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  1. clips
    The Queer Eye Guys Take on Gritty, But How Do You Improve on Perfection?Can the wild-eyed Flyers mascot pull off a French tuck?
  2. the last dance
    Watch an Exclusive Last Dance Clip of Michael Jordan Being ‘an A-hole’This clip from ESPN’s The Last Dance provides a look at Jordan’s cold-eyed practice demeanor.
  3. clips
    Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Award-Winning Brazilian Western BacurauCheck out this two-minute clip, and then read absolutely nothing else about the movie before you see it.
  4. clips
    See How Deadly an Umbrella Can Be in Chinese Neo-noir The Wild Goose LakeDiao Yinan’s ultrastylish neo-noir offers some of the most thrillingly original fight scenes you’ll see onscreen this year.
  5. roll clip!
    Jon Hamm Is No Match for Annette Bening’s Stare in This Clip From The ReportDemocracy saved by Annette’s frown.
  6. clips
    Watch Dr. Ruth Read From the Diary She Kept During the HolocaustIn this clip from the new documentary Ask Dr. Ruth, the famed sex therapist reveals heartbreaking details about her childhood.
  7. roll clip!
    Adam Driver Is a Fussy Director in Man Who Killed Don Quixote ClipSee it in theaters April 10.
  8. little italy
    Love in the Time of Mozzarella: See Emma Roberts in a Clip From Little ItalySee it in select theaters and on demand September 21.
  9. winona forever!
    Watch Keanu Flirt With Winona and Her Flannel PJ’s in Destination Wedding ClipLove in the time of flannel jammies.
  10. Exclusive: Sneak a Peek at Michelle Pfeiffer in Where Is Kyra?Does this signal the beginning of a true Michelle Pfeiffer renaissance?
  11. Killing of a Sacred Deer Clip: Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, and Mashed PotatoesNicole Kidman reads Colin Farrell so thoroughly it’ll snatch your appetite.
  12. exclusives
    See Elisabeth Moss Get in a Condom Tug-of-War in This Clip From The SquareRuben Östlund’s art-world farce won the Palme d’Or at Cannes.
  13. Rachel McAdams Tried to Go Undercover As an Orthodox Jew for Disobedience“It didn’t go so well.”
  14. Watch Lemon’s ‘A Million Matzoh Balls’ Sing-along, a Great Jewish Film MomentWatch Martin Starr, Shiri Appleby, and Rhea Perlman sing about Passover.
  15. select all
    Apple’s New Snapchat-Like Video App, Clips: The Good, the Bad, the UnnecessaryThe text-to-caption feature is pretty good, though.
  16. See New York Columnist Jonathan Chait on The Daily ShowA conversation about Chait’s new book.
  17. exclusive
    Watch an Intense Homecoming in This Exclusive Scene From MoonlightFrom Barry Jenkins’s masterful new film.
  18. exclusive
    See Billie Joe Armstrong in Ordinary World ClipOut in theaters and on VOD today.
  19. exclusives
    See a Terrifying Clip From Spurlock’s Rats Doc“There are more rats in New York City than there is people!”
  20. clips
    AMC’s Turn Finally Introduced Alexander HamiltonHe doesn’t rap in this one.
  21. clips
    Last Man on Earth Clip Suggests Catastrophe Is ComingSolar panels are dangerous. As are sparking wires.
  22. clips
    Watch Tim and Eric’s Eric Wareheim Make-a the Sauce-aAin’t nobody messes with Mamma Pantone. Capisce?
  23. parodies
    See Amy Schumer’s 12 Angry Men ParodyStarring John Hawkes, Paul Giamatti, Vincent Kartheiser, and Jeff Goldblum.
  24. SnapStream Express Launches TodayShows like Last Week Tonight and The Daily Show have long relied on SnapStream to find their juiciest news clips and quotes, and today the TV […]
  25. clips
    Yes, Chris Pratt Will Have a Sense of Humor in Jurassic WorldIn case you were worried.
  26. clips
    Last Week Tonight vs. DoctorsAnd RadioShack.
  27. clips
    New Better Call Saul Clip: Mike and Saul Meet for the First TimeIt doesn’t go well.
  28. spaaaaaace
    Extant Clip: Halle Berry Gets Pregnant in SpacePremiering on CBS July 9.
  29. clips
    First Clip From Nathan for You Season 2 PremiereHe feeds an auto mechanic cookies made with salt instead of sugar, because of course.
  30. clips
    Watch the First Clips From Richard Linklater’s BoyhoodThe titular boy discovers boobs.
  31. clips
    Watch Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd in a They Came Together ClipWritten by David Wain and Michael Showalter.
  32. clips
    Watch a New Clip From Lars von Trier’s NymphomaniacNSFW, natch.
  33. clips
    Watch a Clip of Andy’s Parks and Recreation ReturnGuitar in hand, of course.
  34. clips
    Watch an Intense First Clip From Catching FireGale kind of lectures Katniss.
  35. clips
    Watch Casey Wilson Strip in an Ass Backwards ClipFrom the movie she stars in and wrote with June Diane Raphael.
  36. clips
    Watch Uma Thurman in a New Nymphomaniac ClipShe shows her kids the “whoring bed.”
  37. clips
    Watch a SFW Clip of Shia LaBeouf in Lars Von Trier’s NymphomaniacHello, British accent.
  38. clips
    Watch Two New Stunning Clips From Alfonso Cuáron’s GravityQuick, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock is drifting through scary space.
  39. clips
    Watch a Clip From Lars Von Trier’s NymphomaniacIt’s SFW, don’t worry.
  40. exclusive
    Watch Alexis Bledel Give a Wet Willy in Her New Movie Violet & DaisyTo Danny Trejo.
  41. Watch Will Forte Get Dramatic in a Clip from Alexander Payne’s ‘Nebraska’ Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte is set to take a rare dramatic turn in Nebraska, a new movie directed by Oscar-winner Alexander Payne […]
  42. clips
    See Terrence Howard in His Movie 43 SketchSorry, Oscar nominee Terrence Howard.
  43. clickables
    Watch Gosling in a Teaser for Only God ForgivesIt’s moody and violent — you know, like Drive.
  44. clips
    Portlandia Gets a Third Season Premiere Date and a Wintertime SpecialThe show premieres January 4.
  45. Woody Allen Acts like Woody Allen on a Plane This is a scene from Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love, which opens in select theaters this weekend after a very limited release two weeks ago. […]
  46. Stephen Colbert is Totes a Shoshanna It seems like Girls is finally out of the thinkpiece stage and into the “Oh, this is just a TV show that’s going to be on every week, we […]
  47. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: The Year In Late Night, Part 1From Conan vs. Leno to Zach Galifianakis and Jimmy Fallon’s bizarre hilarity, see the best moments on our video roundup.
  48. cable news
    Talk Box: Despite Obama, Both Parties Promising Not to Flinch on Tax Cuts, Unemployment BenefitsJohn McCain considers a two-year extension of all Bush tax cuts the Republicans’ “fallback position.”