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  1. this thing's incredible
    These Orthopedic Oxfords Have a Certain Old Celine EnergyYou could stand on marbles in these things and be none the wiser.
  2. strat investigates
    Are These Italian Surgeon Clogs the Next Danskos?“I generally feel like this type of shoe is just too hideous for me, but for some reason, these are very aesthetically pleasing.”
  3. casting couch
    Sally Field Will Star in The Glass Menagerie on BroadwayTwo-time Tony winner Joe Mantello will also star.
  4. look of the day
    Julia Roberts Ran Errands in ClogsCool mom.
  5. questionable shoe trends
    Why Clogs Will Change Your LifeA defense of the least sexy shoe on earth.
  6. gross things
    Brooklyn Dentist Sues ‘Flushable’ Wipe Companies for Clogging His PipesSeriously, don’t flush those things.
  7. style tribes
    Style Tribes: The Flower Girls of BrooklynFive creative women committed to the art of floral arrangements.
  8. loose threads
    Richemont Now Owns Net-a-Porter; Clogs ProliferateAlso, see Abbey Lee Kershaw’s latest cover.
  9. loose threads
    Macy Gray to Revive Her Plus-Size Line; EBay to Host Flash SalesAlso, Ashlee Simpson wears clogs.
  10. dreams don't always come shoe
    This Clog Thing Has Got to StopOh Free People, how you slay us.
  11. new york fugging city
    Alice Roi Clogs Up Fashion Week Spoiler alert for 24 fans: Chloe is going to take up clogging. Okay, not really. (Well, maybe: No one tells us anything. Still, it seems doubtful, unless Kiefer is enslaved by an Appalachian clogging team.) But we decided to start that rumor after the Alice Roi show, at which we were seated near actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays 24’s nerd princess. Although she spruces up very nicely in real life — a pleasant departure from her sourpuss alter-ego — it seems Mary Lynn was inexplicably taken in by Roi’s choice of footwear: giant, shiny, patent-leather black or white clogs, worn with black knee socks.