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Conspiracy Theory

  1. conspiracy theory
    Sam Bee Uncovers Another Trump-Putin ConnectionThe Trump-can’t-read conspiracy continues.
  2. Faithless Electors: The Final GOP Option to Dump TrumpElectors in 21 states are legally free to betray their party’s nominee and throw the race into the House, where a third candidate could win.
  3. conspiracy theory
    Is Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin Cursed?Probably.
  4. jade helm
    Jade Helm Begins Today; No Martial Law in Texas YetOn the first day of Jade Helm, Texas gave to me …
  5. conspiracy theory
    Inside Twitter’s Marathon-Bombing FailureIn the best case, for every five times a false rumor was tweeted, it was met with a rebuttal. Usually the ratio was a lot worse.
  6. conspiracy theory
    Matt Weiner and James Wolk Address the Bob Benson Conspiracy TheoriesWhat his creator and the actor who plays him have to say about Mad Men’s mystery man.
  7. conspiracy theory
    Jessica Paré Addresses Megan Draper–Sharon Tate TheoryShe confirms it wasn’t a coincidence. 
  8. the wizard of oz
    Watch The Wizard of Oz Synced Up With Pink FloydVCRs be damned!
  9. kaaaahhhnnn!
    Le Monde Says Sarkozy’s Allies Have Been Trying to Leak Strauss-Kahn Sex Scandal for MonthsA present for the conspiracy theorists.
  10. osama bin killed
    Rise of the Deathers: Cataloguing the Emerging Bin Laden ConspiraciesThree different schools of crazy.