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  1. coronavirus
    Colorado Diners Risk Lives for Mother’s Day Breakfast BurritosThey did not want a side of social distancing.
  2. death penalty
    Colorado Abolishes the Death Penalty, Becoming the 22nd State to Do SoGovernor Jared Polis obeyed COVID-19 era social distancing mandates and announced his historic signing via press release.
  3. capital punishment
    It Looks Like Colorado Is Abolishing the Death PenaltyThe repeal movement’s main legislative hurdle was overcome on Friday.
  4. crime
    A Man Went on a Stabbing Rampage in Colorado SpringsEight people were wounded, and a suspect has been taken into custody.
  5. legal cannabis
    California’s Legal Pot Industry Is StrugglingTaxes, regulations, local bans, and illegal competition have all hampered legal cannabis outlets.
  6. the urbanist
    An Artist’s Guide to DenverArt-filled hotels, fried tacos, and endless vintage shopping.
  7. vision 2020
    John Hickenlooper Ends Presidential Bid, to Give ‘Serious Thought’ to Senate RunIn a video announcing the end of his candidacy, the former Colorado governor said he’ll give “serious thought” to a Senate run.
  8. cold cases
    34 Years Ago, a 12-Year-Old Girl Vanished. Then Her Body Was Finally Found.When Jonelle Matthews went missing in 1984, her case attracted the attention of Ronald Reagan.
  9. vision 2020
    The States Trump Might Plausibly Aim to Flip in 2020There are no states that look like ripe fruit for Trump, though Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine, Nevada, and maybe Virginia are possibilities.
  10. colorado school shooting
    What It’s Like to Hear Gunshots for the First Time During a School ShootingStudents describe what went through their minds during the deadly school shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch.
  11. vision 2020
    A Long Talk With John HickenlooperThe former Colorado governor on marijuana legalization, getting vetted to be Hillary Clinton’s VP in 2016, and what he learned from Kurt Vonnegut.
  12. crime
    Colorado Man Admits to Killing Pregnant Wife and Two DaughtersChristopher Watts previously alleged that his wife murdered the children.
  13. politics
    Former Maine Governor Defends Electoral College, Saying It Protects White PeopleIt’s widely understood that Republicans rely on the Electoral College to thwart democracy. But it’s unusual for one of them to admit a racial motive.
  14. state legislatures
    West Virginia Leads States With Boys’ Club LegislaturesSome states, like Massachusetts (bad) and Georgia (relatively good), defy partisan stereotypes on legislative gender balance.
  15. crime
    Colorado Man Suspected of Killing Wife and Daughters Charged With MurderChris Watts, who made a public plea for the return of his missing family, is being charged for the murder of his wife and young daughters.
  16. crime
    Man Arrested for Killing Wife and Children After Pleading for Their Return on TV“I need to see everybody again. This house is not complete without anybody here,” he said in an interview the day before his arrest.
  17. lawsuits
    Baker Who Refused Cake to Gay Couple Is Still Refusing CakesJack Phillips is suing the state of Colorado for being sanctioned after discriminating against a transgender woman.
  18. Behold the World’s Tallest-Ever Stack of WafflesIt involves 50 pounds of mix, a land surveyor, broken plates, and a John Williams soundtrack.
  19. The Joy of Voting by MailThe growing number of voters who don’t cast ballots on Election Day should grow to nearly everybody.
  20. teachers strikes
    Teacher Protests Spread to Colorado As Arizona Strike BeginsThere’s no immediate sign of progress in the deadlock between teachers and Republicans in Arizona, and now Colorado teachers are launching protests.
  21. drama
    Wild Sex Parties Are Tearing This Colorado Community ApartThe residents of Castle Rock are not happy with what’s happening in the “Thunderstorm Play Palace.”
  22. the chain gang
    Internet Wants to Believe McDonald’s Is Converting Play Areas Into Pot LoungesA tremendous sounding — and sadly fake — story has gone viral.
  23. up in smoke
    The Booming Marijuana Industry Is Making It Harder for Restaurants to Find HelpColorado chefs blame weed gigs that pay $20 an hour to relax in climate-controlled grow houses.
  24. food waste
    What to Know About Food-Waste Start-up Backed by Grocery Industry’s Top PlayersBigwigs tied to Walmart and Whole Foods think it could actually turn a profit reducing food waste.
