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  1. climate change
    Trump Clears Way for Frackers to Leak Methane While Drilling on Federal LandThe Trump administration is rolling back rules that required oil and gas companies to cut down on methane emissions when drilling on public land.
  2. climate change
    Voters Are Ready for a Green New Deal. Are Democrats?America currently lacks the political will for radical action on climate change — but the American people don’t.
  3. the national interest
    Trump Administration Says Trump Coal Plan Will Kill 1,400 Americans a YearTrump’s EPA: “Implementing the proposed rule is expected to increase … pollutants in the atmosphere that adversely affect human health.”
  4. climate change
    The Arctic’s Strongest Sea Ice Just Broke UpIf the oldest, thickest sea ice in the Arctic can’t stay together, what hope is there for the rest of us?
  5. the national interest
    Trump’s Craziest Climate Speech Ever Explains His New Dirty Energy PolicyPresident likes coal because it’s “indestructible,” hates wind because birds can kill it, somehow.
  6. Geoengineering May Be Our Last Resort for Climate Change. What If It Fails?Using sulfur particles to dim the sun is considered a last-ditch remedy for an overheated planet. But a new finding suggests we should be skeptical.
  7. California’s Record-breaking Fire Isn’t the Week’s Worst Climate NewsA group of distinguished scientists warns that the threat of runaway warming may have been underestimated.
  8. Trump Plunges Ahead With Attack on Fuel Standards and CaliforniaIn a long-debated development, the administration freezes gas mileage standards and revokes California’s decades-old authority to be greener.
  9. New EPA Chief Worries Trump’s Pro-Car-Pollution Plan Is IllegalBut other administration officials believe the plan is legal — because Brett Kavanaugh will say that it is, when the issue reaches the Supreme Court.
  10. tomorrow
    How Did the End of the World Become Old News?This month, the world saw an unprecedented global heat wave, wildfires in the Arctic Circle — and virtually no headlines about climate change.
  11. A Global Heat Wave Has Set the Arctic Circle on FireTemperature records are being broken all around the world this month and not even the Arctic is immune.
  12. Scandalous EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Finally ResignsPruitt heads off to the Scandal-Ridden Cabinet Members Hall of Fame, without so much as a moment’s acknowledgement of his misdeeds from the president.
  13. Natural Gas Is Hurting the Climate More Than We ThoughtScott Pruitt tried to suppress research on methane emissions at gas plants. A new study reveals that he had good reason to fear the truth.
  14. GOP Senators: Climate-Change Education Program Is Propaganda, Not ScienceFour senators want an investigation into the National Science Foundation for funding a nonprofit that educates meteorologists on climate change.
  15. Antarctica Is Melting Three Times Faster Than a Decade AgoFrom 2012 to 2017, the Antarctic ice sheet lost 241 billion tons of ice each yer, triple the annual melt rate from a decade prior.
  16. A Progressive President Could Accomplish a Lot by Following Trump’s ExampleTrump is using creative interpretations of old laws to authorize radical interventions in the economy. That should worry conservatives.
  17. Trump Plans to Prop Up Unprofitable Coal Plants With ‘Emergency’ AidThe administration is finalizing a plan to exacerbate climate change — and increase the cost of energy — in the name of “national security.”
  18. art
    The End of Nature at Storm King Art Center in New YorkA new exhibition features works by artists responding to mankind’s not so stately ordering up of a change in the world’s weather.
  19. the national interest
    Trump Wishes He Could Destroy Obama’s Legacy. He Hasn’t. And Won’t.A response to the pessimism of my colleague Andrew Sullivan.
  20. the national interest
    GOP Congressman: Rising Sea Level Caused by More Dirt on Ocean FloorA bold new scientific theory by Rep. Mo Brooks catches a scientist off guard at a congressional hearing.
  21. the national interest
    Trump’s Environmental Plan: Bigger Government, More PollutionThe Republican Party has forgotten the ideological reason it fell in love with coal in the first place.
  22. Trump Admin. Scraps NASA’s Greenhouse Gas Monitoring ProgramA NASA spokesperson said the program was a casualty of “budget constraints and higher priorities.”
  23. the national interest
    The Urban Housing Crisis Is a Test for Progressive PoliticsThe failure of S.B. 827 in California shows Democrats haven’t figured out how to unlock the cities they control.
