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  1. getting around
    The Beginning of the End of the TurnstileA visit with the MTA’s new anti-fare evasion gates in Queens.
  2. neighborhood news
    The SUV That Tried to Take the SubwayA mishap in Washington Heights highlights a bad year for traffic accidents.
  3. urban fauna
    What We Know About the ‘Mystery’ Dog Illness That’s SpreadingSo far, vets aren’t too worried about the respiratory illness circulating among dogs.
  4. housing
    The Landlords Are MergingTwo organizations representing owners of rent-stabilized buildings across the city may be teaming up because one of them is going broke.
  5. reasons to love new york
    The Boys Who Got Lost Under Staten IslandA sixth-grade adventure.
  6. reasons to love new york
    Reasons to Love New York Right NowMaybe because the year was so challenging, our 37 reasons to love New York this year feel even dearer.
  7. reasons to love new york
    We Took New York’s TikTokers to LunchThe people who tell the world about dating, dining, and celebrity apartments met up at Bad Roman (where else?).
  8. reasons to love new york
    Good-bye, Beautiful Trash CansWe’re ditching you for something better.
  9. reasons to love new york
    How This Lost Dog Got FoundIt’s Waylon, and he’s a good boy.
  10. getting around
    Huge Hunks of Concrete Are Key to the Mayor’s Plan for Safer IntersectionsNot all approaches to “daylighting” are created equal.
  11. look book
    The Look Book Goes to an Anime ConventionCosplayers and gamers went all out for Anime NYC’s three-day event at the Javits Center.
  12. getting around
    A Postcard From Driverless San FranciscoUnexplained stops. Incensed firefighters. Cars named Oregano. The robotaxis are officially here.
  13. getting around
    A Frank Talk About Thanksgiving TravelTips from a Port Authority veteran on flying out during this week’s storms.
  14. new york jobs
    Someone Had to Build the Giant Mushrooms for the Candy ForestDesigning the hallucinatory spectacle of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  15. street fights
    The Great ‘Fentanyl Trash Can’ Freak-outHow competing text threads, park litter, and a tragic Bronx day-care death made Brooklyn parents lose their minds.
  16. look book
    The Look Book Goes to the New York City MarathonWe stopped sweaty, exhausted, Gatorade-drenched runners at the finish line of the 52nd annual race.
  17. our mayor
    The FBI’s Eric Adams Probe Focuses on Brooklyn Construction FirmKSK has ties to Turkey and is mostly been known for its unremarkable luxury buildings.
  18. street view
    The New Jersey Hindu Temple Covered With 10,000 SculpturesMarble elephants, ample parking, and a federal investigation into how it all got built.
  19. getting around
    Licensing E-Bikes Won’t Make the Sidewalks Safer“Every few years it’s the same neighborhoods asking the city to go after the same group of people.”
  20. war at home
    Jewish Schools Around New York City Are Hiring Armed Guards“We didn’t wait to hear that people wanted to increase security. We did it immediately.”
  21. getting around
    Someone Broke Moynihan Train Hall’s Skylights — From the OutsideThe indoor scaffolding is just a precaution while the glass is replaced.
  22. war at home
    Feeling Exposed in Little YemenMembers of a Bronx mosque met with the NYPD to talk about protecting their community. And why police seem to ignore their calls.
  23. war at home
    Prayer and Protest in Bay Ridge’s Little PalestineThe mood was mournful and resolute on the day before a Gaza peace rally.
  24. neighborhood news
    The Absolute Mayhem of Halloween on Garden PlaceThe Brooklyn Heights brownstones go big (and only hand out the good stuff).
  25. nightlife
    No Ring, No Blood, No GloryIn this underground wrestling scene, scripted death matches unfold just inches from the crowd.
  26. getting around
    The Mostly Monochrome OMNY Kiosk Is HereStainless-steel machine delivers (in our extremely unscientific test) stainless performance.
  27. infrastructure watch
    Walling Up the East Side to Save ItWhy the floodgates on the waterfront look the way they do.
  28. getting around
    The Deadly School-Zone CrossingThe deaths of a 7-year-old in Fort Greene and a Woodhaven crossing guard were preventable and predictable.
  29. getting around
    Welcome to the McGuinness Boulevard Parking Lot–Bike Lane–Loading ZoneThe mayor made a mess of the planned redesign. Now everyone’s confused.
  30. look book
    The Look Book Goes to the Central Park Conservancy Fall LuncheonThe Women’s Committee and guests brought in over $325,000 at the annual fundraiser.
  31. chapters
    What a School-bus Crash in Jerusalem Reveals About Life in Occupied PalestineA deadly collision exposes the system of checkpoints and borders that made it inevitable.
  32. encounter
    Crumps’ IllusionsMike Crumplar, the self-mythologizing Substacker of Dimes Square, is convinced he’s in a Balzac novel.
  33. rendering judgment
    The 2024 Streetery Is All About Light and AirA look at the new renderings from the city.
  34. street view
    Thomas Heatherwick Thinks Nearly All New Buildings Are BoringA critique of his critique.
  35. power
    All the City People on Our “Inside Power” ListFrom a co-op whisperer to the longtime ruler of Manhattan parks.
  36. israel-hamas war
    Imagining Gaza Without Borders and Without WarRevisiting urban designs by Michael Sorkin and other architects after the 2014 Gaza War.
  37. photography
    When New York Started to Wake UpThe photographs in Metropolitan Melancholia, made in 2021 and 2022, document a city learning to un-shelter in place.
  38. brick and mortar
    Where Are All the Legal Weed Shops?Two years since legalization, you can count the number of actual brick and mortars in the city on two hands.
  39. getting around
    ‘We’re Fighting Over Inches’New York cyclists on their near misses and collisions on the city’s bridges.
  40. brick and mortar
    Floral Storefront CityWhen did fake wisteria take over every retail façade in Manhattan?
  41. times square
    When 42nd Street Was the ‘Dead Line’ No One Would CrossHow real-estate developers made Times Square out of a sleepy district of horse stables.
  42. trash
    Small-Building Owners Will Soon Join New York City’s War on TrashMost of the city’s residential buildings will be covered by DSNY’s newest containerization rule.
  43. hamptons
    This Year’s Unwelcome Guests, According to the East Hampton Police LogsPantless men, seagull murders, and Ed Sheeran making too much noise.
  44. brick and mortar
    A Brooklyn Café That Said No More InfluencersDae, a Carroll Gardens café and home-goods shop, has taken the drastic step of banning photos and videos.
  45. urban fauna
    How Not to Get Bedbugs From Everyone Returning From Paris Fashion WeekAn exterminator recommends heated luggage, bedbug-sniffing dogs, and prayer.
  46. street fights
    Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade Is Un-CanceledThanks to a dog food company.
  47. parks
    Maybe Manhattan Needed a BeachThe Gansevoort Peninsula is a sweet, sandy little respite.
  48. architecture
    What Was Trump Tower?His co-star, his political launch pad, his longest-term companion.
  49. environment
    Scenes From a Flooded New York Subway evacuations, school day chaos, a missing mayor, and at least one fugitive sea lion.
  50. street fights
    How to Fake-Own the New Yorker HotelA fraudster got himself a rent-stabilized lease at the Hell’s Kitchen landmark. Then he tried to take it over.
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