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  1. the end
    Black Adam Defeated by Final Enemy … Warner Bros. DiscoveryBlack Adam 2 will not be moving forward.
  2. rip
    Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Rebellious Cartoonist, Dead at 74The artist was known for her feminist, autobiographical comics.
  3. comics
    Los Bros Hernandez on Love and Rockets’ Most Memorable Women and Forgettable Men“As I was writing that story, I was thinking, This is not good. But I let it go because I knew it would have an effect on readers.”
  4. blade running
    Lovecraft Country’s Yann Demange to Direct Marvel’s Blade as New DirectorBut Mahershala Ali won’t be putting on the leather until 2024.
  5. batman
    An Oral History of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’The show that defined the Dark Knight for a generation, in the words of its creators and stars.
  6. re-enter sandman
    Netflix Finally Renews The SandmanThe Endless haven’t ended yet.
  7. vulture lists
    Every DC Comics Movie, RankedFrom the Christopher Reeve era to the Snyder Cut — plus this week’s Black Adam.
  8. sequential art
    Dear DC Comics: ‘Hush’ Is Bad, Stop Republishing ItTwenty years and 13 rereleases later, the popular Batman story remains as empty and nonsensical as ever.
  9. underrated
    The Absurdist Comedy Genius of ‘Achewood’Comedian Jes Tom dives deep into their love for Chris Onstad’s webcomic.
  10. ford smash!
    The MCU Gobbles Up Harrison Ford for Captain America 4More like Captain America Fourd.
  11. profile
    ‘I Need to Tell You This’Kate Beaton captured the aesthetic of a late-aughts internet. Her new memoir is a monumental synthesis of politics, history, and her own life.
  12. rip
    Rankin/Bass Designer Paul Coker Jr. Dead at 93He worked on holiday classics like Santa Claus Is Cominto Town and Frosty the Snowman.
  13. caller id
    Aldis Hodge Accidentally Told The Rock to ‘F- - - Off’ Before Black AdamIt’s not every day that The Rock gives you a call.
  14. sdcc 2022
    Marvel Studios Leaves Other Panels Shaking By Returning to San Diego Comic-ConThey have not participated since 2019.
  15. 4*real
    Turning Red’s 4*Town Are Turning Into the Main CharactersOf a new manga spinoff from Viz Media.
  16. comics
    ‘Hunter x Hunter’ Creator Mysteriously Joins Twitter, Teases New InstallmentsA cryptic tweet from Yoshihiro Togashi surprised fans after his four-year hiatus.
  17. rip
    Comic-Book Legend George Pérez Dead at 67Best known for co-creating DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths and reimagining Wonder Woman.
  18. rip
    Neal Adams, Influential Comic-Book Artist, Dead at 80During his decades-long career, he illustrated characters including Batman, Green Lantern, and the Avengers.
  19. animation
    Nimona Was Too Gay for Disney. Netflix Adopted It.When Disney acquired Blue Sky Studios in 2019, the company took issue with the animated movie’s LGBTQ+ themes, including a same-sex kiss.
  20. employee of the month
    Of Course Paul Dano Is Writing a DC Comic Book About the RiddlerHis villain origin story will be illustrated by Stevan Subic.
  21. web cast
    Dakota Johnson to Spin Web Not Made of LiesDakota Johnson is joining the Sony MCU and Sydney Sweeney is coming too!
  22. sequential art
    The Nine Lives of Catwoman in Comic RecommendationsWant to know more about one of superhero comics’ greatest anti-heroes? Start here.
  23. the batman (bat version)
    Bats, Please Wait for The Batman to Stream on HBO MaxA live bat was set loose in a movie theater — and no, it wasn’t Robert Pattinson going Method.
  24. book excerpt
    The Wild True Story of Stan Lee and the Dot-Com DisasterIn the late ’90s, the Marvel legend decided to strike out on his own — with an alleged con man as his business partner.
  25. dceu
    HBO Max Mistakenly Uploads Censored Version of Birds of PreyHBO Max is working to restore the original version to the streaming service.
