — Mission Accomplished!News about Lauren Graham, the Sex Pistols, and Phil Spector!