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  1. enhanced interrogation
    5 Appalling Takeaways From the Senate’s CIA Torture ReportThe “enhanced interrogation techniques” were cruel and useless.
  2. enhanced interrogation
    The Senate Torture Report Is Probably Coming Out Today [Updated]And officials are a little bit worried.
  3. tv
    The CIA Has Been Fact-Checking State of Affairs on Twitter#Actually.
  4. international affairs
    American Commandos Say They Were Ordered to ‘Stand Down’ During Benghazi Attack They feel they could have saved Ambassador Stevens, if they’d left sooner.
  5. spy games
    CIA Admits It Spied on Senators, After Insisting It Didn’tA big black eye for director John Brennan.
  6. Jon Stewart Talks to a CIA Employee Who Sounds a Lot Like Jerry SeinfeldA bunch of CIA staffers’ Langley cafeteria-related complaints were recently released to the public through the Freedom of Information Act, so […]
  7. international intrigue
    The U.S.-Germany Spy Scandal: A PrimerA dummy weather app, a speech impediment, the Fourth of July, and much more!
  8. top secret
    The CIA Developed an Evil Osama Bin Laden ToyHow do you make a terrorist even more evil? Turn him into the devil. 
  9. spy games
    The CIA Isn’t Great at Punishing Employees for HarassmentIt’s hard to hold people accountable when everything is a secret. 
  10. spy games
    White House Publicizes CIA Chief’s NameOops.
  11. spy games
    Senate Report: CIA Lied Repeatedly About Its Interrogation ProgramTo justify the use of brutal tactics.
  12. spy games
    Did the CIA Spy on a Senate Investigation?An internal review has begun.
  13. cia
    CIA Turned Guantánamo Prisoners Into SpiesWell, this is an interesting program. 
  14. spy games
    The CIA Collects Data in Bulk, Just Like the NSAJust sensitive financial information, not phone calls.
  15. spy games
    AT&T Cashing in on CIA Spying$10 million a year.
  16. spy games
    CIA Thought There Was Something Funny About That Snowden Guy in 2009A bad report was never forwarded.
  17. edward snowden
    The CIA Has Way More Money Than Everyone ThoughtEdward Snowden leaked the U.S. intelligence “black budget.”
  18. international affairs
    CIA Files Show U.S. Played Role in Iraq’s Chemical Attacks on IranThey concealed evidence, then shared information on Iran.
  19. spy games
    CIA Is Working to Stop Leaks, According to Leaked MemoBrennan wants to “reinforce our corporate culture of secrecy.”
  20. spy games
    CIA Was Too Cozy With NYPD, Inspector General Finds“There was inadequate direction and control.”
  21. scandal-stained wretches
    CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell RetiresNothing to do with the Benghazi talking points.
  22. boston bombing
    Both the CIA and the FBI Put Tamerlan Tsarnaev on Terrorist Watch ListsA case of government incompetence or lack of evidence?
  23. Mise En Place
    Is Cooking School Really Worth It? Culinary Institute Walkout Renews the DebateStudents start to wonder if it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars to pursue their dreams of becoming the next Thomas Keller.
  24. drone wars
    Report: CIA’s Drone Program in Pakistan Began With Assassination Deal The Americans agreed to kill a Pakistani militant in exchange for permission to conduct more targeted killings.
  25. covert affairs
    The CIA Is Losing Its Drone PrivilegesMoving forward, the military will reportedly be in charge.
  26. osama bin killed
    CIA Having a Hard Time Keeping Track of Bin Laden Death PicturesThere’s more!
  27. drone wars
    John Brennan to Face a Grilling Despite Obama’s Last-Minute Help [Updated]There are still plenty of questions for John Brennan.
  28. drone wars
    Why the New York Times Outed a Secret U.S. Drone Base NowJohn Brennan.
  29. drone wars
    CIA Has Secret Drone Base in Saudi ArabiaCritics of the policy are planning a showdown.
  30. osama bin killed
    Osama Bin Laden Death Photos Might Remain SecretThe government is still fighting in court to keep them secret.
  31. comings and goings
    Obama Picks Brennan for CIA, Hagel for DefenseChuck Hagel will also be selected today as secretary of Defense.
  32. cia
    CIA Head: Zero Dark Thirty Is Not a DocumentarySome film criticism from the intelligence community.
  33. The Real-Life Zero Dark Thirty Heroine Is Having a Tough Time at WorkEven though she helped nab bin Laden.
  34. pentagon of love
    How Mean Girls Explains the Petraeus ScandalE-mail snooping as “three-way calling attack.”
  35. scandals
    Connecting the Petraeus Dots: Details of His Affair Emerge RapidlyHomeland has nothing on this.
  36. scandals
    Did Broadwell’s Husband Write to The Ethicist? A letter published in a July edition of the Times’ Ethicist column describes a situation not unlike the David Petraeus affair. 
  37. scandals
    David Petraeus Resigns As CIA Director Over Extramarital Affair [Updated]Wow.
  38. never forget
    More Evidence Indicates the Bush Administration Ignored September 11 WarningsKurt Eichenwald reports damning new revelations in a New York ‘Times’ op-ed.
  39. ink-stained wretches
    NYT’s Mark Mazzetti Shared Dowd Column With CIAThe paper’s managing editor says it’s “much ado about nothing.”
  40. Nation’s Gullible Continue Being Alarmed by Onion Headlines “Why r ppl not RT this surely they cannot be that stupid!” writes Michael Robinson on Twitter, in response to this video about the CIA using […]
  41. the internet
    CIA Website Down, Anonymous Claims CreditIn keeping with their Friday tradition, the hacker group Anonymous claims they crashed CIA.gov.
  42. spy games
    The CIA and NYPD Are Breaking UpThe CIA agent assigned to help the NYPD spy for counterterrorism purposes is being removed.
  43. international intrigue
    American Sentenced to Death for Spying in IranThe Iranian government says the former Marine was working for the C.I.A.
  44. over-suspicious
    Iranian TV Shows Confession of ‘U.S. Spy’Nothing’s been confirmed.
  45. spy games
    NYPD Watches Muslims Who Change Their Names TooInfo on the surveillance program keeps coming out.
  46. war on terror
    Leon Panetta Won Republicans Over With Sass, DronesLiberal dove turns hawk favorite.
  47. spy games
    NYPD Didn’t Unfairly Spy on Muslims, Says NYPDRay Kelly gets grilled in a City Council hearing.
  48. Mentor
    Frankies’ Frank Falcinelli Inspires CIA GradsThe Franks clean up well.
  49. spy games
    NYPD Even Spied on the Muslim Leaders Who Were Helping ThemLocal community leaders were under surveillance even as they lunched with Bloomberg.
  50. spy games
    CIA Will Investigate Its Role in NYPD Intelligence ProgramNew director David Petraeus says they’re looking into it.
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