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  1. gifts they’ll want in a pandemic
    Making Friendship Bracelets Kept Me Occupied (and Productive) During LockdownIt’s a surprisingly fun, screen-free hobby.
  2. trust me i should know
    I’ve Taught Many a Friend to Knit Using These (Very Giftable) KitsYou can buy them to make gifts for someone else, or as gifts for a knitter in your life.
  3. how stuff works
    Drew Barrymore Does Not Understand How Birdhouses Work“I need to know because every time I stare at it, it gives me anxiety. Like, do they have to force themselves through there?”
  4. recommended by experts
    The Best Yarns for Every Kind of Craft, According to ExpertsFrom fine worsted yarns to fluffy roving yarns and chunky knits.
  5. recommended by experts
    The Best Craft Kits for Beginners, According to ExpertsFrom cross-stitch to fermentation.
  6. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Get Into Macramé, According to Artists“If you can tie it into a knot, you can tie it into your macramé piece.”
  7. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Get Into Weaving, According to ArtistsIncluding fluffy fibers and easy-to-use looms.
  8. excellent ideas
    This Craft Project Can Help You Escape Pesky ZoomsSick of video chatting? I know someone who isn’t.
  9. trust me i should know
    How to Make an Animal Vase at Home, According to Ceramicist Katie KimmelThe artist known for her kooky-looking creations walks us through her process and the supplies you need to make two vases by hand, without a wheel.
  10. trust me i should know
    I Turned My Tie-Dye Hobby Into a Side Hustle. Here’s What I Use to Dye at Home.From the rubber bands, to the squeeze bottles, to the dyes, to the best blank sweatshirts, socks, and baby onesies to tie-dye.
  11. trust me i should know
    How to Make a Toadstool Candle, According to Artist Janie KornA beeswax toadstool or finger worthy of your desk or mantel.
  12. trust me i should know
    How to Press Flowers, According to a Flower Artist“One of the best things about flower pressing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money.”
  13. trust me i should know
    Parker Posey’s Guide to Getting Into NeedlepointThe longtime needlepointer on everything a beginner needs to know, including the eyeglass-case kits that quickly made Cameron Diaz capable.
  14. trust me i should know
    The Watercolors, Paper, and Brush Self-Taught Artist Ashley Longshore Swears ByNot all are equal, and I often think of it like sushi: You can get it at the gas station, or you can get it at Nobu, and you will notice a difference.
  15. quarantine
    I Miss New York Restaurants. So I Turned Them Into Craft Projects.I make restaurants myself, tiny ones, out of paper, at home.
  16. trust me i should know
    Everything You Need to Do Origami, According to an Origami Artist“Your first time will probably be less than perfect. That’s normal — even for experts.”
  17. science of us
    If Only Using the Computer Counted As HandworkMaking things by hand is peaceful and mind-opening. Why doesn’t typing count?
  18. power
    Knitting Site Bans the Support of Donald TrumpRavelry binds off on the president.
  19. phantom thread
    How Phantom Thread Made Toast IrritatingAnd captured the sound of fabric.
  20. bong watch
    Miley’s Crafts: Just in Service of a 5-Foot-Tall BongIt’s “almost” complete. 
  21. oh she’s just being miley
    Miley Cyrus Found Her Calling, and It’s Gluing StuffA turnt-up soul turns to glitter glue.
  22. crafts
    Taylor Swift Made an Elaborate Drake NeedlepointFor Ed Sheeran.
  23. style tribes
    Style Tribe: Cat Lady Craft NightMeow mix, nail art, and one cat man.
  24. paperwork
    Cute Mom-Daughter Pair Make Cute Paper Dresses A paper Lupita dress.
  25. plastic dresses
    Allison Williams Discusses That Sweaty Plastic Dress From GirlsShe also does a craft project.
  26. clear eyes full hearts hang in your bathroom
    CineStitch: The Best of Etsy’s Film and TV Embroidery Put these on the wall and be inspired by film and TV, every day.
  27. there’s always money in a…
    A Tour of Great Arrested Development Etsy CraftsSo many Tobias tchotchkes.
  28. parks and recreation
    See Two Parks and Recreation–Themed QuiltsFinally, we can wrap ourselves in Ron Swanson!
  29. emmy rossum
    Check Out Emmy Rossum’s Homemade HairpinEat your heart out, Katniss.
  30. crafts
    Watch a Sweet, DIY Birthday Wish Made With a FlipbookHappy 20th birthday, Emma! Let’s celebrate with an adorable flipbook video!
  31. clickables
    Make Your Own Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Out of Office SuppliesIt’s crafting for geeks.
  32. clickables
    Watch Amy Sedaris Perform Some Cattail Craft MagicPlus: can-lid wind chimes.
  33. macho men who do tender things
    Adorable Truckers Knit Sweaters in DowntimeAmazingly, this is not a new Tumblr blog.