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  1. the golden door
    Val Has Been Waiting for U.S. Citizenship for 25 YearsJune’s installment of “The Golden Door” comic series.
  2. the golden door
    Gene and Lolita Can See the Statue of Liberty From Their WindowThis month’s edition of “The Golden Door” comic strip.
  3. bermuda square
    Please Ignore This Enraging Person at the Women’s MarchThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  4. bermuda square
    Reasons You’ll Hate Dating a NarcissistThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  5. bermuda square
    New Year’s Resolutions From the Goddess of LoveThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  6. bermuda square
    Emo Christmas Carols From a Melancholy WhaleThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  7. bermuda square
    Things You Might Hate About ChristmasThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  8. bermuda square
    How to Help an Overwhelmed Friend When You Live Under the SeaThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  9. bermuda square
    This Family Also Had a Politically Divisive ThanksgivingThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  10. bermuda square
    Wherever Amelia Earhart Is, Let’s Hope She Has InstagramThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  11. bermuda square
    Don’t Give In to the Urge to Disappear Under the SeaThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  12. bermuda square
    This Election Would Be Just As Painful at the Bottom of the SeaThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  13. bermuda square
    Halloween Is Not the Time for a Serious Relationship TalkThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  14. bermuda square
    Couples Counseling With a Freudian ElephantThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  15. bermuda square
    This Creepy Shark Seems Awfully FamiliarThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  16. bermuda square
    Tinder Tips From a Sex-Positive OctopusIris the Octopus stars in this week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  17. bermuda square
    This Rich Dad Is a Greek God Who Embodies the PatriarchyTriton stars in this week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  18. bermuda square
    Perhaps This Narcissist Lizard Will Seem FamiliarThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  19. bermuda square
    This Lovesick Whale Knows Your HeartbreakThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  20. bermuda square
    Two Mermaid Girlfriends Tried BDSMThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  21. bermuda square
    This Fratty Seal Is at Every PartyThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  22. bermuda square
    An Impossibly Beautiful Goddess Is the Worst Kind of GoddessThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  23. bermuda square
    Slut-Shaming Squids Are EverywhereThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  24. bermuda square
    This Lovelorn Cyclops Knows Your Relationship WoesThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  25. bermuda square
    Can Perverts Stay Away From These Mermaids Please?The “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  26. bermuda square
    Meet the Most Emo Whale in the SeaThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  27. bermuda square
    Donald Trump As a Period-Shaming PirateThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  28. bermuda square
    Even Mermaids Fall for ClickbaitThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  29. bermuda square
    You’ll Learn a Lot From This Sex-Positive OctopusThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  30. bermuda square
    How Amelia Earhart Spent Fourth of JulyThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  31. bermuda square
    Daddy Issues, Explained by DolphinsThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  32. bermuda square
    Even a Cave-Dwelling Cyclops Isn’t Safe From GentrificationThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  33. bermuda square
    Ageism Exists Even Under the SeaThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  34. Sacha Baron Cohen to Produce and Star in ‘Mandrake the Magician’Sacha Baron Cohen is adapting a comic strip from 1934 for the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cohen will produce and star in a […]
  35. bermuda square
    Here’s a Bad Joke From a Fratty SealThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  36. bermuda square
    Meet Venus, the Impossibly Perfect WomanThe Cut’s latest “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  37. bermuda square
    Some Mer-Bros Made a Dating AppThe Cut’s latest “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  38. bermuda square
    The Dangers of Mansplaining on the High SeasIn the Cut’s latest “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  39. fantasy worlds
    Introducing ‘Bermuda Square,’ the Cut’s New Comic Strip for WomenArtist Ali Fitzgerald discusses how she created this fantasy world.
  40. comic strips
    Alison Bechdel Draws a Fun Home CodaIn anticipation of her comic-book memoir’s move to Broadway.
  41. comic strips
    Alison Bechdel Draws a Fun Home CodaIn anticipation of her comic-book memoir’s move to Broadway.
  42. comic strips
    Cartoonist Bill Watterson Returns for PearlsAs a second-grader named Libby.
  43. Here’s Bill Watterson’s First Cartoon in 19 YearsThe elusive man behind Calvin and Hobbes has given his first on-camera interview and published his first cartoon in nearly two decades. […]
  44. Here’s What a ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Animated Series Would Look Like Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Waterston has always been vehemently opposed to turning his beloved comic strip into an animated series - or […]
  45. the beatles
    See the Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ As a Comic StripBecause why shouldn’t this exist?
  46. end of an era
    Matt Groening Ends ‘Life in Hell’ Comic StripAfter 32 years.
  47. Best. Comic Strip. Ever.Here it is, the saddest comic in the world, about two brothers who love to quote The Simpsons. Read it and weep. [via]
  48. Cartoonists’ 9/11 Tributes, CollectedAlmost 100 comic strip artists used their Sunday strips this week to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11. They range from simple visual […]
  49. Belgium: The Kingdom of ComicsFlemish humor. Sounds like a joke about my imminent Sinus infection from all this rain, right? Now that you’ve indulged me my one terrible pun, […]