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  1. recaps
    Cleveland: City of Art, Romance, and DRAMAA recap of The Bachelor, week four.
  2. bachelor nation
    The Bachelor Pulls a Mark Knopfler, Snubs the Rock and Roll Hall of FameHow the hell does a show visit Cleveland and not visit the city’s greatest landmark?
  3. podcast review
    Serial Season 3 Is Ambitious, Addictive, and Completely DifferentThe hit podcast’s highly anticipated third season is off to a fantastic start.
  4. GOP Awards Its 2020 Convention to the Only City That Sorta Kinda Wanted ItMore than likely, the 2020 RNC will be a global and local protest magnet.
  5. The Eternal Recurrence of Dennis Kucinich, Candidate for OfficeYes, he’s back. In this incarnation he’s a Fox Democrat running for governor of Ohio.
  6. news you can booze
    Here’s the Ginormous 100-Gallon Daiquiri Your Weekend Was MissingA Cleveland bar served the world’s all-time largest in a three-foot tiki mug.
  7. bey’s with her
    Watch Beyoncé Perform at the Clinton Campaign’s GOTV Concert in Cleveland“I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country.”
  8. How Ramon Rivas II Reps Cleveland This is a big weekend for Cleveland comedian Ramon Rivas II. Not only is his collective Accidental Comedy putting on their fifth annual […]
  9. Trump Brought Little Chaos to Cleveland – Outside the Convention Hall, AnywayAuthorities were anticipating mass violence and unrest. They got the most peaceful convention in recent memory.
  10. People at the RNC Are Breaking Party Lines to Eat at Food TrucksBecause who doesn’t love food?
  11. gallery
    Scenes From Cleveland on Day One of the Republican National ConventionPeople voiced their opinions on Trump all around town.
  12. Black Lives Matter Protesters Clash With Trump Supporters in Downtown ClevelandIt stayed peaceful.
  13. huh? in cleveland
    Cleveland Shows Some Love in the Prelude to Republican National Convention Week“Clevelanders are all laid-back people,” one person said. “We are a classy city.” A cop agreed: “If anything happens, it will be outsiders.”
  14. republican national convention
    Scenes From Cleveland on the Eve of the Republican National ConventionSo far, the demonstrations have been peaceful.
  15. donald trump
    Donald Trump May Have Fired Corey Lewandowski, But He’s Still Taking His AdviceTrump’s advisors and allies are concerned that Lewandowski could play a wild-card role in Cleveland.
  16. Your Guide to Cleveland’s Security NightmareThe GOP convention looms over Cleveland like Godzilla over Tokyo. Here’s a quick tour of the security challenges facing the city, and how its authorities hope to meet them.
  17. Republican Insiders Are Dreading Their Own ConventionThere’s just not a lot of joy in Cleveland.
  18. police shootings
    Investigators: Officer’s Shooting of Tamir Rice Was JustifiedTwo outside experts have cleared the Cleveland officers in the death of the 12-year-old, but a grand jury will still be consulted.
  19. Video Feed
    Watch Jonathon Sawyer Discuss the Appeal of Crowd-Funding a RestaurantGrub’s Sierra Tishgart interviewed the Cleveland chef for CBS This Morning.
  20. How a Judge Managed to Acquit the Cleveland Cop Who Fired 49 RoundsAll norms fall away when a police officer is on trial.
  21. cleveland
    71 Arrested During Last Night’s Protests Over Cleveland Cop’s AcquittalHundreds of protesters had taken to the streets in response to yesterday’s acquittal of a white cop charged in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black couple. More protests are planned.
  22. police shootings
    Cleveland Cop Acquitted of Manslaughter in Deaths of Unarmed Black CoupleHe had fired 49 times at their car, including at least 15 shots at close range.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Tamir Rice Cremated 6 Months After He Was Shot by PoliceThe family had said they wouldn’t bury the 12-year-old until the investigation into his death was complete.
  24. Cleveland Cops Threatened to Cuff Distraught Mom After Shooting Her 12-Year-OldReally.
  25. cleveland’s finest
    Cops Who Shot Tamir Rice Didn’t Bother to Give Him First AidThe 12-year-old died at the hospital shortly after the shooting.
  26. awful things
    Footage of Cleveland Cops Shooting 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Released It’s very upsetting.
  27. awful things
    12-Year-Old Boy Carrying Toy Gun Shot to Death by Police Officer On a Cleveland playground.
  28. the sports section
    Guy Who Called LeBron James the ‘Whore of Akron’ Forgives Him NowNo hard feelings, he says.
  29. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Wells Travels to Memphis; Joshua David Stein Praises EstelaPlus: Cuozzo likes Costata, and more, in this week’s roundup.
  30. Chuck Card
    Man Who Helped Free Cleveland Kidnap Victims Rejects Free Burgers for Life“I never told these people they could use my name for this.”
  31. Chuck Card
    Man Who Helped Free Kidnapped Cleveland Women Gets Free Burgers for LifeThis guy can basically have a burger a day from now on. Or fourteen a day.
  32. Chef PSA
    Cleveland Chef Jonathon Sawyer Got Hit by a Bus and Went Straight Back to Work“This issue is bigger than Jonathon Sawyer or the RTA, it has to do with bike and driver safety.”
  33. cleveland kidnapping
    With Ariel Castro, Precedent Suggests No Death PenaltyExecution would be an anomaly.
  34. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ariel Castro Could Face Murder Charges and Death PenaltyFor allegedly forcing miscarriages.
  35. crimes and misdemeanors
    Castro Charged With Rape and Kidnapping As Hideous Details Emerge [Updated]“Abduction day” cake is just the beginning.
  36. crimes and misdemeanors
    Neighbors Say Cleveland Police Ignored Calls About Kidnap Suspect’s HouseThe cops claim that there’s no record of the calls.
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    Three Missing Women Rescued From Cleveland HomeMichele Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus were all being held in the same house.
  38. Mediavore
    Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Serve Food; Yum Brands Buys China’s Little SheepThe actress will spend the bulk of her 480 community service hours serving the Downtown Women’s Center.
  39. Rumors
    Michael Symon Discovers That Angelenos Are Carnivores TooThe chef conceives of a beer-heavy smokehouse concept for his adopted hometown.
  40. lebron james
    LeBron Does Know How to Shush a CrowdLeBron dominates the Cavaliers in his return to Cleveland, and no one is hurt.
  41. lebron james
    LeBron’s Night of ReckoningLeBron James and the Heat play in Cleveland tonight. Should be something.
  42. late and often
    Obama and Biden Ain’t Too Proud to Beg in Cleveland“We’re starting to get out of this god-awful mess the Republican Party left us with.”
  43. Mediavore
    Restaurants Craving The Bill Clinton Bump; Carey Mulligan Spotted In A Denny’sRestaurants abroad get a big push from a former President, while the actress sports a name-tag for a waitress named “Irene.”
  44. Mediavore
    Meg Whitman Visits Philippe’s; LudoBites Crashes OpenTable AgainBlog comments push for the French chef to start a brick-and-mortarm while the free-spending Gubernatorial candidate refuses an offer of a free sandwich.
  45. cleveland
    Things Are Looking Up for ClevelandThe city inspired a “No. 1 record” from the reigning queen of pop.
  46. lebron watch
    LeBron’s Ultimate MistakeHe tried to be a larger-than-life figure and a normal guy at the same time.
  47. Mediavore
    Lebron Bribed With Beer; Leimert Park Benefit Planned For Matrice RichardsonCleveland lures its star player with promises of free booze, while a private investigator is considered for the missing woman arrested for not paying a bill at Geoffrey’s.