  25. niche drama
    This Giant Picture Frame Caused a Whole Lot of Drama in One CityBehold, the power of complaining.
  26. shootings
    3 Killed in Shooting at Colorado Walmart, Gunman Still at LargePolice say a man walked into the store, randomly fired at people near the registers, then fled.
  27. lawsuits
    Colorado Baker Who Wouldn’t Make Same-Sex Cake Gets Justice Department’s SupportThe Trump administration will argue before the Supreme Court that pastry is a form of protected speech.
  28. The Pot Industry Is Still Stealing Colorado’s Restaurant WorkersRestaurants can’t afford to keep losing staff to jobs that pay $22 an hour, plus benefits, in a greenhouse.
  29. Supreme Court to Hear Appeal Over Baker’s Refusal to Make Same-Sex Wedding CakeThe baker was found to have violated Colorado’s anti-discrimination law.
  30. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Billboard Near Colorado Border Makes Solid Marijuana JokeA billboard advertising breakfast burritos jokes, “Usually when you roll something this good, it’s illegal!”
  31. the feeding tube
    Top Chef Will Decamp to Colorado for Season 15It will be the series’ first time in the Rockies.
  32. aca
    GOP Congressman Overwhelmed by ACA-Supporting ConstituentsA Colorado Republican snuck out of his own event to dodge a group of constituents who came to challenge the repeal of Obamacare.
  33. New Polls: Clinton and Trump Deadlocked in New Hampshire, ColoradoMaybe Trump does have a path to victory after all.
  34. news you can booze
    Self-Driving Truck Makes 100-Mile Beer RunThe future arrives. And it’s got cases of Budweiser.
  35. half baked
    All of Colorado’s Pot Candy Will Carry This Warning SymbolLawmakers want to make sure people “genuinely know the difference” between a Hershey’s and Kushie Kandy.
  36. awful service
    Terrible Customers Get Server Fired by Pretending She Changed the Tip [Updated]“The odds of being struck by lightning are probably better than this.”
  37. lawsuits
    Worker Says Whole Foods Made Being Gay on the Job ‘Intolerable’Co-workers allegedly loved asking about her “gaydar.”
  38. high notes
    Coloradans Can Now Hire a Pot Sommelier for Their Next Catered Dinner“The protocol is puff, eat, drink, in that order.”
  39. horrible servers
    Server Learns the Hard Way That It’s a Bad Idea to Tweet Racist Death ThreatsShe got fired for saying it’d be great to “kill as many Mexicans as I could in one night.”
  40. is this really a big deal?
    Parents Surprised to Learn Kids’ Day Camp Was Staffed by Hooters WaitressesNo good deed goes unpunished.
  41. Two Transgender Women Win Major-Party PrimariesThey won their respective primary races in Colorado and Utah.
  42. Colorado Teens Smoke Weed Less Now That It’s LegalA new survey finds that the teens are all right.
  43. How Cosby Survivors Fought to Change Colorado’s Sexual-Assault Law — and WonGovernor John Hickenlooper signs a law on Friday that will give survivors up to 20 years to report a rape.
  44. planned parenthood
    Judge Says the Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Is Mentally Unfit for Trial He shouted “Filthy animal!” at the judge.
  45. The Lucas Brothers Got Too Stoned to Perform at Their 4/20 Show Last NightColorado weed should be enjoyed responsibly – at least, that’s the lesson Kenny and Keith Lucas AKA the Lucas Brothers learned yesterday. The […]
  46. very bad laws
    Sexting As a Teen in Colorado Could Make You a Sex Offender for LifeCurrently, Colorado has some of the harshest penalties for underage sexting.
  47. Trump May Get Shut Out in ColoradoTed Cruz picked up another three delegates in the Rocky Mountain State Thursday night, with a bit of help from Team Trump’s incompetence.
  48. look of the day
    North West Is an Adorable Ski BunnyThe 2-year-old takes Colorado.
  49. The Chain Gang
    Jared Fogle Got a Prison Job Making SandwichesThe irony of the new gig reportedly thrilled the guards.
  50. the industry
    Chuck Lorre Shopping Sitcom About Pot DispensarySet in Colorado.
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