  24. The EPA Is Instructing Its Staff to Cast Doubt on Climate ScienceA leaked memo asks officials to say that there are “clear gaps” in “our understanding of the role of human activity” in climate change.
  25. Why This Key Trump Adviser Strikes Fear Into GOP HeartsThe possibility that Gary Cohn will be replaced by Trump’s nationalist trade guru Peter Navarro has many mainstream conservatives nervous.
  26. the national interest
    Trump’s Climate Science-Disputing EPA Head Also Disputes EvolutionThe good news is that Scott Pruitt doesn’t only hate scientific theories that are bad for oil companies.
  27. Study: Climate Change Probably Won’t Kill All of UsThe worst-case scenario for climate catastrophe is based on dubious premises, new research suggests.
  28. the national interest
    Trump’s EPA Director Says Climate Change Will Be Good for UsSome like it hot. Unfortunately, one of them runs the EPA.
  29. foreign affairs
    Cape Town’s Water Crisis Should Be a Warning to the WorldMajor cities running dry are a predictable consequence of climate change, population growth, and poor water management.
  30. climate change
    Climate Change Might Force Tabasco to Find a New HomeRising sea levels are coming fast for its 150-year-old home on the Louisiana coast.
  31. President Trump Tells Piers Morgan That Polar Ice Caps Are Doing GreatAlso, did you hear the dodo is flourishing?
  32. the national interest
    Trump’s Solar Tax Will Hurt Trump More Than SolarThe administration has a new tariff on something people really like.
  33. Most of the National Park Service Advisory Board Just Quit in ProtestMembers said Interior secretary Ryan Zinke refused to meet with them, and they’re concerned about Trump administration policies that ignore science.
  34. the national interest
    Why Conservatives Outsourced Environmental Policy to Lobbyists and KooksA revealingly credulous profile in conservatism’s flagship magazine.
  35. climate change
    The Rockefellers vs. Exxon, the Company That Made Them the RockefellersThe family that pioneered the oil industry in America wants to expose what Exxon hid from the public about climate change.
  36. hurricane maria
    Las Secuelas de María son la Verdadera Tragedia HumanitariaEl saldo de muertes del huracán en Puerto Rico amenaza con eclipsar el de Katrina.
  37. shortages
    New Research Says Chocolate Could Be Extinct by 2050A not-so-sweet start to 2018.
  38. hurricane maria
    Hurricane Maria Was a Natural Catastrophe. The Aftermath Is a Man-Made Disaster.The death toll from the storm in Puerto Rico is threatening to eclipse Katrina’s.
  39. France to Ban Oil and Gas Drilling by 2040Emmanuel Macron wants to “Make Our Planet Great Again.”
  40. Trump Administration Dropping Climate Change As National Security ThreatHurricanes, floods, and fires don’t count.
  41. Climate Change Has Come for Los AngelesWe are entering a new era where our cities are no longer safe.
  42. natural disasters
    California Governor on Wildfires: ‘This Is the New Normal’And, as if climate change wasn’t a big enough problem, the GOP tax cuts also pose a threat to disaster victims.
  43. Worldwide Carbon Emissions Projected to Rise Again This YearTurns out we hadn’t seen the peak yet.
  44. Syria Leaves U.S. As Complete Outlier on Paris Climate DealWhen you’ve lost Bashar al-Assad …
  45. climate change
    These Kids Are Suing Trump Over His Climate-Change PoliciesTwo kids, ages seven and 11, are fighting to prevent Trump from rolling back the Clean Power Plan.
  46. New Govt. Climate Report Says Earth Is Getting Hotter and Humans Are to BlameThe Trump administration has a few people who disagree.
  47. news you can booze
    BrewDog Trolls Trump on Climate Change With Beer Made From Melted-Ice-Cap WaterIt will be dispensed from a tap inside of a life-size replica of a polar bear.
  48. EPA Prevents Scientists From Speaking About Climate Change at ConferenceEPA head Scott Pruitt is a climate change skeptic.
  49. 7 Months Pregnant and Trapped in a Hurricane“I thought: My baby and I are going to drown.”
  50. climate change
    This Isn’t ‘the New Normal’ for Climate Change — That Will Be WorseThe wildfires raging in California, the hurricanes that battered the United States: they are only the beginning of what is to come.
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