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  1. investigations
    A Pastry Chef Taste-Tests Levain’s New CookieThe “two chip” cookie is the famed bakery’s first new flavor in 25 years.
  2. sweet tooth
    New Mexico’s State Cookie Gets Its Due in ManhattanMeet the bizcochito.
  3. frenemies
    Please Don’t Forget to Tag Martha Stewart on InstagramThe media mogul chastised Antoni Porowski for posting pictures of her pets and not tagging her.
  4. openings
    A Big Cookie Gets a Bigger StageLevain Bakery embarks on a growth campaign, beginning with a spiffy new store on the Upper East Side this Wednesday.
  5. whoops
    Bakery’s ‘Build That Wall’ Cookie Goes Over About As Well As You’d ExpectThe owner of Edmonds Bakery calls the cookie “a mistake.”
  6. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Rugelach in New YorkCookie season needn’t end December 25.
  7. cookie drama
    The Company That Makes the Worst Cookies Will Buy Tate’s, the Best CookiesMondelez has purchased Tate’s for $500 million.
  8. select all
    Facebook Announces Function to Stop Facebook From Tracking You Around the WebNow you can tell Facebook to forget about you.
  9. over easy
    How I Ruined Instagram’s Favorite CookieI tried to make Alison Roman’s Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies. It did not go well.
  10. WATCH: How to Make New York’s Most Famous Chocolate Chip CookiesYou’re welcome.
  11. The Real Election Is Already Over and Bill Clinton’s Cookies WonThey’re better than Melania Trump’s, at least.
  12. wellness theories
    Why You Should Eat a Cookie Before Your WorkoutReally. And not fake cookies either.
  13. high stakes
    Bill Clinton and Melania Trump Need to Work on Their Cookie Recipes These cookies do not impress.
  14. Sweets
    Levain Bakery, and Its Tremendous Cookies, Are Moving to a Bigger SpaceTwo blocks away, on Amsterdam Avenue.
  15. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Chocolate-Chip Cookie in New YorkThe classic American treat is having an international moment.
  16. wellness theories
    Eva Longoria Chooses Meditation Over Instagram“I think people waste more time than they think.”
  17. best of new york
    The Best of New York Eating 2016Bespoke salsa, a singular cheese course, and uncommon cookies.
  18. Grub Guides
    6 Excellent New Cookies to Enjoy This Winter, Because Resolutions Are DumbIncluding High Street on Hudson’s stroopwafel, Té Company’s pineapple linzer, and Mah Ze Dahr’s chocolate sable.
  19. Lawsuits
    Pepperidge Farm Sues Trader Joe’s for Knockoff MilanosIt’s calling the lookalike product “malicious.”
  20. Aw
    The New York Public Library Lions Are Getting Their Own CookieAmy’s Bread is opening cafés at two NYPL locations, with a special treat.
  21. Sweets
    Oreo Says Its New ‘Thin’ Oreos Weren’t Designed to Be TwistedThey’re too “sophisticated” for milk, apparently.
  22. Sweets
    Starbucks Will Soon Sell Fancy French CookiesThis is a major upgrade: Michel et Augustin has a cult following.
  23. We All Scream
    Maman’s Using Its Superb Cookies for Ice-Cream SandwichesBrilliant idea.
  24. Cookie Talk
    Taylor Swift Praises Anne Burrell’s Cookie Recipe” … a real turning point in my life.”
  25. Sweets
    Here’s How New York’s Finest New Chocolate-Chip Cookie Is MadeIt’s served at Untitled at the Whitney, and, oddly enough, it’s gluten-free.
  26. Cookies
    And Now There Are Cotton-Candy Oreos, TooPlain is still the best, though.
  27. Cookies
    The World Gets Its First Glimpse of S’mores-Flavored OreosThis looks like it could be legit.
  28. Cookies
    Boston Coffee Shop Introduces ‘Deflated Football’ Cookies“Deflate-gate” rages on.
  29. Cookies
    Red Velvet Oreos Are Here, After Initial Claims That They Were a HoaxThey’ll cost $4.49 a bag.
  30. Taste-Test
    Kids Taste-Test the New Girl Scout Cookies: How Do Diet-Focused Flavors Fare?“It doesn’t even look very appetizing to me.”
  31. Innovations
    Someone Finally Invented Oreo ChurrosThey’re served warm with a side of “cookie creme dip.”
  32. Openings
    French Bakery Maman Sells NYC’s Most Impressive New Chocolate-Chip CookieIt’s made by a Michelin-starred chef.
  33. Coming Soon
    Momofuku Milk Bar Will Have a Cookie Window at the Band of Outsiders Store“If you don’t like cookies, you might not have a soul.”
  34. Video Feed
    The OreoBot Exists, and It Is Surprisingly CaptivatingWhy buy Oreos from the store when you can have your robot make them for free?
  35. Whoa Samoa
    Girl Scouts Boldly Launch No-Gluten Chocolate-Chip Shortbread CookieWill a vegan version be next?
  36. Bookshelf
    Dorie Greenspan Is Writing a Cookie CookbookIt’ll have 150 recipes, so that should keep us swimming in cookies.
  37. the blake lively of it all
    Interview: Blake Lively on Pixie Cuts, CookiesAnd oh, yes, her new website. 
  38. Sad Day For Cookies
    Dorie Greenspan’s Beurre & Sel Has ClosedWho’s going to bake our classic French-vanilla sablés now?
  39. tough cookies
    The NBA Smells Like Almond Cookies and Women’s Beauty ProductsTheir sweat is cookie-scented.
  40. Cookies
    Papa John’s Unleashes Pizza-Size Cookies on Unassuming CustomersBut think of the ice-cream sandwiches!
  41. party chat
    Taryn Manning on the Upside of Prison Jumpsuits: Cookies“We’re always at craft service like, ‘Well! You can eat that cookie.’”
  42. Leftovers
    Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Serving At Rock & Brews Tomorrow; Adam TihanyThe KISS stars will wait on wounded warriors and veterans in Torrance.
  43. Cookies
    Dorie Greenspan DeliversSablé dough at your door.
  44. Holiday Gift Guide 2012
    Slideshow: The Best Cookies to Give as Holiday GiftsThe seasonal offerings from Smile to Go, Milk Bar, and more.
  45. Holiday Gift Guide 2012
    Slideshow: The Best Cookies to Give as Holiday GiftsThe seasonal offerings from Smile to Go, Milk Bar, and more.
  46. Sweet News
    Dorie Greenspan’s Beurre & Sel Opening Next Week in Essex Street MarketIs it cookie o’clock yet?
  47. tough cookies
    It’s Hard to Be a Woman, But Ann Romney Finds Time to BakeHer speech, in the context of Welsh skillet cakes.
  48. Oreos
    Mars Lands on OreosThe Curiosity Rover inspires a crimson cookie.
  49. Cookies!
    Watch Cookie Monster’s Carly Rae Jepson Spoof ‘Share It Maybe’We never really believed cookies were a “sometimes food” anyway.
  50. instructional videos
    Watch the Best Instructional Cooking Video on All of YouTubeAusten wants to show you how to make peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cookies. Take it away, kid!
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