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Cold Cases

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    The Curious Case of the Lost Little Women MoviesWhy two silent film adaptations of the Louisa May Alcott story remain missing to this day.
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    23 Years After a Student Vanished, We May Soon Have AnswersThe FBI reportedly told the mother of Kristin Smart, a California college student who disappeared in 1996, to “be ready” for unexpected news.
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    34 Years Ago, a 12-Year-Old Girl Vanished. Then Her Body Was Finally Found.When Jonelle Matthews went missing in 1984, her case attracted the attention of Ronald Reagan.
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    Arrest Made in Child Murder Case, 30 Years LaterApril Tinsley’s killer taunted police and is believed to have sent other young girls terrifying notes threatening them.
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    A Son Took His Mother Out Fishing. She Never Came Back.When rescuers found Nathan Carman after seven days at sea, his mother had vanished without a trace. But his past was about to resurface.
  6. 30 Years Later, Missing Amnesiac Finds HimselfOne of the longest-running missing-persons cases ever to be resolved.
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    Etan Patz Jury Says It’s Deadlocked Again; Judge Tells Them to Keep DeliberatingThis time, both the prosecution and the defense objected.
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    Jury in Etan Patz Case Says They Can’t Reach a VerdictThe judge urged them to keep trying.
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    Eight Cold Cases That Still Haunt the NYPDEven with the Baby Hope mystery wrapped, dozens of others still stump the city’s gumshoes.
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    Police Have a Break in a 22-Year-Old Cold Case“Baby Hope’s” mother identified.