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    Citi Bike Now Being Used As SoulCycle for Homeless PeopleReally, really!
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    The Best, Most Fair Citi Bike Documentary So FarMeasuring the bike-share program on a “pain in the ass” scale.
  3. transportation
    Citi Bike May Be Best Hope for Stranded G Train RidersIf the MTA agrees to pay for expansion.
  4. health
    Inevitable Citi Bike Hack: Free Stationary Exercise “I never have to pay for a spin class again.”
  5. transportation
    A Legitimate Complaint About Citi Bike: The Docks Don’t Work WellThey didn’t totally work out those software issues.
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    Not All of Hasidic Brooklyn Hates BikesHasidim for Bikes wants in on Citi Bike.
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    Anti-Bike Crusader Dorothy Rabinowitz Will Not Be SilencedShe’s back.
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    The Daily Show Mocks Citi Bike OpponentsAnd interviews a guy in Bed-Stuy who wishes they had Citi Bikes in the hood. 
  9. 100 person poll
    100-Person Poll: Citi Bikers EditionWhat 100 people who have actually ridden Citi Bikes think about the program. 
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    Why Conservatives Hate Citi Bike So Much, in One Venn DiagramThis is what happens when five things conservatives hate collide. 
  11. party chat
    Hilaria Thomas Won’t Let Alec Baldwin Try Citibike Without a Helmet“Must bring a helmet with you.”
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    Everyone Can Use Citi Bikes NowLet the next wave of complaints begin.
  13. photo op
    Anthony Weiner, Changed Man, Rode a Citi BikeHe used to hate bike lanes.
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    Parker Posey Is Extremely Worried About Citi Bike and She Doesn’t Know Why“I feel like an old lady.”
  15. What Everyone Likes and Dislikes About Citibike So FarThe early reviews are in. 
  16. transportation
    New York Post Takes Credit for Removal of Eight Bike-Rack SpotsThe complaints continue.
  17. Co-op That Hates Bike Rack Claims Bike Rack Nearly Killed GuyOfficials say it did not. 
  18. bike share
    Local Man Upset That Bike Rack Will Replace Bike RackGood argument. 
  19. The Complete Guide to Everything: BikingThis week Tim discovers a fun new activity for Saturday nights if you’re tired of going to the dog park week after week. Also the guys discuss […]
  20. transportation
    Bike Share to Finally Debut Memorial Day WeekendIt’s really starting.
  21. More Than 5,000 New Yorkers Have Already Bought Annual Citibike MembershipsThat’s a lot. 
  22. transportation
    The First Citibike Stations Have Arrived in BrooklynBut no bikes yet.