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  1. animal intelligence
    What’s It Like to Be an Octopus?They have more neurons in their arms than their head, can squeeze through holes, and get into all sorts of mischief. What’s a philosopher to do?
  2. philosophy of science
    A Few Reasons Science Is Afraid of Animal ConsciousnessOr: Does a duckling think?
  3. What Is the Speed of Thought?It takes half a second for sensory information to be incorporated into conscious experience. So, in a sense, the future has already happened.
  4. science of us
    The Trippy Theory of Consciousness at the Heart of WestworldJust in case you’ve ever questioned the nature of your reality.
  5. Rejection Doesn’t Hurt So Bad When You’re on ShroomsPsilocybin – the psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms – could one day help treat people with social anxiety.
  6. consciousness
    Olivia Wilde Hired to Be a Conscious PersonH&M’s Conscious Ambassador. 
  7. consciousness
    What Near-Death Experiences Can Teach Us About ConsciousnessNew research might alter our understanding of death.
  8. human behavior
    The Test for Self-awareness in Animals Might Not Be Sensitive EnoughMacaques demonstrate their self-awareness by touching their genitals in a mirror.