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    GOP Hopes to Revive Economy by Making Life Harder for UnemployedA partisan divide over whether jobless people should be poorer has thrown the next coronavirus relief package into jeopardy.
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    As the Pandemic Persists, Mitch McConnell’s Senate DawdlesAs vacation looms, Senate Republicans haven’t even begun work on their version of a second stimulus bill, despite a new spike in coronavirus cases.
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    By Denying Aid to States, the GOP Is Aiding the CoronavirusRepublicans’ foot-dragging on fiscal relief hasn’t just hurt the economy, but also helped fuel the surge in coronavirus cases.
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    The IRS Sent $1.4 Billion in Stimulus Checks to Dead People. That’s Good.The alternative was delaying the delivery of financial aid to the needy. And anyhow, what’s wrong with giving the bereaved a little gift?
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    Will We Get a Second Round of Coronavirus Stimulus Checks?Support for a second check has dropped in the Senate, particularly after the May Jobs Report, and the timetable for action has slowed down.
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    Retail Sales Data Shows the CARES Act Is WorkingRetail sales increased 17.7 percent in May, proving that the stimulus supported most American households such that people do not feel afraid to spend.
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    Republicans May ‘Defund the Police’ With Budget Cuts Forced by the CoronavirusRepublicans blocking aid to state and local governments are hurting their friends in blue.
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    Everything We Know About the Coronavirus Stimulus Debit CardsRoughly 4 million Americans are getting paid on a debit card. Recipients complain that the system is buggy, and the mailing looks like a scam.
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    Trump Threatens to Cut Off Funds for States That Expand Voting by MailThere’s no legal theory supporting presidential intervention in state election decisions, so Trump may just be preparing to challenge adverse results.
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    Trump Wants to Lower Unemployment Benefits Amid Record UnemploymentThe president has now joined fellow Republicans who want to lower unemployment insurance mid-pandemic and make lower wages acceptable.
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    Republicans Plan to Ignore House Democrats’ Coronavirus Stimulus BillSenate Republicans have decided they aren’t negotiating at the moment, so don’t expect any further relief legislation until June, at the earliest.
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    Dems Nix Anti-Recession Policy After Learning It Would Help Too Many PeoplePelosi cut automatic stabilizers from her party’s messaging bill because a CBO score made the policy look expensive (because it helps so many).
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    Senate Republicans Want to Protect Corporations in Any New Stimulus DealWhile calling for a pause in stimulus legislation, Republicans do hear cries for help from corporate leaders, which may make them cut a deal.
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    House Democrats Open Bidding on the Next Stimulus Round With $3 Trillion BillPelosi’s proposal includes a new round of checks for individuals, and a big new fund for state and local governments.
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    California Is Reckoning With Its Huge Budget DeficitsGavin Newsom is not engaging in any happy talk about quick economic recovery. And so his state’s fiscal picture looks dark as revenues collapse.
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    The Coming COVID-19 Higher-Ed DisasterPublic colleges and universities became a lot less “public” after the Great Recession. The coronavirus crisis could make it all a lot worse.
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    Republican-Run States Are Hurting For Money, TooTrump’s claims that only Democratic states need federal assistance are undermining his own party’s stimulus efforts.
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    On Next Stimulus, Democrats Should Give Up a Lot to Get a LotTrump wants infrastructure and a payroll tax cut. GOP deficit hawks don’t. Democrats should offer to give him what they won’t.
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    GOP’s Coronavirus Stimulus Priority: Make Workers Poorer, Less SafeRepublicans are fighting to cut unemployment benefits and let employers flout workplace safety standards.
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    Republicans Demand Cash-Strapped States Pony Up for Election NeedsA little-known coronavirus stimulus provision requires that states match 20 percent of election assistance funds at a time of fiscal catastrophe.
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    Congress Should Act Now If It Wants to Make Voting by Mail HappenThe debate over the issue could soon be moot, as time runs out for making the necessary changes in rules and infrastructure.
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    Steve Mnuchin, American WinnerThe Treasury Secretary embodies the plutocratic principle that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.
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    Congress Passes Interim Coronavirus Stimulus Bill for Trump’s SignatureThe measure, which focuses on renewed funds for the small-business Paycheck Protection Program, may be the last bipartisan relief measure for a while.
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    McConnell Calls General Relief for States ‘Blue-State Bailouts’Once Republicans favored no-strings aid to states and localities. Amid a pandemic, they fear too much good might be done.
