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  1. hakuna matata
    Be on the Lookout for Chance the Rapper’s Voice in The Lion KingHe was also a low-key consultant this entire time.
  2. No, Donald Trump Is Not ‘Teflon’Some Democratic consultants say their party’s attacks on Trump are falling flat. But all available evidence says otherwise.
  3. Consultants Are Making So Much Money ‘Teaching’ Companies About MillennialsDid you know that millennials, unlike every prior generation, enjoy finding meaning in their work?
  4. work-life balance
    Fancy Consulting Firms Miss Their MomsMcKinsey joins Bain and Boston in luring back female talent.
  5. PLCB Shenanigans
    Corbett Turns to Consultants to Conduct Liquor Store StudyThe move sends a message to voters that the governor is clueless in his quest to privatize the state’s liquor stores.