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  1. coronavirus
    When the Coronavirus Came to a Right-wing Pep RallyCOVID-19 made its first appearance on the American political landscape at CPAC. There has been a lot of fallout.
  2. coronavirus
    Self-Quarantining Republican Shook Trump’s Hand After Coronavirus ExposureAfter posing with a CPAC attendee, Doug Collins shook the president’s hand — while Matt Gaetz, also under self-quarantine, rode on Air Force One.
  3. coronavirus
    Ted Cruz to Self-Quarantine After Coronavirus Exposure at CPACThe Texas Republican will spend four days in his home after shaking the hand of a CPAC attendee 10 days ago, who later tested positive for COVID-19,
  4. coronavirus
    Trump Vows More Rallies Despite CPAC Coronavirus CaseA CPAC attendee tested positive for COVID-19, but Trump is not concerned about the risks and vowed to hold “tremendous” campaign rallies.
  5. cpac
    Politics Trumped the Coronavirus at CPACSpeakers and attendees at the annual conservative event seemed unconcerned about the looming pandemic, just like their leader.
  6. flag concerning
    Watch Trump Fondle an American Flag at CPACLast year, the president awkwardly hugged the flag onstage. This year, he took far more liberty.
  7. donald trump
    Trump: I Am the WallThe wall has become more than a southern border barrier. It’s a metaphor for Trump’s promise to protect his base from economic and cultural change.
  8. politics
    Self-Care Is a Self-Celebration for Trump at CPACAfter a brutal week at home and abroad, the president made a supersized spectacle of himself at the annual conservative conference.
  9. politics
    CPAC Speaker Needed Security Escort After Flagging Trump’s Sexual MisconductMona Charen chided conservatives for ignoring the president’s treatment of women, and later urged others to help fight off Trumpism.
  10. CPAC Communications Director: RNC Wrong to Elect ‘a Black Guy’ as HeadHis remark was met with gasps.
  11. A Selection of Things Booed at CPACIncluding John McCain and naturalization ceremonies for new U.S. citizens.
  12. select all
    Courageous Ajit Pai Awarded Gun for Killing Net NeutralityThe NRA presented Pai with the award at CPAC.
  13. CPAC Audience Lets Trump Know It Cares More About Guns Than Tax CutsIn a strange but revealing direct poll of his adoring audience, Trump finds confirmation that the culture war matters most.
  14. the national interest
    Trump Predicts ‘Crooked’ Media Will Endorse His ReelectionIt actually makes sense, if you think about it.
  15. hairy situations
    Trump Admits He ‘Tries Like Hell’ to Hide His Bald SpotThe president bravely spoke his truth to the audience at CPAC today.
  16. Donald Trump Is the Most Pure Conservative President EverTrump exists not because conservatism lost, but because it won.
  17. Nearly 500 Days After the Election, CPAC Erupts in ‘Lock Her Up’ ChantAt CPAC, Hillary Clinton is still on everyone’s mind.
  18. the pences
    Karen Pence Says Mike Pence Loves Pizza, Riding Horses, and Drawing CartoonsShe also shared that it’s her job to keep him humble, which we already figured.
  19. CPAC Is Going to Be a Trump-FestWhatever past conservative issues with Donald Trump, this year’s CPAC is a testament to his conquest of the movement.
  20. George W. Bush Not Thrilled by Behavior of Monster He Helped CreateThe former president speaks out against Trump’s attempts to curtail press freedom and Muslim immigration.
  21. Scenes From the Breitbart CPAC LuauAs conservatism faces an existential crisis, a tour through CPAC’s afterparties proves educational.
  22. Trump Offers Conservatives the World — in Exchange for Their PrinciplesIs the mainstream right ready to replace its traditional values with pure nationalism?
  23. the national interest
    Trump Can’t Stop Undermining His Claim to Represent the Workers Party“We will not answer to donors, lobbyists, or special interests … now here’s another story about me answering to special interests.”
  24. Bannon: The Worse Trump’s Media Coverage Is, the Better He’s DoingThe chief White House strategist tells CPAC — over and over — that they can’t believe any bad news about the Trump administration.
  25. Ted Cruz Tastelessly Predicts Summer SCOTUS OpeningSuggesting that to a CPAC audience is playing with some powerful emotions.
  26. Richard Spencer Gets Booted From CPAC in Apparent Conservative Housecleaning“Are you gonna escort me out?” Spencer asked.
  27. Is Trump Taking Over Conservatism, or Is Conservatism Absorbing Trump?The evidence ahead of a key right-wing conference suggests that it’s the right that’s moving.
  28. CPAC Yanks Milo Yiannopoulos Invitation After ‘Offensive Video’The right-wing provocateur came under fire for a video in which he defends relationships between “younger boys and older men.”
  29. early and often
    CPAC Blasted for Milo Yiannopoulos Invite After Pedophilia Remarks ResurfaceMany opposed giving the right-wing provocateur a speaking slot even before seeing his defense of relationships between “younger boys and older men.”
  30. politics
    Rand Paul Won the CPAC Straw Poll for the Third Year in a Row But that doesn’t mean much.
  31. the internet
    CPAC Is for Lovers, or At Least ‘Discreet’ Casual EncountersHighlights from this year’s batch.
  32. white men with guns
    Old White Guys Pose With Big Gun: Welcome to CPAC 2014Senators Mitch McConnell and Tom Coburn kick things off right.
  33. jesus christie
    Subpoenaed Christie Staffer ResignsThis is just a “natural time” to step down.
  34. Frank Rich: Surprise! Mitt As Robotic As ThoughtNote to GOP: Bartender photo-ops win elections.
  35. political fashion
    Ugg Boots Discouraged at CPACWould you wear it to Walmart?
  36. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Says He’s So Busy That He Didn’t Even Notice CPAC’s Snub“It’s not like I’m lacking for invitations to speak,” he says.
  37. Frank Rich: Republicans Get Ahead of HistoryLook who’s getting behind gay marriage and Obamacare.
  38. jesus christie
    RINO Chris Christie Basically Just a Communist NowAt least according to CPAC.
  39. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Isn’t Invited to CPAC This YearThey needed to make room for visionaries like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.
  40. Santorum’s Just a Teensy Bit Bitter About Losing the CPAC VoteSuggests Romney “rigged” the straw poll.
  41. live from cpac
    CPAC Fans Sing Sad Birthday Song to Sarah PalinThey wanted to see her after her big CPAC speech. But she had already left. 
  42. cpac
    Michele Bachmann Jokes About What She Learned While Running for PresidentShe learned three things. Well, technically two.
  43. live from cpac
    Susan Eisenhower, Ike’s Granddaughter, May Not Endorse Obama Again“I’ve got a completely open mind.”
  44. live from cpac
    Hello, From CPAC!It’s the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the country. 
  45. republican woodstock
    CPAC Banning Gays for Real This Time AroundSo much for a broad conservative coalition.
  46. how do you solve a problem like santorum
    Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum Are in a FightIs that allowed?
  47. ink-stained wretches
    The Tea Party Will Have a MagazineThe era of the typo-ridden, hand-drawn sign is apparently over.
  48. the donald
    Donald Trump: I’ll Decide on Running in June, ‘and by the Way, Ron Paul Cannot Get Elected, I’m Sorry’ZING!
  49. trump nation
    Donald Trump to Continue to Jerk Us Around With His Presidential Ambitions at CPAC This AfternoonHe’s speaking at the conference.
  50. republican woodstock
    What You Need to Know About CPACThe gay controversy, the Palin controversy, the presidential horse race, and more.
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