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    This New York Times Website Comment Is the Single Best Comment of the YearWhen speech-to-text goes awry.
  2. Joel McHale Is Developing an E! Show About Mean Internet CommentsJoel McHale is currently working on a new show for E! all about the snarky world of internet comments. Deadline reports that the network has […]
  3. internal memos
    Nymag.com’s New Commenting Platform Is Here!An introduction.
  4. internal memos
    Dear Nymag.com Commenters: A New System Is ComingAnd sorry for the spam.
  5. song of summer
    Vulture Readers Share Their All-Time Songs of SummerHere, the sunblock-scented nominations.
  6. commenters
    Confirmed: Men Not FunnyCourtesy Ellie Kemper and GQ commenters. 
  7. Couple Met in the Comment Section at ReasonJust sayin’.
  8. the internet
    Survey Says New York Times Commenters Are SmartestAre you guys going to stand for that?
  9. Let’s Talk About Steve Carell’s Office ReplacementWe’re going to find out who’s going to be the new lead on The Office relatively soon, within a couple of months. But there’s still no solid […]
  10. party chat
    Simon Doonan: The Daily Beast’s Commenters Are Way Bitchier Than Slate’s“They’re, like, personal attacks.”
  11. lady trouble
    Sorkin Takes to the Blogs to Explain the Social Network Women ProblemInstead, he leaves an apology in the comments section of someone’s blog.
  12. blog-stained wretches
    Anonymous Website Commenters Forced to Testify in CourtUh-oh.
  13. intel
    Wisenheimers, Scary People, and Debate-Team Captains: A Taxonomy of Commenting CommunitiesAn anthropological survey of thirteen strange online cultures.
  14. weird things
    NYMag.com Commenters Go ProMartell, Till07, Wallfly, and others are in a new HSBC ad. Weird.
  15. early and often
    Noonan, Scarborough, Carlson Get Intense at HuffPo PanelIn Minneapolis, the talking heads bared their souls on the matter of BlackBerrys, Internet commenters, and whether or not you’re REALLY in the moment.
  16. company town
    McCain Campaign Rewarding Commenting SpammersPlus, the latest on Wall Street, Gold Street, and your street, in our daily industry roundup.
  17. intel
    Tommii Cosgrove Proves Commenters Will One Day Rule the WorldWe recount our own battle against commenter Tommii Cosgrove, who brought down Credit Suisse financier Steve Rattner.
  18. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone’s Driver’s License Proves She’s 42A few commenters accused Cutrone of not really being 42 years old, as the ‘Observer’ reported yesterday. We got her driver’s license to prove them wrong.
  19. the water cooler
    Has ‘Idol’ Turned on David Archuleta? Vulture’s Comment Section RespondsMore than 300 people responded to our post earlier this week. Here are a few of the most special comments!