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  1. celebrity
    Carl Lentz Is Going Through It, Seeking Treatment for ‘Pastoral Burnout’And he’s reportedly getting rent money from Tyler Perry.
  2. kanye 2020
    Kanye West Tells Joe Rogan ‘My Calling Is to Be the Leader of the Free World’He is also building a soundstage in Atlanta.
  3. feature
    He’s Lost Seven Parishioners, and 20 Are SickIn his 40 years of preaching, the Reverend Johnnie Green has never felt this helpless.
  4. self reflection
    What the Black Church Taught Me About LipstickIt’ll get you through the hardest times.
  5. first person
    Dressing for Church Taught Me Everything I Know About Fashion“Sunday best” means more than the Met Gala to me.
  6. women of god
    Ladies, Would You Go to Church If It Were Shaped Like a Shoe?Shopping. Pedicures. And a little bit of God.
  7. holy ghost bling
    A Gospel Choir Remixed Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’In which part of the Bible did Jesus call anyone on his cellular device at night?
  8. charleston
    Here’s a List of Attacks Against Black Churches in the Past 25 YearsThe Charleston shooting is part of a long, sad tradition.
  9. look of the day
    Easter Mass: Just the Occasion for Your Nicest Crop TopAs demonstrated by Kendall Jenner.
  10. San Francisco Church Dumps Water on Homeless While They SleepSaint Mary’s Cathedral, the main church of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, has a new watering system designed to keep the homeless off its steps. 
  11. sunday best
    What Britney Spears Wears to ChurchThe higher the hem, the closer to God.
  12. sad things
    Mega Pastor Rick Warren’s Son Commits SuicideThe 27-year-old had been “struggling with mental illness and deep depression.”
  13. Coming Soon
    Oh, Heavens: Hyde Park Square Will Get a Restaurant at a ChurchNo word on whether they’ll have communal tables.
  14. Beef
    Outdoor-Brunch Culture War Still Hot Enough to Fry an Egg OnBut don’t worry, lovers of all that is right and fun in the world — the City Council has your back.
  15. tebowsanity
    Where Will Tim Tebow Go to Church in New York?We’ve put together a little walking tour for him.
  16. journalism
    Fox News Announces That Obama Has ‘Finally’ Decided to Go to ChurchYes, finally
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Quiet Old Lady Stole $1 Million From NY Catholic ChurchShe had a history of this kind of thing.
  18. Chili
    What to Eat at Church’s First Annual Chili Cook-OffEnjoy spices from Tasty Burger, Sweet Cheeks, and more.
  19. the gods must be crazy
    Presbyterian Church to Begin Ordaining Gay MinistersThe rule change begins on Sunday.
  20. catholics
    Televangelist Priest Confesses Affair With CousinNotes from a scandal.
  21. taking a stand
    New Yorker Would Rather Get Hepatitis Than Wait in LineChurch folk get huffy.
  22. gene robinson
    World’s First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop RetiringIn his resignation speech in New Hampshire, he said: “This is the one place where I’m not ‘the gay bishop.’”
  23. the gods must be crazy
    Pope Assigns Archbishop Dolan, Others to Irish-Church Review PanelThe investigation team will look into churches and seminaries there.
  24. the gods must be crazy
    Guess What People Who Buy Communion Wafers Online Also Buy?Astroglide. And who says the Church doesn’t have any fun?
  25. obama is a human person
    Obama Settles on Non-Annoying ChurchFollowing in Bush’s footsteps, Obama picks a church where he doesn’t get more attention than God.
  26. the gods must be crazy
    New York’s New Archbishop a Dude’s DudeAnd he’s going to get more dudes to join the priesthood.
  27. neighborhood watch
    Wall Street–Area Houses of Worship Install Eject Buttons on Finance Types Praying Not to Lose Third HomeChurches and synagogues in the financial district have seen an uptick in business-attired attendees.