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    Congress, White House Reach Deal On New Coronavirus Relief BillThe deal, to be followed by a broader bill, replenishes depleted loan fund for small busiensses and provides new aid for hospitals and testing.
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    The Patchwork Approach of the CARES Act Is a Strong Coronavirus Stimulus PlanWhile the PPP is dry, the act’s boosted unemployment benefits provide another route to get federal cash to a worker at a distressed business.
  27. vision 2020
    Will the GOP’s Red Scare Tactics Work During the Pandemic?It’s hard to scream about socialism when your opponent is Joe Biden and you are spending trillions of dollars to prop up the economy.
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    How and When Can Americans Access the $1,200 Coronavirus Stimulus Checks?Everything you need to know about the check coming to a majority of Americans in April — including delays and reports of banks seizing the funds.
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    Tense Negotiations Continue Over Next Round of StimulusDemocrats are hoping that Republicans budge on more money for state and local governments.
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    The Lockdown Backlash May Be the New Tea Party MovementFury at the lockdown, and unprecedented federal spending, is predictably on the rise. Trump may be tempted to assume leadership of the cause.
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    As Coronavirus Rages, Republicans Still Don’t Have a Health-Care PlanIn a pandemic, Republican fecklessness on health care is likely to be a bigger advantage for Democrats than it was in the 2018 midterms.
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    Democrats Mull Making Health Insurance Free for the UnemployedIt’s a simple way to continue the existing employer-sponsored insurance policies of the millions of Americans in the process of losing jobs.
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    America Has Replaced Capitalism With CronyismTrump has adopted a narrative that the coronavirus stimulus is about protecting the most vulnerable, but it’s about buttressing the most wealthy.
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    It’s the Last Campaign for Biden and SandersReconciliation should be easier in 2020, since unlike Clinton and Sanders in 2016, the survivors don’t need to anticipate battles down the road.
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    Here Are the Red States That Limit Voting by Mail to Trump–Approved GroupsIt’s becoming the GOP party line that the procedure should be limited to seniors and military folk. Some places already follow that rule.
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    The Small-Business Loan Program Crashed in the First Week It Was UpThe rollout of the $349 billion program is already causing headaches for the Trump administration.
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    What Democrats Might Need to Sacrifice to Get Voting by MailAlthough Republicans aren’t going to support sending a mail ballot to every voter, there could be some version of the practice the GOP accepts.
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    Trump Called Massie a ‘Disaster,’ but Will He Support His Primary Challenger?The president wanted Kentucky congressman Thomas Massie tossed out of the GOP after his stimulus stunt, but his opponent once called Trump an idiot.
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    Federalism Is a Bad Prescription for Handling the Coronavirus CrisisReliance on cash-strapped state and local governments during the COVID-19 crisis could mean austerity measures that thwart the national response.
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    State That May Decide 2020 Elections Approaches Chaotic April PrimaryMoving to voting by mail without fair rules could affect the general election in crucial states like Wisconsin, as its April primary is showing.
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    House to Socially Distance While Voting for Coronavirus Stimulus BillThomas Massie is opposing a unanimous consent agreement, and could force a roll-call vote under exceptional health precautions.
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    The Longest Day: Senate Unanimously Passes $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus BillAfter a failed Republican effort to cut unemployment benefits, the largest emergency aid package in U.S. history passed unanimously.
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    Senate Reaches Deal on $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus BillDemocrats won oversight of corporate loans, beefed-up unemployment insurance, and direct aid to hospitals and state and local governments.
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    Dems Get Some of the Election Funding They Wanted in Coronavirus Stimulus BillBut Pelosi and Schumer didn’t secure the money or a mandate for universal access to voting by mail.
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    State Budgets Getting Are Blown Up by the Coronavirus PandemicIf the Feds don’t help, there will be a lot of red ink and pain in governments all over the country very soon.
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    Trump on GOP’s $500 Billion Coronavirus Slush Fund: ‘I’ll Be the Oversight’Trump faced impeachment for mismanaging a $500 million sum, but said he could be personally trusted to direct a COVID-19 stimulus 1,000 times that.
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    A Sufficiently Large Fiscal Package Is an Essential Virus-Fighting ToolA big spending package is needed to protect families, but it’s also necessary if we hope to retain public cooperation with costly anti-virus measures.
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    Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Snags As Five GOP Senators Enter Self-QuarantineWith five Republican senators in self-quarantine, Democrats are pushing to expand the historic stimulus package with more funding for individuals.