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    How to Sign Up for a COVID Vaccine in New YorkThe vaccination effort has temporarily slowed to a crawl in the midst of a nationwide shortage of doses caused by the outgoing Trump administration.
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    Scott Stringer on New York’s ‘Outrageous’ Vaccine Rollout“This is not how you roll out the most important vaccine in our lifetime.”
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    States Are Already Reporting Vaccine Delays and CutbacksAt least 12 states have described problems with distribution compared to what was promised by the federal government.
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    The Excellent Vaccine News Keeps on ComingPfizer announced that its candidate was 95 percent effective in now-completed late-stage trials.
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    Moderna Says Its Vaccine Is 94.5 Percent Effective in Early DataAs the U.S. struggles with record COVID-19 case numbers, the light at the end of the tunnel looks to be getting closer.