  26. viewing guide
    One Hawkeye, Two Hawkeyes? Here’s What You Need to Know.Clint Barton is back in the new Disney+ series, and he’s not alone.
  27. reading is fundamental
    50 New (or Newly Relevant) Books Worth Gifting This YearSomething for every reader (including those who would rather just look at pictures).
  28. one new voicemail
    Bill Murray Reveals He’s Joined Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaMarvel called and Murray answered!
  29. 💖💜💙
    DC Comics Announces Its New Superman Is BisexualHappy National Coming Out Day to Jon Kent!
  30. histories
    The Progressive, Controversial History of Suicide Squad’s Amanda WallerViola Davis’s character was a comics game-changer.
  31. trailer mix
    Suicide Squad Trailer: Harley Quinn and Friends Embark on ‘Operation Butthole’James Gunn’s supervillain meetup is out on August 6.
  32. viewing guide
    What to Know Before Venturing Into the Bizarre World of Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.The new stop-motion family sitcom starring one of comics’ most enduring punchlines is packed full of references to other Marvel concepts.
  33. caped crusaders
    Bad Boys for Life Directors Sign On to BatgirlThe long-languishing film is coming together at last.
  34. not great bob
    Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser Joins Titans Season 3 As ScarecrowKartheiser is the latest in a long line of actors portraying Batman rogue/total creep Jonathan Crane.
  35. spoilers
    That Falcon and The Winter Soldier Reveal Is More Than Just a Fun CameoDebuting this particular character at this particular stage in the MCU opens up some intriguing future scenarios.
  36. dc comics
    Warner Bros. and DC Films Shelve The New Gods and The TrenchAva DuVernay was attached to direct The New Gods.
  37. movies
    Randall Park to Make Directorial Debut With Adaptation of ShortcomingsBased on the graphic novel by Adrian Tomine.
  38. tv review
    Invincible Offers Superheroes With a Side of More SuperheroesThe hour-long animated series has a palpable “more of an eight-hour movie” vibe, with all the possibility and potential pitfalls that model entails.
  39. superheroes
    The Story Behind the Winter Soldier’s Unprecedented CreationIt’s one of the greatest transformations in superhero comics history.
  40. justice league
    Justice League’s Villains Came From the Wildest Experiment in Comic-Book HistoryThe saga known as the Fourth World was a failure at first, but seminal in the long run.
  41. viewing guide
    What You Need to Know to Watch The Falcon and the Winter SoldierA refresher on where Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have been, in both the comics and the MCU, and where they might be going in the new Disney+ series.
  42. spoilers
    The Intriguing Comics History Behind that WandaVision Credits RevealThis manipulation of a classic story involving the Vision is perhaps the most fascinating thing the show has done so far.
  43. close reads
    The Real WandaVision Big Bad Was Marriage All AlongBeneath the family-sitcom trappings, the series is wed to a legacy of superhero stories that will do anything to end marital bliss.
  44. emergency discussion
    What Do We Want Out of WandaVision, Anyway?What most appeals to some of the show’s viewers is exactly what most annoys others, but we can all at least agree on one thing: more Kathryn Hahn.
  45. the sandman
    All Hail Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer in Netflix’s Sandman AdaptationThe Neil Gaiman series is finally coming to the screen with Christie, Tom Sturridge, and more.
  46. viewing guide
    What the Hell Is Helstrom?Watching the new standalone Marvel adaptation doesn’t require deep, canonical knowledge of its comics source material, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.
  47. role muddles
    The Boys Is the End of the Superhero As We Know ItThe dark satire’s second season has illuminated the rotten core of superheroism, and cast our collective obsession with it in an unflattering light.
  48. no please
    Why, Comic Con, Why?It’s happening … in Los Angeles, at least.
  49. new shows
    How Cartoonist Keith Knight’s Life and Work Evolved Into Hulu’s Woke“Tell your authentic story. Because if you don’t, someone else will, and they’re going to screw it up.”
  50. q&a
    ‘I’m an Adult, But I’m Splashing Around in the Mud’Lisa Hanawalt on juvenile humor, her early work, and season two of Tuca & Bertie.
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