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  1. the highest honor
    It Looks Like John Oliver Is Getting That Sewage Plant Named After Him After AllThe Danbury City Council has voted overwhelmingly to rename their sewage plant after the late night host.
  2. the highest honor
    Danbury, Connecticut Names Sewage Plant After John Oliver“Why? Because it’s full of crap, just like you, John.”
  3. crime
    Man Accused of Killing Estranged Wife Declared DeadFotis Dulos, a Connecticut man who was charged with murdering Jennifer Dulos, died following a suicide attempt earlier this week.
  4. unsolved mysteries
    What Happened to Jennifer Dulos, the Missing Connecticut Mom?Her estranged husband was recently arrested and charged with tampering with evidence.
  5. taxes
    Feds Crack Down on Blue-State Workarounds of Trump Tax Reform Deduction LimitsIt’s part of an ongoing GOP effort to hit coastal “elites” with the bill for reducing high-end taxes. But blue states are still trying to fight back.
  6. Inside a Design Icon’s Colonial Castle Where Snow White’s Dwarfs May Have Died“It was red, but my immediate reaction was with those glass windows, it’s Snow White. This is fairy-tale architecture.”
  7. summer of scam
    Sister Lunch Ladies Accused of Stealing Nearly $500,000 in Lunch MoneyThey’re accused of surreptitiously pocketing almost half a million dollars over the course of five years.
  8. 2018 elections
    It’s Establishment vs. Ex-con in Connecticut Democrats’s Gubernatorial PrimaryBridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim probably can’t defeat Ned Lamont, but stranger things have happened.
  9. Rep. Esty Forced to Retire After Scandal Over Abusive StafferThe Connecticut Democrat’s political demise was quick, and could even open up a rare 2018 opportunity for Republicans.
  10. curious moves
    Connecticut Restaurateur Is Sticking by His ‘Friend’ Harvey Weinstein“Harvey’s a friend of mine, and I don’t talk about my friends.”
  11. space of the week
    Tour the Home of a Family of 3 — and 31 DogsBroadway’s go-to dog trainer Bill Berloni has a 90-acre plot with ample room for his extended canine family.
  12. space of the week
    Tour the Home of a Family of 3 — and 31 DogsBroadway’s go-to dog trainer Bill Berloni has a 90-acre plot with ample room for his extended canine family.
  13. New Report Reveals Decades of Sexual Abuse at Elite Connecticut Boarding SchoolChoate Rosemary Hall says at least 12 former teachers sexually abused students.
  14. Coyote Almost Attacks a Girl Walking Home From School in ConnecticutNot the first sighting this year.
  15. it’s about time
    Connecticut Commuters Rejoice: Bar Cars Are Coming BackAlcohol will return to the MTA’s New Haven line in 2018.
  16. crime
    Crop-Top-Wearing Teen Felon Foiled by a PotatoCute mug shot, though.
  17. bad employees
    Employee Fired for Posting Anti-Police Tirade to Pizzeria’s InstagramReferring to policing as a “gang activity sanctioned by oblivious taxpayers” might not sell more pizzas.
  18. Bad Customers
    Livid Woman Calls 911 Over Wrong Pizza Order“That’s not a police matter, ma’am.”
  19. War Zones
    PEZ Cancels Easter Egg Hunt After Unhinged Parents Bum-Rush Field“When my son left, he had a broken basket and was hysterically crying.”
  20. Video Feed
    Watch a 15-Person Battle Royal Break Out at Chuck E. Cheese’sA nearby senior suffered a panic attack, and two little kids got hit.
  21. Ben Carson May Need to Brush Up on the Shapes and Locations of U.S. States A new map raises questions about Ben Carson’s domestic-geography acumen.
  22. still illegal
    Semiautomatic Assault Weapons Still IllegalJudges said it was a matter of public safety.
  23. young heroes
    Cops Manage to Catch Crook With Help of 11-Year-Old’s Stick-Figure Drawing“I have to give a lot of credit to my art teacher.”
  24. ‘Aunt From Hell’ Says She Sued Young Relative to Access Homeowner’s InsuranceCould the outrage police have gotten this one wrong?
  25. auntie maim
    Aunt Sues Then-8-Year-Old Nephew for $127,000 Over ‘Unreasonable’ Hug“I remember him shouting, ‘Auntie Jen, I love you,’ and there he was flying at me.”
  26. The Chain Gang
    Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Tells Police Officer, ‘We Don’t ServeSo far, though, the worker still has her job.
  27. Sweet Summer
    Shake Shack Unveils a Lobster-Topped BurgerJust what you need for the last weeks of summer.
  28. newtown
    Sandy Hook Shooter’s Home Will Be Destroyed They will keep the site as an open space.
  29. scary things
    Man on Fire Found on Top of Metro-North TrainHe survived.
  30. oops
    Drunk Dude Mistakes Stranger’s Bed for a Bed in His Mom’s Apartment With disastrous results. 
  31. News
    The Restaurant From Mystic Pizza Apparently Owes $100K in Back WagesThe now-famous pizza spot paid employees as little as $5.69 an hour.
  32. What’s the Matter With Connecticut?A dispatch from the richest, worst economy in the country. 
  33. stupid things
    Metro-North Delayed by Box Painted Like Bender It could have been a bomb!
  34. transportation
    Train Nearly Takes Out Senator During Safety Press Conference Accidents aren’t always the train’s fault.
  35. the kennedys
    Kennedy to Run for Elected OfficeThis time, it’s Ted Jr.
  36. good things
    Connecticut Becomes First State to Raise Minimum Wage to $10.10 an HourThe change will happen incrementally.
  37. Hot Diggity
    Famous Los Angeles Hot-Dog Stand Pink’s Opening East Coast LocationThere’s going to being sauerkraut, and mustard. And relish, shredded mozzarella, mushrooms, onions, bacon, American cheese, chopped tomatoes, chili, sour cream, and sautéed peppers.
  38. very sad things
    Connecticut Police Release Sandy Hook Documents More grim details.
  39. sad things
    Newtown Quietly Observes Sandy Hook Anniversary The media was asked to stay away.
  40. sad things
    Four Dead in Particularly Scary Connecticut Murder-SuicideThe shooter was carrying a baby.
  41. de blasio’s new york
    Connecticut: Refuge From De Blasio’s DystopiaAccording to a political ad in the Connecticut gubernatorial race. 
  42. quotables
    Chloë Sevigny Wants You to Know She’s Still CoolWe know. WE KNOW.
  43. who thought this was a good idea
    Was This the Worst Field Trip in the World, Ever?What a terrible, terrible idea. 
  44. Connecticut Home Explodes, Leaves ‘Scorched Crater’Just a reminder that your house might explode at any moment. 
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Connecticut Woman Arrested for Keying Six Cars, But the Crazy Part Is …… she’s 73 years old. 
  46. scary things
    Busted Carnival Ride Sends Thirteen to Hospital in ConnecticutThankfully, most injuries seem minor.
  47. Dave Chappelle’s Shows Since Connecticut Have Been Going GreatLast Thursday, Dave Chappelle made headlines when he cut his set short in Hartford, Connecticut, walking off stage early after several members […]
  48. Raccoon Hunter Accidentally Shoots Self While SneezingHe’s okay, so you can laugh.
  49. emergencies
    Connecticut Residents Somehow Survived Cable Outage No thanks to the jerks at 911.
  50. very bad things
    Connecticut Plane Crash Victims Identified 54-year-old Bill Henningsgaard was flying his 17-year-old son Max to visit colleges.
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