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  1. this thing's incredible
    The USB Microphone That Made Sophia Amoruso Actually Like the Sound of Her Voice“Listening to myself talk isn’t as cringeworthy if it’s face-to-face, but on a video call, I think way more about what I sound like.”
  2. recommended by experts
    The Best Computer Monitors, According to ExpertsIncluding HD, Quad HD, and 4K.
  3. this thing's incredible
    My WFH Computer Monitor Is Also the Perfect Quarantine TVIt’s no ordinary monitor. And it’s no ordinary TV. It’s the ideal combination of both.
  4. celebrity shopping
    What Salt-N-Pepa Can’t Live Without“I love the noise-canceling aspect of the Beats — I don’t have to hear Pepa all day; I can just cancel her out.”
  5. people's choice
    The Best Wi-Fi Routers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding the “Bugatti of routers,” according to one reviewer.
  6. people's choice
    The Best Cable Modems on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“The days of experiencing problems streaming media via Firestick, phone, and computer are over.”
  7. How Realistic Are Hollywood Hacking Scenes?“Type ‘cookie,’ you idiot!”
  8. power
    Government Computer Users Have Reportedly Been Posting to a Revenge-Porn SiteAccording to a new investigation by the Daily Beast.
  9. People in ’90s Movies Had No Idea How Computers Worked▶️ It’s embarrassing, really.
  10. select all
    Is Apple Giving Up on Making Great Computers?Twenty-five years after the PowerBook invented the modern laptop, Apple’s new MacBooks feel like they’re lagging behind.
  11. This Organization Donates Old Laptops to People in NeedNever toss an old computer again.
  12. how to plot a novel
    What Do Computers Know About Plot?Mapping stories with technology.
  13. This Gadget Can Turn Your Crusty Old Laptop Into a Touch ScreenSadly, it doesn’t work for Macs.
  14. unfriendly skies
    Customs Computer Crash Causes Airport Delays NationwidePassengers had to be checked against terror watch lists via “alternate methods.”
  15. the future
    Could This Be the End of Passive-Aggressive Emails?A helpful new program lets you “tone check” your writing.
  16. government
    Every Single Federal Employee HackedA government worker union says that the latest cyberattack against the U.S. was worse than originally reported. 
  17. ncis
    The Navy Can’t Snoop Through Your Computer for Child Porn, Court RulesBecause the military has limits.
  18. Letting My Parents Know, by Blake HendersonMom. Dad. Thanks for meeting me here. I’ve wanted to talk to you about this for years, but I’ve just been pushing it off. I don’t even know […]
  19. technological advances
    Coming Soon: A Computer That Knows How You FeelPotentially better than your roommate and/or mother.
  20. best bets
    Best Bet: AM Lab Anti-Schmutz Wet WipesA portable way to keep all of your devices clean.
  21. Technology
    Computers to Satisfy Food Cravings and Take Over the WorldIBM scientists aim to make healthy eating easy and satisfying.
  22. technology
    Don’t Call It a GchatGoogle prefers the official terms.
  23. clickables
    Listen to Das Racist’s Heems Rap About the Internet on ‘Computers’“The YouTubes has more science than Bill Nye the Science Guy.”
  24. the future
    Computers Getting a Taste of Their Own MedicineDownsizing comes for them.
  25. the future is coming
    Computer Learns to Understand Written Text“If you’d asked me if I thought we could do this yet, I’d have said no.”
  26. the future is coming
    Machine Known As ‘K’ Dubbed World’s Most Powerful ComputerIt’s a prestigious title.
  27. The ‘That’s What She Said’ Joke-Making Computer Program Could Replace […]Screw all these other posers, science has gone and solved the issue of who should replace Michael Scott on The Office: a computer program […]
  28. clickables
    Play Rock Paper Scissors Against a Computer With Predictive ReasoningThe computer is not joking around.
  29. clickables
    Read a Tumblr Dedicated to Old Computer Interfaces in MoviesAccess Main Computer File is not a virus.
