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Claro Rio Summer

  1. scantily clad hotties
    The Girls and Boys From Ipanema: Summer Fashion Week in RioSee Hamish Bowles, Natalia Vodianova, Nina Garcia, and oodles of models in teeny bathing suits.
  2. The New York Diet
    This Is Why Rapper MIMS Likes His Tea Hot Ever since his club banger “This Is Why I’m Hot” went to No. 1, Sean Mims has lived on the road, touring behind his new album, Music Is My Savior. What does he miss the most about his hometown? First off, the habichuela con dulce that push-cart vendors sell in his native Washington Heights. “It’s one of the best things,” he says. “It’s beans and a sweet milk mixed together with cookies. It’s almost like a thick sweet tea.” He didn’t make it uptown when he was in town this week for a show at Avalon, but over a plate of sautéed jumbo shrimp, string beans, and a hot tea at Keens Steakhouse he told us what else he’s been eating.
  3. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls Question Lindsay Lohan’s Magic 8 BallSure, we’ve all heard that Lindsay Lohan was allegedly hoovering enough blow to kill a horse, but seeing it in black and white (thanks to Brit paper the News of the World) is another matter. Now, the once-charming Lohan seems poised to torch her remaining potential and snort its ashes off a toilet seat. If those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it, then Lindsay, get studying: The outlook is bleak, based on what’s come before you. Here are five possible career arcs, and our bets on which Lohan will follow. 1. The Enabled Addict Lohan’s coke tape plays like a sequel to the Great Kate Moss Scandal of 2005. If the parallels continue, she’ll spend about a month feigning remorse until people recommence ignoring her problems, then she’ll begin a gross on-off relationship with a drugged-out loser while her looks fade.
  4. What to Eat Tonight
    Spring Vegetables Get the DeChellis Treatment at Sumile SushiJosh DeChellis’s Japanese-inspired cooking at Sumile Sushi is especially attuned to seasonality. Just look at tonight’s special, spring-vegetable sushi. Says DeChellis, “Spring’s first vegetables are so precious — just like the most prized fish of the sea — and deserve an equally simple preparation to highlight their annual arrival and delicate flavors.” Tonight’s vegetables include fresh wasabi peas, glazed spring onions, young Japanese peppers, steamed ramps, wild asparagus, enoki, water spinach and sesame, and daikon sprout “kimchee.” The special will change as it reappears from time to time throughout the spring, with different vegetables making guest appearances.
  5. quote machine
    Johnny Depp Disputes Pirates’ Hygiene
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    Danny Meyer Can’t Close a Deal in Central ParkBrooklyn Heights: Brutal attacks on plastic restaurant mascots has become an alarming trend. [Brooklyn Heights Blog] Central Park: Danny Meyer’s having trouble closing the deal on Shake Shack No. 2. [Down by the Hipster] Clinton Hill: Pan y Mas is already shuttered; no word if it giving away too much free coffee was the culprit. [Clinton Hill Blog] But Community Supported Agriculture has finally found a new home at Christ’s Church on Clinton Street. [Brooklyn Record] East Village: Birdbath bakeries offer from 25 to 50 percent off your order if you ride a bike to get there. [Gridskipper] Flatiron: Tabla hasn’t given up on New Orleans; every bill includes a line for an optional Katrina-relief donation. [Gotham Gal] Greenwich Village: Otto hostess harangued a party of eighteen over the limit of its dining time throughout a two-hour, $2,000 dinner. [Eater] Little Italy: A mobster institution may no longer be in the family, but it looks like all debauchery won’t cease; the owner of L.A.’s Forty Deuce, Ivan Kane, will introduce burlesque to the Little Charlie’s Clam Bar space. [Eater] Red Hook: The land Brooklyn Brewery’s been scouting for a new operation is described as “toxic soup.” [Gowanus Lounge]
  7. neighborhood watch
    It’s All Downhill From Morningside HeightsBoerum Hill: It’s not enough that the Brooklyn House of Detention could reopen. Besides room for 720 inmates, look for two towers with residential or commercial space. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle via mcbrooklyn] Clinton Hill: Residents of the area’s southern flank, rejoice … a bank (a North Fork) is finally coming to Fulton and Clinton! [Brooklyn Record] Greenpoint: Residents come together to complain to a building inspector about excessive noise and damage caused by construction at 110 Green Street. [Newyorkshitty] Harlem: The Beaumont, a 63-unit Art Deco apartment building on Riverside Drive, has been sold for just over $20 million. [Uptown Flavor] Morningside Heights: This area has the greatest number of bike commuters — after Park Slope, of course. [Streetsblog] Park Slope: A local brothel is undergoing a renovation. But what will the building be now? [Curbed]
  8. apropos of nothing
    So What Does Banksy Look Like, Anyway?
