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  1. coronavirus
    Columbia Graduate Students Are Going on StrikeMany have also said they’ll stop paying rent to the university over its handling of COVID-19.
  2. crime
    The Stabbing in Morningside ParkEvery generation, a crime tells a new story about New York. The murder of Tessa Majors is ours.
  3. stand-up
    Former SNL Writer Kicked Off Stand-up Show by Columbia StudentsThey took issue with his joke about a gay black man.
  4. cityscape
    Columbia U. Tries to Welcome the Neighbors — and Keeps Them at Arm’s LengthThe Manhattanville campus is simultaneously open and remote.
  5. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Restaurants in Morningside HeightsWhere there are students, there are noodles, coffee shops, sandwiches, and, yes, pizza.
  6. sexual harassment
    Prominent Columbia Professor Steps Down From Teaching Amid Sexual-Abuse LawsuitProfessor William V. Harris is withdrawing from student-related activities.
  7. campus sexual assault
    Columbia University Settles Lawsuit With Accused RapistPaul Nungesser alleged that Columbia enabled an “outrageous display of harassment and defamation,” even after he was cleared of rape charges.
  8. campus rape
    Student Suing Columbia After She Says She Was Raped Twice in Her Dorm RoomAmelia Roskin-Frazee’s lawsuit alleges that the university violated Title IX.
  9. motherhood
    Single Moms Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Child Care and Getting an EducationIt’s time to stop treating school like a luxury.
  10. career moves
    Mark Bittman Joins Columbia’s School of Public HealthThe celebrated author and food writer has joined the department of health policy and management.
  11. horrible things
    Columbia Wrestling Team Texts Expose Culture of Misogyny and Racism“Locker-room talk” sent outside the locker room.
  12. Renzo Piano Gives Columbia University the Best Dull Building in TownA visit to the university’s new Greene Center.
  13. taking care of business
    How to Work in the Art World Without Selling Out Your PoliticsAn interview with recent MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, art historian, and curator Kellie Jones.
  14. teens these days!
    Columbia Dorm-Room Chef Secures Chicago Restaurant JobJonah Reider is now working in Chicago.
  15. Columbia’s Med-School Building First Does No HarmOn Haven Avenue, Columbia shakes off the fortress mentality.
  16. Unsurprising Turns of Events
    Columbia Tells Student He’s Done Running That Restaurant in His Dorm RoomJonah Reider’s Pith will serve its final meal later this month.
  17. sexual harassment
    Professor Sues Columbia University for Sexual HarassmentAfter the professor complained, one dean told her the situation sounded like a “soap opera.”
  18. columbia university
    Columbia Professor Sues University for Sexual Harassment“I felt really betrayed. I thought the university should have solved this.”
  19. Emma Sulkowicz’s Accused Rapist Had His Lawsuit Against Columbia DismissedThe suit rests on “a logical fallacy.”
  20. Empire Building
    Sweetgreen Is Opening 3 More Locations In New YorkThe salad empire will expand to Columbia University, the Upper West Side, and Union Square.
  21. soon-to-be-former presidents
    Obama Reportedly Returning to Columbia in 2017 for As-of-Yet Mysterious ReasonThe university’s president said Columbia would host the president after he left the White House — but offered no more details. 
  22. consent
    Misguided Columbia Consent Campaign Decidedly Not ‘Bae’Outrage school is back in session.
  23. trigger warnings
    Columbia Won’t Put Trigger Warnings on Next Year’s Reading ListsThe required reading list is being revamped, but it won’t include trigger warnings.
  24. emma sulkowicz
    Lawyers for Emma Sulkowicz’s Alleged Rapist Accuse Her of MisandrySulkowicz allegedly ran a “gender based anti-male discriminatory harassment campaign.”
  25. seen
    Will Emma Sulkowicz’s Protest Mattress Wind Up in a Museum?What’s next for Sulkowicz? “It’s going to be a big surprise, and the internet is going to lose its shit, I think.”
  26. carry that weight
    Accused Rapist’s Parents Criticize Columbia for Allowing Mattress at Graduation “Our son’s graduation should have been a joyous moment for our whole family.”
  27. carry that weight
    Columbia Student Carried Her Mattress to GraduationDespite earlier reports that students would not be allowed to bring “large objects” to the ceremony.
  28. columbia university
    Accused Rapist in Columbia ‘Mattress Girl’ Case Sues UniversityPaul Nungesser is suing Columbia University in a discrimination suit.
  29. vicemo
    Columbia Students Now Regret Using Venmo to Buy DrugsA reminder: This was a bad idea.
  30. carry that weight
    Scenes From Yesterday’s ‘Carry That Weight’ ProtestsMattress-carrying rape protesters turned out on campuses across the country.
  31. slideshow
    Mattress-Carrying Rape Protesters Take Columbia by StormThey left 28 mattresses on the university president’s doorstep.
  32. love and war
    The Revolution Against Campus Sexual AssaultEmma Sulkowicz, who will not put her mattress down until her alleged rapist is expelled, is its new public face.
  33. Columbia Student Speaks on Mattress Performance“I just never really anticipated how big this would be,” says the woman protesting her alleged rapist with performance art.
  34. very sad things
    Missing Columbia Student Found DeadJiwon Lee, a 29-year-old dental student missing since April 1, was found in the Hudson River.
  35. ink-stained wretches
    Rick MacArthur Quits Columbia Spectator BoardThe student paper is going “web-first” and journalism’s resident dinosaur does not approve — at all.
  36. ink-stained wretches
    Columbia Student Paper Hears This Internet Journalism Stuff Is Going to Be BigThey’re cutting down the print edition to once a week.
  37. bad ideas
    Columbia Served Sexual Violence Prevention CakeUnsurprisingly, no one ate it and it was promptly removed.
  38. seeing out loud
    Saltz on the Trouble With the M.F.A.“Maybe longtime instructors — like me — might have their hours cut back to make room for newer teachers to take the stage.”
  39. very sad things
    Ex-Columbia Student Found Dead in Dorm RoomPolice suspect a drug overdose.
  40. college
    Columbia Students Love Nutella, Stealing From Dining HallsIf they start hoarding lobster tails, they definitely have a problem.
  41. audits
    Columbia Gang Professor in $240,000 AuditBefore this, Sudhir Venkatesh was best known for the time he spent embedded with a Chicago gang.
  42. sad things
    Columbia Freshman Dead of Apparent Suicide at DormYesterday was move-in day.
  43. school daze
    Columbia Janitor’s Life Will Definitely Be MovieHe’s graduating with a degree in classics after twenty years.
  44. spy games
    Columbia Not As Mad As Yale at NYPDThe local Ivy is being cautious in responding to reports about surveillance of Muslim students.
  45. Closings
    Luxe Columbia University Restaurant Has ClosedSmartypants, stick to pizza.
  46. icrime
    Morningside Heights Mugger Is a Brand SnobHe’ll give your BlackBerry back.
  47. ouchies
    Columbia’s Marching Band Was Really Mean to the Football TeamIsn’t it usually the other way around?
  48. school daze
    Columbia Dean Drops Out of CollegeThe head of the undergraduate division quits two weeks before classes start.
  49. school daze
    Columbia University Inundated With Applications From Barely Motivated StudentsApplications soared 32 percent, but are they the kind of students you really want?
  50. harrison david
    Columbia Drug Ringleader Can’t Go HomeYes, his dad is mad.
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