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Climate Change

  1. extreme weather
    How Fire Island Was Saved — For NowAfter another winter of brutal storms, the Feds stepped in with a pile of very expensive sand. But it’s just a Band-Aid.
  2. celebrity
    Does Taylor Swift Really Offset Her Jet’s Carbon Footprint?Her representatives claim she buys “carbon credits” to make up for environmental damage.
  3. climate
    New York After SnowRemembering when we could count on storms to bury trash bags and cars, and offer us a few hours of quiet.
  4. outdoors
    Blazed TrailsFor thru-hikers, climate change is posing new, treacherous risks out in the wild. Not that that’s stopping them.
  5. getting around
    Kayaking to School in Broad ChannelOn one block, a night of heavy rains and high tide sometimes means breaking out a boat to get around.
  6. climate change
    The New Global Climate Deal Is Mostly Hot AirFixing the climate requires cheap clean energy, not cheap words.
  7. parenting
    Don’t Let Climate Anxiety Stop You From Having KidsThe battle to save the planet shouldn’t be waged over the bodies of women or come at the cost of their personal grief.
  8. royal rumblings
    King Charles Forced to Deliver Speech He HatesIn his first King’s Speech, the environmentalist monarch had to announce policies opposed by climate-change activists without rolling his eyes.
  9. infrastructure watch
    Walling Up the East Side to Save ItWhy the floodgates on the waterfront look the way they do.
  10. but why
    Kim Kardashian Is Fighting Climate Change With Nipples“No matter how hot it is, you’ll always look cold.”
  11. environment
    Scenes From a Flooded New York Subway evacuations, school day chaos, a missing mayor, and at least one fugitive sea lion.
  12. weather
    A Rain-Soaked Nightmare for New York ParentsClimate change comes for school pickup.
  13. climate change
    A Group of Young People Is Suing 32 Countries Over the Climate CrisisThey say governments aren’t doing enough to fight global warming.
  14. us open 2023
    Maybe They Should Move the U.S. Open Back a WeekExtreme heat is an enemy of good tennis, and the problem is only getting worse.
  15. parenting
    Having a Kid at the End of the WorldIn the face of bleak climate future, is it okay to want a baby in the present?
  16. climate change
    Let Them Eat IcebergsThe secret ingredient to Martha Stewart’s vacation cocktail? Melting glaciers.
  17. climate change
    What If Wind Turbines Got a Makeover?From Western New York to Ocean City, New Jersey, fights against wind farms often begin with how they look.
  18. just asking questions
    There Will Be More MauisClimatologist Nick Bond explains how the combination of high winds and dry grasslands makes for a dangerous wildfire formula, and not just in Hawaii.
  19. summer
    Florida Is One Big Hot TubLast week, water temperatures off the coast reached triple digits.
  20. climate change
    8 Eye-popping Numbers From the Worldwide Heat WavePhoenix is still melting as a massive U.S. heat dome shifts eastward.
  21. just asking questions
    Why the Northeast Will Need to Get Used to Getting Bombed by RainA talk with Dartmouth College’s Jonathan Winter about how to prepare for more regular floods from above.
  22. climate change
    Can Extremely Reflective White Paint Save the Planet?Probably not, but geoengineering in some form is going to be necessary to address climate change.
  23. climate change
    A New Order Blocking Manchin’s Pipeline Could Hurt the ClimateRestricting Congress’s authority to exempt energy projects from judicial review would undermine the green transition.
  24. just asking questions
    How Much Hotter Can It Get in the Near Future?Science writer Jeff Goodell on how unprepared humanity is for record-breaking temperatures.
  25. environment
    It’s AphidsThose bugs swarming the city are native New Yorkers.
  26. the national interest
    Community Input Is Not Always What Democracy Looks LikeClimate activists are entitled to protest but not entitled to win.
  27. odor events
    Meanwhile, in Texas, Fresh Signs of Impending ApocalypseIn our latest environmental plague, tens of thousands of dead fish washed up along the Gulf Coast this weekend.
  28. smokepocalypse
    Canada Is on Fire. America Is Choking on Smoke. Is This the ‘New Abnormal’?We talked with forest-fire expert and journalist John Vaillant.
  29. smokepocalypse
    What Wildfire Smoke Does to the Human BodyThe Air Quality Index in New York hit a staggering 352, the worst in the world.
  30. smokepocalypse
    The East Coast Is Choking On the Hidden Costs of Climate ChangeMany calculations of climate change’s economic costs have failed to account for the impacts of wildfires.
  31. canada wildfires
    Talking to an Air-Quality Expert About That HazeShould you go outside? Wear a mask? Let us explain.
  32. drought
    No Water? No Subdivision.The end of Arizona’s desert sprawl may be near. It’s a good first step.
  33. wildfires
    California Is Becoming UninsurableState Farm has put a moratorium on new home-insurance customers in the state. It’s a sign of what’s to come.
  34. mass transit
    America’s Trains and Buses Are Speeding Toward a CliffAs COVID-relief funds dwindle and ridership remains low, mass-transit systems are poised for financial crisis.
  35. apocalypse wow
    New Jersey Is BurningWildfire season is starting earlier and not just on the West Coast.
  36. close read
    Extrapolations’ Good Intentions Aren’t Good EnoughOnly once does the Apple TV+ series allow for the idea that in a climate emergency, there can be virtue in breaking the rules.
  37. early and often
    On the First Earth Day, Environmentalism Wasn’t PartisanOver the past 53 years, Republicans have turned protecting the environment into a culture-war issue. It didn’t have to be this way.
  38. getting around
    L.A. Cops Have a Helicopter ProblemThe city’s aerial law-enforcement fleet is more wasteful, and just as pointless, as Kylie Jenner’s and Elon Musk’s private-jet habits.
  39. the national interest
    Permitting Reform for a Debt-Ceiling Hike Would Be Win-WinRepublicans are floating a deal Democrats should jump on.
  40. leaving no trace
    The Big MOOP at Burning ManA geothermal-energy project has the organization behind the eight-day rave facing off against the Bureau of Land Management.
  41. let it snow
    Our Long Local Snowmare Is OverNew York City finally saw some flakes stick to the ground on Wednesday morning. Better late than never.
  42. talking about the weather
    This Is a Snow Lover’s NightmareNew York has broken a snowless record — and there’s no end in sight to this gray misery.
  43. getting around
    An EV in Every Driveway Is an Environmental DisasterWe can’t lithium mine our way out of climate crisis.
  44. urban fauna
    There Are Dolphins in the Bronx RiverMaybe you don’t want to swim there, but the Parks Department says it’s good news.
  45. foreign interests
    The E.U. Should Stop Whining About the U.S. Stealing Its JobsThe age of green industrial policy has begun.
  46. power
    Greta Thunberg Had to Be Carried Away From a Coal-Mine ProtestThe climate activist was briefly detained in Germany for protesting the expansion of the Garzweiler coal mine.
  47. energy
    Get Ready to Be PropanefluencedIt’s more than HGTV hosts. Meet the #vanlife, #cottagecore, and #milkmaid influencers boosting liquefied petroleum gas.
  48. first person
    What Happened When I Tried to Carry the World on My BackThe climate movement feels entitled to Black women’s time and energy, leading to a unique kind of burnout.
  49. early and often
    Climate Hawks Should Have Given Joe Manchin His PipelineProgressives must prioritize expediting the build-out of clean energy over obstructing fossil-fuel development.
  50. public art watch
    Mashed Potatoes Meet MonetClimate activists have been celebrated for defacing great paintings. Why?
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