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  1. republican party
    Agonized Georgia Republicans Long for Herschel Walker to Run for SenateA battered and deeply divided state party bent on suppressing Black votes could use a Trump-friendly Black sports legend.
  2. reality tv
    Below Deck Guest Sorry for Eating Sushi Off Nude ModelThe college quarterback claimed the idea “was brought up by producers.”
  3. college football
    Nick Saban’s Positive Test Makes COVID-19 Real in the Heart of TrumplandNobody pays more attention to detail than the legendary Alabama coach. Now college football in the South is as imperiled as COVID-19 denial.
  4. games
    The Fans Can Go to Games Again. Will They?The stadiums are open, but fans aren’t exactly rushing through the doors.
  5. games
    College Football Is Still Recklessly Barreling ForwardSome of the big conferences canceled their seasons. Others seem to have adopted a “let’s hope for the best” pandemic strategy.
  6. games
    Don’t Just Blame COVID-19 for College Football’s Lost SeasonPresident Trump, the NCAA, and many of the sport’s most loyal fans had their chance to improve the odds. They blew it.
  7. games
    The College Football Championship Was All About the Crowd — and TrumpIn 2020, everything eventually turns into a political rally.
  8. games
    The Sports Scolds Are WinningElijah Moore’s peeing-dog touchdown celebration was a fun, funny moment — not a threat to our children.
  9. vision 2020
    This College Football Fan Thinks Buttigieg Is Right: The Game Is ‘Problematic’If you really love college football, it’s time to admit the truth about the exploitation the game involves.
  10. games
    Dabo Swinney Is College Football’s Real Evil VillainHe’s everything wrong with college football.
  11. games
    College Football Players Are Going to Start Quitting Bowl GamesMaybe even on college football altogether. The only question is how soon.
  12. games
    This Football Play Didn’t Just Trick the Other Team, It Gamed the Rule BookNow look for a lot of coaches to take advantage of new safety rules this way.
  13. games
    Why Aren’t We Talking About Football’s Culture of Brutality?The environment which led to the death of a Maryland college football player in practice isn’t an aberration. It’s normal.
  14. College-Football Fans at Title Game Squeezed by Ticket Prices, Ice, and TrumpIt’s going to be a complicated evening in downtown Atlanta.
  15. unlikely fans
    Trump to Attend His First Kendrick Lamar Concert… inadvertently, at the College Football Playoff National Championship.
  16. Trump’s Going to the College Football Title Game in ‘Crime Infested’ AtlantaThe White House is hoping for a warm reception but Trump might be in for a surprise.
  17. 2017’s Special Elections Are Telling a Hopeful Story for DemocratsThe Donkey Party has been getting a lot more votes than expected.
  18. sexual assault
    Michigan State Football Players Charged With Sexual AssaultA judge issued arrest warrants for three players following an assault in January.
  19. 4 Women On How One of The Worst Campus Rape Scandals Changed Their LivesOver the past year, one of the worst campus sexual-assault scandals has unfolded at Baylor University. Four women describe how it changed their lives.
  20. campus sexual assault
    Minnesota Boycotts Football After Sexual-Assault Inquiry Results in SuspensionsTeammates said they’re boycotting football games after 10 players were suspended following an investigation into sexual assault.
  21. sports
    Meet the Woman Who Wants to Fix Sexual Assault in College FootballJournalist and author Jessica Luther has some ideas for the sports industry.
  22. sexual assault
    The Baylor Sexual Assault Scandal Is Worse Than Anyone ThoughtFour gang rapes were reported.
  23. rape culture
    Rice Mocks Baylor Rape Scandal With Classy Football Halftime ShowRice’s marching band formed an IX on the field — yes, as in Title IX.
  24. the sports section
    See the Gutsy Alabama Onside Kick That Swung the College Football ChampionshipThe Crimson Tide won their fourth title in seven years.
  25. the sports section
    5 Things to Know About Tonight’s College Football Championship GameAlabama is favored.
  26. dumb things
    College Football Fans Suggest Alabama ‘Finish What Katrina Started’ Against LSU“Flood their homes and drown their families!” apparently wouldn’t fit on the banner.
  27. the sports section
    Mississippi Coaches Call for State Flag ChangeOle Miss coach Hugh Freeze and Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen were among those whose names appeared in a newspaper ad calling for a change.
  28. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Mean Tweets: College Football EditionPeople are mean. People tweet.
  29. the national interest
    Why Jim Harbaugh Came Home to MichiganRomanticism scores a touchdown over cynicism.
  30. the sports section
    NCAA Ends Penn State Football’s Postseason Ban EarlyThey’ll get their full complement of football scholarships back in 2015–16.
  31. the sports section
    George W. Bush Feels Alabama Kicker’s PainHe said so in a note.
  32. Bill Murray Body Slammed a Guy on ESPN This Weekend In his ongoing quest to out-Bill Murray himself, Bill Murray appear on ESPN’s College Gameday on Saturday, and when broadcaster Lee Corso […]
  33. the player formerly known as mousecop
    Key and Peele Did Another Football Names SketchAnd it is great.
  34. terrible things
    Four Former Vanderbilt Football Players Charged With RapeThree are in custody, and one is still at large.
  35. real dead girlfriends
    Notre Dame Finds Fake Dead Woman Easier to Talk About Than Real Dead WomanAs Notre Dame rushes to defend star Manti Te’o, a reminder of the sexual assault victim the school failed.
  36. bcs championship game
    I Went to My First BCS Title Game and Watched My Team Get HammeredA Notre Dame fan reflects on watching her team lose to Alabama.
  37. insta-hotties
    73-Year-Old Perv Turns Random Hottie Into Helen of Troy of FootballUpdate: ESPN apologizes for taking lechery “too far.”
  38. bcs championship game
    Regional Sport Crowns Regional ChampionYeah, college football is just for the South.
  39. sports movies
    Alabama Watched Zero Dark Thirty Last NightNotre Dame watched Knute Rockne, All American for the 160th time.
  40. big ten conference
    The Madness of Big Ten ExpansionIt’s like taking your family dog and replacing it with a slightly better-trained breed.
  41. big east conference
    The Big East Is Looking for One More MemberWe have a suggestion!
  42. college football
    College Football Starts Tonight, FolksStart painting your face.
  43. college football
    Is There Any College Football Near NYC?Not much.
  44. bcs championship game
    Rough College Football Season Finally EndsA long, difficult college football season finally ends.
  45. penn state nittany lions
    Listen to Disgusted Penn State Alum Kim Jones on WFAN YesterdayIt’s worth your attention.
  46. homerism
    Esteemed Political Analyst: Michigan State Is ScumOur politics blogger takes a second to behold troglodytism in East Lansing.
  47. big east tournament
    NCAA Madness Is Gonna Ruin a Great MSG EventThis is going to be the last real Big East tournament, this March.
  48. Hurricane Irene’s Effects Reach College FootballUConn–Fordham will have to be delayed because of the hurricane. Yup, we’re still doing that.
  49. sports media
    Gus Johnson Is Officially Out at CBSIt appears that he’s headed to Fox.
  50. college football
    Care to Guess Which Major TV Market Had the Lowest Ratings for Last Night’s BCS Championship Game?Yep, it’s New York.
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