  9. overnights
    ‘Lost’: We’re (Not) All in the Same GangSo who’s really running this operation?
  10. photo op
    One of These Things Is Not Like the OthersThe curmudgeonly Copyranter noticed this ad for the NYU Child Study Center posted on the Upper West Side. “Social phobia is intense shyness and pathological self-consciousness,” reads the explanatory text. (Click here for a larger, readable version.) Indeed. It is hard to be a black kid in the land o’ Zabar’s. It IS Hard For Black Kids to Fit in on the Upper West Side [Copyranter]
  11. show and talk
    Video: ‘Poiret: King of Fashion’ at the Met A special exhibit of clothing by self-crowned “King of Fashion” Paul Poiret just opened at the Met, and our cameras took a tour. In the early twentieth-century, the Frenchman liberated women from the corset, introduced a vivid color palette, and was the first designer to socialize with his clients. His “naïve and spontaneous” approach continues today through designers like Proenza Schouler, says Andrew Bolton, associate curator of the Costume Institute. “Poiret believed that women should dress in the way that suited them most, not just following trends.” Poiret: King of Fashion Video [NYM]
  12. news reel
    Bruce Willis Rages Against the Haters
  13. in other news
    Rupert Goes Green — Except for That Whole Using-Tons-of-Paper Thing Maybe John Kerry’s right, and environmentalism truly isn’t a partisan issue anymore. How else to explain the latest passenger on the bandwagon, Rupert Murdoch, who has just promised to take his News Corporation carbon-neutral within four years? An ultracheery news item — in the Post, of course — breaks down the massive undertaking into smaller initiatives. For instance, the 20th Century Fox lot will switch to solar-powered golf carts. The 24 crew will use biodiesel-powered generators for outdoor scenes. (That must well complement the show’s commitment to recycling: How many times has Jack gone rogue? CTU been invaded? Vice-president conspired?) Apparently this should go a long way toward negating the 641,150 tons of carbon News Corp. belched out in 2006 alone. But environmentally friendly explosions aside, we can’t help but notice one little problem.
  14. last night's gig
    Crispin Glover Shrieks Like a Woman at the Debut of ‘Brand Upon the Brain!’
  15. company town
    Man the Buckets! Long Term Capital Is (Sort Of) Back!FINANCE • Some of Long Term Capital’s former executives are making another go of it with a new fund, Quantitative Alternatives. [Bloomberg via DealBook/NYT] • Morgan Stanley will pay $8 million to settle federal fraud charges over its alleged failure to get the best prices possible for retail stock investors. [AP via NYT] • The SEC will announce Monday whether it will appeal a court ruling that overturns the “Merrill Lynch” rule, allowing brokers to offer fee-based services to clients without being registered as financial advisers. [NYP]
  16. last night's gig
    Video: Captured! By Robots Enslave Their Human Singer
  17. ethnography
    A Tubbs-and-Crockette Can Actually Pull Off a Boxy Blazer Your guide to the species of the nightlife habitat. Species: Tubbs-and-Crockette Etymology: Specimens rock the Miami Vice look — and, remarkably, get away with it. Distinguishing characteristics: Though males are more often sighted than females, the rare female Tubbs-and-Crockette is occasionally spotted with its telltale plumage: pastels and an oversize blazer. Though men in such attire rarely achieve the look they want (fierce, drug-lord busting, gun-toting hotness), women are more successful. Notice the white pants, the pale pink button-up, and the boxy fit of the jacket. The specimen in the photo, however, suffers from one mutation: Her lack of loafers worn without socks. Known locales: Running along the waterfront, looking for drug boats; the Diner Diet: Mojitos How to approach: Fierce creatures, Tubbs-and-Crockettes are terrifying to behold. Tread lightly — they could be packing. But after sending over a cocktail or three, you’ll get off with a smirk. If you ask nicely enough, she may even frisk you. Endangerment status: Fragile. In the immortal words of their leader, Sonny Crockett: “You want to be dead? Bang, you’re dead.” —Amina Akhtar
  18. in other news
    The Media Primary: Bloomberg ‘08It might still be up in the air between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Republicans might all be holding their breath for the inevitable explosion of the Rudy bubble and the subsequent inflation of — who? McCain? Romney? — a successor. But one primary has solidified in the last few days: Media moguls are backing Mike Bloomberg for president.