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  1. coronavirus
    What Will College Be Like in the Fall?Most universities say they plan to resume in-person classes, but life on campus will be a lot different.
  2. higher education
    What Is College Without the Campus?This crisis will reshape higher education — and not just this fall.
  3. higher education
    The Coming Disruption to CollegeNYU Stern School of Business professor Scott Galloway predicts a handful of elite cyborg universities will soon monopolize higher education.
  4. coronavirus
    Colleges Across the U.S. Are Bracing for CoronavirusMany are holding classes remotely, and Harvard just announced students have five days to leave campus altogether.
  5. Red States Defend Free Speech — With Laws Punishing Campus ProtestThese First Amendment-loving states have also passed laws punishing companies that refuse to do business with Israel for political reasons!
  6. racism
    Bananas Hanging by Nooses Found on American University CampusThe racist incident occurred the same day that the first black woman to be elected Student Government Association president started.
  7. frats
    Baylor Frat Suspended After Throwing ‘Cinco de Drinko’ PartyStudents were reportedly dressed as maids and construction workers.
  8. In Defense of the Much-Maligned College Standup Gig On December 5th, Chris Rock unveiled a promotional image for his forthcoming Total Blackout tour, his first in nearly a decade. As venues are […]
  9. Witness the Spectacular Glory of Performing Standup at Colleges For a working standup, getting gigs at colleges can be a real boon to the bottom line. After all, where else do you have thousands of 18 to 22 […]