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  1. politics
    Unlike the Congressman, the ‘Devin Nunes’ Cow’ Account Just Won’t QuitDevin Nunes is headed to the Trumpy safe space that is Truth Social, but the parody Twitter accounts he’s suing for defamation are still at it.
  2. nature
    Oh, to Be a Cow Airlifted Through the Swiss AlpsThey are truly a sight to behold.
  3. bovine drama
    Just Let the Cows Have Their BeachThe famous cows in Corsica have been attacking tourists.
  4. last night on late night
    Ringo Starr Has a Galaxy-Brained Theory About Cows“The molecules are so big.”
  5. animal actors
    Meet the Year’s Newest Moo-vie Star: Eve the Cow From First CowGet to know the apple-munching, attention-loving, improvising bovine beauty at the heart of Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow.
  6. hormones
    Puberty Makes Teen Cows Moody, TooCows, they’re just like us.
  7. kissing
    Austria Begs People to Stop Kissing Cows“Actions like these could have serious consequences.”
  8. big animals
    Haters Suggest Knickers the Giant Cow Is Neither Giant Nor a CowA new report from the Washington Post explains that he’s a steer.
  9. vulture recommends
    The Summer’s Most Important Wind Down Is ‘Mooo!’ by Doja CatIt’s a joke song that does what few other gags have managed: It’s infectious.
  10. ranching
    The Cowgirl Who Can Rope Cattle and Build a Fence“I think about those prairie women that have none of the conveniences we have, what kept them going is beyond me.”
  11. High Steaks: 3 Cows Trapped on Tiny Pasture After EarthquakeA deadly earthquake struck New Zealand on Sunday.
  12. select all
    Nothing to See Here But a Kid Getting Trapped Between Two CowsMoooooove.
  13. Queens Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Retires to Life of Leisure in New JerseyA happy ending.
  14. Escaped Goat and Escaped Cow Both PardonedThey’re now named Merrick and Freddie.
  15. Milk Duds
    The Dairy Industry Is Reeling After a Freak Blizzard Killed 35,000 CowsFarmers say it could take up to a year to bounce back.
  16. Total Recall
    Thousands of Pounds of Rib-eye Recalled Over Mad Cow Disease RiskNo one has gotten sick, and there’s no reason to believe the animals were sick.
  17. animal cruelty
    Who’s Worse: The Upstate Man Having Sex With Cows or His Friend Filming It?The correct answer is both.
  18. In Which Al Franken Implies That Patrick Leahy Is Stoned“I know the chairman is a Deadhead.”
  19. Crime Scenes
    Reward Posted For Baby Cow Stolen From Hope’s CookiesLast time the little heifer went missing, it turned up at fraternity house.
  20. Lady Gaga
    Principal Dresses Up as Lady Gaga, Milks a CowWhat, is that weird?
  21. mad cow disease
    First U.S. Case of Mad Cow Disease in Six Years Reported in CaliforniaBut officials say there’s no threat of tainted meat entering the food chain.
  22. freedom
    Cow That Escaped New Jersey Slaughterhouse Adopted by New York Man “He’ll never end up on someone’s plate, that’s for sure.”
  23. freedom
    Rogue Cow Breaks Loose From New Jersey SlaughterhouseLoose on the streets of Jersey.
  24. Mediavore
    It’s ‘Battle Bovine’ in Upper Darby; Chili’s InstallsPlus: Campbell’s Soup confirms its first female president and CEO; and the G-20 summit focuses on stabilizing food costs, all in our morning news roundup.
  25. Comedy for Cows, or Did You Hear The One About The Interrupting You?There’s no worse feeling than looking out at a silent audience, their mouths slack, their eyes staring, their pendulous udders swinging in the […]
  26. Freebies
    Calling All CowsDress like a cow and get free chow at Chick-fil-A.
  27. neighborhood news
    Someone, Possibly a Terrorist, Has Stolen a Brooklyn School’s Fiberglass CowWHYYYYYY!!!!!!
  28. Mediavore
    David Myers’ Friends Turned Off by Comme Ca Ruckus; Get a Call from Steve YoungA leading chef sound proofs his restaurant for pals and California plans to lead the way in bovine emission research.
  29. Mediavore
    Jay Leno Offered a Jaws Jumbo Burger Franchise; Cops Pistol Whip Citizen atWill the talk show host go into the fast food business if his show flops?
  30. New Jersey Is a Horrible Place for CowsTwo recent incidents leave no doubt.
  31. surprised by cows
    Sorry, Guys, But Here’s a Video of a CNN Reporter Helping Birth a CalfThe procedure, apparently, involves chains.
  32. romeo and mooliet
    More Proof That You Have to Leave New York City to Find a BoyfriendMolly the cow moves out to the country, is already in a relationship.
  33. icons
    La Vache Qui Rit! Escaped Cow Gets the Last LaughMolly, as the cow is now known, is headed to a better place.
  34. Beef
    Cow on the Lam in QueensIntended for the slaughterhouse, the bovine has other plans.
  35. revolution
    Run, Bessie, Run!A cow escaped from the slaughterhouse in Queens, and has made her way to sweet freedom!
  36. neighborhood news
    Amazing Old Photo of New York Sells for $62,500See, some people are still spending money.
  37. Mediavore
    No One Wants Hormone-Laden Milk; Arby’s Set to Expand in New YorkHow to deal with moldy cheese, a new crop of organic frozen meals for kids, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  38. party lines
    Martha Stewart’s White-Faced Heifers Will Not Be Named After White-Faced CelebritiesIn a close race, Ben and Jen lost out in a poll to see what Stewart’s new cows should be named.
  39. cultural capital
    Martha Stewart Wants You to Name Her CowsThis is the most important vote you will cast this year.