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  1. harsh reality
    Should Women in Their Forties Model Underwear?Christy Turlington vs. Heidi Klum: dueling perspectives.
  2. party chat
    Judith Regan Wants to Publish a Book of Charlie Sheen’s PoetryAnd she wants to be his nanny.
  3. the twilight of the cougar
    It Just Keeps Getting Worse for CougarsNow Google is out to get them.
  4. the twilight of the cougar
    Bad News for CougarsWomen who marry younger men may die sooner, according to science.
  5. Madonna Shoots Dolce & Gabbana Campaign in Harlem With Another Inappropriately Younger ManMadonna does the cougar thing, again.
  6. after the fall
    Corzine Heads to St. Barts to Relax After Failed CampaignThis is how you get over losing an election: private plane, St. Barts, girlfriend.
  7. cougars
    Barbara Corcoran Barks Up All Trees, Even Wrong OnesApparently, the gal will flirt with just about anyone.
  8. cougars
    Helen Mirren Wants to Make Clothes With Sleeves for Marks & SpencerShe wants clothes that she and other ladies her age can wear.
  9. all celebrities are friends with one another
    How to Hunt Anderson Cooper: A Guide for NeNeThe Atlanta ‘Housewife’ is still trying unsuccessfully to make hay with Manderson. We think we can help.
  10. Anna Wintour May Casually Cast Aside Wicked-Queen CrownSo someone said! Also, David Wright was attacked by cheesy cougars, and Tyra paid for Isis’s sex change. In the gossip roundup.
  11. Moving On Up
    What a Drag: Lucky Cheng’s May Leave East Village for Times SquareTrannies return to the Deuce!
  12. party chat
    The Vivica A. Fox Guide to Being a CougarBe rich and get microdermabrasion, not necessarily in that order.
  13. in other news
    Justin Rocket Silverman Enters the Cougars’ DenThe ‘Post’ sent their sexiest bait to an open casting call for the new show ‘Cougars: NYC.’
  14. gossipmonger
    ‘Cougars: NYC’ Hunting for More Co-StarsAn awesome-sounding reality show needs more older ladies. Plus, gossip about Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton, and Ryan Adams, in our daily roundup.
  15. apropos of nothing
    Ashton Kutcher: Cougar Lover, in Real Life and OnscreenWhat accounts for these pairings, so unlikely in a Hollywood where the opposite is so often ickily the case?