  30. clickables
    Read a Collection of Absurd Vintage Computer AdsWhy won’t anyone hug a computer anymore?
  31. clickables
    Enjoy a Vintage Floppy Drive’s Performance of Bach’s ‘Toccata and Fugue in D Minor’Just watch the lights.
  32. clickables
    Watch ‘The Scrollwheel,’ a Cute Video About People Who Are Terrible at ComputersJust hit enter.
  33. art
    Can You Tell the Difference Between a Mondrian and a Computer-Generated Painting?A man taught his computer how to paint like Mondrian.
  34. Eatiquette
    Are Cafés Cracking Down on Laptop Users?In which coffee shops should you avoid busting out a laptop?
  35. geeky things
    Steve Jobs No-Show at Apple Worldwide Developers ConferenceBut new and improved iPhones and Macbooks made appearances.
  36. the morning line
    Go West, Young Man • Oh, no! Gay-marrying New Paltz mayor Jason West, not yet 30 and the closest the upstate hamlet has to a national celebrity, has been defeated by an ex-ally, 514 to 379. West reportedly alienated the town with a “heavy-handed” governing style. Well, he is a puppeteer by trade. [NYT] • This should keep conspiracy theorists occupied for the next decade: A laptop with “sensitive” 9/11 info, including photos of newly unearthed human remains, has been stolen from a medical examiner’s SUV parked next to ground zero. [NYP] • Bloomberg’s Spanish is improving. The mayor, whose tenuous grasp of the language was a reliable joke for years, delivered a ten-minute speech in Spanish during his Mexico visit and even took questions. [amNY] • The Daily News catches Con Ed in a bizarre practice: The utility giant is hiring limo drivers to guard electrified grates and manholes. The drivers (sorry, “site-safety personnel”) simply park next to the stray-voltage area and sit there, sometimes for days. On it, indeed. [NYDN] • And some New Jersey children tuning in to the Disney Channel were exposed to an accidentally aired bit of hard-core porn this week. The program they thought they’d see? “Handy Manny,” about “a bilingual Latino handyman and his talking tools.” The cable company, Comcast, had no comment. [WNBC]
  37. cultural capital
    Sim ArtVideo games, you tend to think, are set in fantasy worlds, so it’s a strange fact that the best-selling PC game of all time is The Sims, a real-life simulation rife with mundane, detailed exactness; characters sleep, go to work, and bicker. There’s no end – the characters just live their lives – but the game has become a cultural phenomenon since its 2000 launch. It has now even inspired “The Sims: In the Hands of Artists,” an exhibit opening Thursday at Chelsea Art Museum. For the show, gamemaker Electronic Arts collaborated with Parsons, challenging students to create Sims-inspired art using everything from basic pencil and paper to machinima, a moviemaking technology powered by the game’s engine. We got a sneak peek at four student projects.
  38. intel
    Exposé: Ousted Mac Man Was Computer Illiterate! Was Justin Long — the scruffy-faced Mac to John Hodgman’s straitlaced PC in those ubiquitous Apple ads — ousted from his role simply because, as Radar and Gawker suggested the other day, he was an annoying dweeb? Or was it because — and make sure you’re sitting down for this — the human embodiment of cool computing actually didn’t even know how to use one of the machines? Long made the confession at a party this summer. “I know nothing about computers,” he said at the Strangers With Candy premiere in June. “I get guys coming up to me saying, ‘Dude, what makes you think you’re better than PCs?’ I don’t even know where to begin! I know nothing about either. I’m computer illiterate.” Even worse, technology frightens him. “It scares me that they control so much of the world. I’m not taking a high road about it. I’m just not smart enough to figure them out. I still have never IMed. That scares me. It’s like, “Hi, it’s your friend you don’t really want to talk to and if you really wanted to talk to you could call.” At least, his rep assured us then, he’d been given a free Mac. One hopes he didn’t get too attached to it. — Jada Yuan Movie Star, Loosely Defined [Gawker] Apples Ditches ‘Mac Guy’ In New Ads [Radar Online]