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  1. taste test
    Is Ina Garten’s Instagram Cosmo Actually Good?An in-depth, early-morning investigation.
  2. bachelor nation
    Cosmo Pulls Bachelor Contestant’s Cover Due to White Lives Matter Modeling PastPeter Weber is now defending Victoria Fuller, saying “she’s a good person.”
  3. lifestyle
    Is This the Most Unhinged Cosmo Bedroom Tip of All Time?It involves lube, a sandwich bag (?), and a sock (??).
  4. jeffrey epstein
    Jeffrey Epstein Was Once Cosmopolitan’s ‘Bachelor of the Month’The brief profile said he was seeking a “cute Texas girl.”
  5. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Rips Into the Irony of Walmart’s Cosmopolitan BanUh, have you seen other front pages lately?
  6. media
    Why Walmart Is Removing Cosmo From Checkout LinesThis is the result of a long-running campaign by a group that has made targeting the magazine one of its priorities.
  7. ch-ch-ch-changes
    Cosmopolitan.com Editor Steps DownAmy Odell is leaving after four and a half years.
  8. cover girls
    Laverne Cox Breaks Major Barrier on Cosmopolitan CoverA big first for the actress.
  9. the grub street diet
    Cosmopolitan Editor Michele Promaulayko Dines at Lilia, Il Buco, and the Office“We get the grilled blowfish tails with crushed coriander, because how can you not?”
  10. the bold type
    I Can’t Believe I Love The Bold TypeIt’s the perfect summer soap.
  11. Fictionalized Cosmo TV Series Coming to FreeformThe magazine drama, created by Parenthood’s Sarah Watson, was originally called Issues.
  12. reality tv
    The New Reality Show About Cosmo Magazine Looks Absolutely BonkersThis show has everything.
  13. today in donald trump
    Trump Calls Cosmo Reporter ‘Very Rude’ and ‘Non-Intelligent’ for Doing Her JobHow dare she grill Ivanka on Trump’s family-leave policy.
  14. promotions
    Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles Is Becoming the Anna Wintour of HearstShe will now be the media company’s chief content officer.
  15. boob tube
    Cosmo Is Getting Its Own Reality ShowThe magazine is getting its own reality show.
  16. cut cover story
    Even Helen Gurley Brown Got the Relationship BluesThe legendary ​Cosmo editor made her career on sleeping with many men and encouraging readers to do the same. But behind closed doors, she agonized over lost loves and unfaithful partners.
  17. women's rights
    Planned Parenthood President on the Unsung Heroes of the Colorado Shooting“Their stories will not be told.”
  18. keeping up with the kardashians
    Free RobThere’s a Rob-shaped hole on the new Cosmo cover.
  19. Cosmo Censorship Accidentally Highlights BoobsThe blinders campaign hits a snag.
  20. american heros
    Nicki Minaj Heroically Demands an Orgasm Every TimeNo man, women, or child can rest until this dream has been achieved.
  21. quotables
    Helpful Reminder: Boobs and Brains CoexistJoanna Coles defends Cosmo’s November cover.
  22. Leslye Headland and ‘Cosmopolitan’ Are Developing an NBC ComedyThe writer and director of 2012’s Bachelorette has teamed up with the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan for a new NBC comedy. THR reports that […]
  23. new gigs
    Joanna Coles to Rebrand Girl Power at SeventeenShe’s pulling double duty at Hearst now.
  24. day in the life of
    Watch: A Day in the Life of a Fashion EditorWe followed Cosmopolitan’s Shiona Turini around on the final day of New York Fashion Week.
  25. frivolity
    Finally, ‘Serious’ Women Are Standing Up for Fashion MagazinesFor Jill Abramson and Alyssa Mastromonaco, appearing between sex and fashion articles isn’t “demeaning.”
  26. Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon Share the Fascinating Story Behind Their […]Cosmo has a great interview with comedy couple Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon in which they detail the super interesting and intense story […]
  27. prizes
    Cosmo’s ASME Is a Win for All Women’s MediaWe’re all ladyblogs now — or we should be.
  28. go big or go home
    Amazon Eyes Ron Perlman Drama Pilot, New ComedyPull that trigger, Amazon.
  29. ink-stained wretches
    Vogue Wins September Ad-Page Race, As AlwaysCosmopolitan made a good showing this year.
  30. famous boobs
    Everyone Is Showing the Centers of Their BrasDemi Lovato in Cosmo, Rihanna on the street.
  31. Cosmo Editor Joanna Coles Whistles While She WorksShe’s no stealthy office creeper.
  32. ins and outs
    Cosmo Brings on New Fashion DirectorAnd one thing’s for sure: She’s a fan of fur hats.
  33. blow his mind
    The Lean In: We Made a Sex Move for Sandberg’s Cosmo IssueShe guest-edited a career issue of America’s favorite sex bible.
  34. quotables
    Kim Kardashian Can Have It AllWelcome to New Cosmo.
  35. party chats
    Joanna Coles Is Over Internet Porn and Gay Male Sex OraclesAnd her Cosmo won’t offer sex advice from gay men.
  36. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: Miley Mania at Rachel ZoeCosmo staffers rushed to their cover girl’s rescue.
  37. role models
    Camille Paglia and Naomi Wolf Debate Role Models in CosmoThe Joanna Coles effect?
  38. cosmo fact check
    ‘Vagina Crystals’ Not As Common As Cosmo SaysThank God.
  39. loose threads
    Fashion Folk Get Cartoonified; Peaches Geldof Is PregnantPlus, Daphne Guinness covers Harper’s Bazaar China.
  40. party report
    A Night with Cosmo’s Most Eligible BachelorsAnd their chest stubble. 
  41. ins and outs
    Cosmo and Marie Claire Pull the Old SwitcherooHappy Freaky Friday!
  42. loose threads
    Kate Upton Covers Cosmo; Donna Karan Meditated Mid-SpeechAnd Donna Karan meditated mid-speech.
  43. loose threads
    Coles Bringing Marie Claire Editors to CosmoPlus, Carven collaborates with Petit Bateau.
  44. encounter
    Sitting In on Joanna Coles’s First Cosmo Staff MeetingSitting in on the first staff meeting called by the new Cosmo Girl from Yorkshire.
  45. party chat
    Stefano Tonchi: Editors Need ‘Bloodlust’W editor on “the cruelty, the violence” of magazine work.
  46. quotables
    What’s Joanna Coles’s Sex Position of the Day? She’s prepping for her new Cosmo readers.
  47. ins and outs
    Joanna Coles Replaces Kate White at Cosmopolitan Magazine [Updated]And Anne Fulenwider succeeds Coles.
  48. r.i.p.
    Helen Gurley Brown, 1922–2012, Went EverywhereThe longtime editor of Cosmopolitan died this morning at 90.
  49. Closings
    Cosmopolitan Shutters, Enormous Space Up for GrabsThe twelve-year-old restaurant couldn’t afford a rent hike.
  50. slash jobs
    Cosmopolitan Is Designing Things for J.C. PenneyThis is one collaboration we didn’t see coming.
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