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  1. countdown
    Here’s What Lame-Duck Trump Might DoThe president could start a war, spare his convicted cronies, and more on the way out.
  2. countdown
    The Sidekick’s Final Ride: Pence Makes One More Push for TrumpWith the man who may never be president.
  3. casting
    You Star Elizabeth Lail Will Remain in Danger for the Horror Movie CountdownFrom Joe’s frying pan right into another fire.
  4. Countdown
    Happy New Year!Whether you are home in bed or in Times Square, have a great night.
  5. countdown
    Vulture’s Les Misérables Advent Calendar: Day 25We’ll have a musical treat every day from now until Christmas Day, just the way God wanted the movie celebrated.
  6. countdown
    Justin Bieber’s Album Has a Release DateAnd it is June 19.
  7. media
    Keith Olbermann Out at Current, Eliot Spitzer to Take OverThe network has fired its combative host and replaced him with New York’s disgraced ex-governor.
  8. beyonce
    See Beyoncé Get All Giggly About Her BabyIn which Bey shouts “oh baby!” a bunch of times on the set of “Countdown.”
  9. clickables
    See a Short Dance Clip That Reminds Some People of Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown’ VideoThey do look pretty similar.
  10. beyonce
    Beyoncé Shows Off Baby Bump, Other Bumps in Her ‘Countdown’ VideoBabyoncé’s video debut.
  11. media
    Keith Olbermann Wants to Be Your New Best GirlfriendWatch him beg you to watch his new show.
  12. diversity
    Keith Olbermann’s First Guests Will Be Michael Moore and Markos MoulitsasHow diverse.
  13. cable news news
    What Does Keith Olbermann Do When He’s Suspended?He releases open letters to his fans, and blogs about baseball.
  14. countdown
    Is This the Track List for Kanye’s New Album?Maybe!
  15. countdown
    You Won’t Have to Wait Long for the New Arcade Fire AlbumJust about two months, now.
  16. countdown
    So, What Will Kanye West’s New Album Sound Like?No soul samples!
  17. countdown
    Rick Ross Hints He’s on the New Kanye West Album“I don’t wanna discuss no details of his project, but we got a lot of things accomplished.”
  18. countdown
    D.J. Premier on the New Kanye Album: ‘No Electro’“He told me how he wanted this album to be really boom-bap, hard, hard beats.”
  19. countdown
    Usher Wants to Be Your Stocking StufferAlong with the rest of the music industry, he’s putting out a new album in time for Christmas.
  20. countdown
    Rihanna, Britney, and 50 Cent to Make It a Thanksgiving to RememberThey’re all putting out albums the week of November 23.
  21. countdown
    Revealed: Will the Battlestar Galactica Finale Disappoint?Do we have another ‘Sopranos’ — or, gasp, ‘L Word’ — on our hands? Plus: plot predictions.
  22. countdown
    Terminator: Salvation Might Redeem McG’s Sullied Reputation, After AllSurprisingly, ‘Terminator: Salvation’ looks like it might actually be good!
  23. countdown
    Michael Cera to Star in ‘Paper Hearts,’ the World’s Best MovieThe makers of the top-secret ‘Hearts’ are trying to keep the movie under wraps in hopes that it’ll take Sundance by surprise in January.
  24. countdown
    Can Wal-Mart Finally Kill the Music Business?Probably!
  25. countdown
    Jack Bauer Sets a DateAfter almost two years, ‘24’ will return to television with a two-part, four-hour premiere airing January 11 and 12.
  26. awesome
    We’re Getting Free Dr. Pepper!Dr. Pepper promised free soda if ‘Chinese Democracy’ came out before 2009. And they intend to follow through.
  27. countdown
    One of Our Interns Saw ‘The Road’ Last Night!And he liked it!
  28. countdown
    No Eminem in 2008’Relapse’ will be out early next year.
  29. countdown
    Jon Favreau Gets Chatty About ‘Iron Man’ SequelThe director reveals that Sam Rockwell may have had a shot at the role had Robert Downey Jr. not been available. Hm.
  30. countdown
    Fanboys, Federal Judge Adore Early ‘Watchmen’ FootageA 30-minute screening has critics doing the happy dance.
  31. countdown
    After Only Nineteen Years, Lucasfilm Project Gets Moving’Red Tails,’ Lucas’s WWII movie in development since 1989, finally has a screenwriter and a director.
  32. obviously
    Leaked MGM Memo: Everyone Loves the ‘Valkyrie’ Trailer!An internal memo trumpets that the Internet is positively smiten with the Tom Cruise flick. Apparently we’re using a different Internet?
  33. countdown
    Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious’ Farmhouse Revealed!A first look at the location of the film’s opening showdown.
  34. countdown
    Miracle of Miracles: ‘Chinese Democracy’ Is Coming Out This Year!No, really!
  35. kanye
    New Kanye Album Coming Sooner Than ExpectedIt’s now coming out on the Somethingth of November.
  36. countdown
    Ten Things You Need to Know About ‘The Wrestler’Come December, everybody’s going to be talking about this movie — but who wants to wait that long?
  37. countdown
    Will the New Season of ‘Heroes’ Beat Our Lowered Expectations?It has to be better than last season, right?
  38. countdown
    Fred Armisen Gets the Night OffBarack Obama is making his second ‘SNL’ appearance this weekend.
  39. countdown
    ‘Spider-Man the Musical’ Is Going to Be Great, Says Random BloggerCould Spider-Man win a Tony?
  40. countdown
    ‘90210’ Oral History Marred Only by Silence of Brian Austin Green, Luke PerryWhat were they doing that was so important they couldn’t talk to the New York ‘Times’?
  41. countdown
    Could ‘Fela!’ Actually Make It on Broadway?Oh, if only we lived in a world where that was possible!
  42. countdown
    So, How’s It Going at ‘Tale of Two Cities’ Previews?’Every time we see it, it’s so different!’
  43. countdown
    Epic ‘Crank 2’ Required More Footage Than ‘Titanic’Thankfully, it seems like no expense has been spared to make ‘Crank 2’ even more awefulsome than its predecessor.
  44. countdown
    Haley Joel Osment, on Leave From NYU, to Hit BroadwayIt’s official: ‘American Buffalo’ has the weirdest cast ever.
  45. countdown
    Gosh, We Hope We Love ‘Gavin & Stacey’ As Much As Our Friends Tell Us We WillSure, we’ve had dalliances with a lot of television comedies before, but you never know — could this be the one?
  46. countdown
    ‘Babylon A.D.’ Director Matthieu Kassovitz Talks Up His Movie: ‘Pure Violence and Stupidity’Directors whose shitty sci-fi movies are nickeled and dimed into shittier sci-fi movies are supposed to shut up and take it, Matthieu!
  47. countdown
    Is Russell Crowe Channeling J.T. Walsh in ‘Body of Lies’?How we know Crowe is playing a bad guy in the upcoming CIA thriller.
  48. countdown
    How Awesome Will Zhang Yimou’s Olympic Closing Ceremony Be?We’re definitely watching Sunday night. (Or on the Internet Sunday morning, when they actually happen.)
  49. countdown
    Will This Fall’s Movies Be As Depressing As Last Fall’s? Vulture InvestigatesWill we survive 2008? Or will this year’s crop of movies be even more dour than last year’s?
  50. countdown
    ‘Shrek’ the Musical Not As Bad As We Expected?’It’s decent!’ raves one source. Even though the actor playing Farquaad spends the entire show on his knees.
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