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  1. missed connections
    5 New Yorkers on Their Experiences With Craigslist’s Missed ConnectionsRIP, the site’s best section.
  2. missed connections
    Craigslist’s Legendary Personals Section Shuts DownA bill focused on sex-trafficking online left the site little choice.
  3. select all
    Craigslist’s Legendary Personals Section Shuts DownA bill focused on sex-trafficking online left the site little choice.
  4. awful things
    This Is the Worst Roommate Story You’ll Ever ReadOne scheming, sinister man. A dozen unsuspecting victims. The ultimate Craigslist nightmare.
  5. select all
    Buy HQ Scott’s Old Mattress on Craigslist for $600“The pillow top is dope.”
  6. sex
    People Are Really Desperate to Have Eclipse Sex“I don’t want to go blind. So let’s spend the few hours getting our freak on.”
  7. select all
    A Blizzard Is Coming, So Naturally the Craigslist Dick Pics Are Coming, TooNew Yorkers are preparing for Winter Storm Stella with Craigslist personal ads for blizzard buddies.
  8. my two cents
    Is My Old Stuff Worth Selling Online?A guide to making cash while getting rid of old crap.
  9. kind of creepy
    Totally Stand-up Craigslist Guy Seeks Foodie to ‘Cruise’ City’s Restaurant SceneSomehow, this guy is “between girlfriends these days.”
  10. Facebook Rolls Out Craigslist CompetitorThe new feature is called Marketplace and will be available everywhere in the U.S. this week.
  11. Did You Send This Man on Craigslist a Butt Picture for a Radiohead Ticket?Ah, Craigslist.
  12. breakups
    Woman Slams Corporate Lawyer Ex in a Craigslist Blender AdProof that not even a Vitamix can bring happiness.
  13. online harassment
    That Viral Feminist-Tutor Ad Was a Scary HoaxWell, that certainly took a turn.
  14. What You Can Learn From 10,000 Craigslist Missed ConnectionsThe lesson: It’s not gonna happen.
  15. Recalls
    There’s a Black Market for Recalled Blue Bell Ice CreamContraband pints are priced at thousands of dollars.
  16. Yelp Wanted
    This Craigslist Ad Is Looking for People Who Will Post Fake Yelp Reviews for“All you have to do is copy the comments and place a 5 star review.”
  17. chump change
    It’s Worth $900 to See Lena Dunham’s Book Tour?At least someone on Craigslist thinks so.
  18. very sad and scary things
    Absolutely Horrifying Craigslist Murder Leaves Pregnant Teen, Boyfriend DeadThe shocking case in Michigan has the grisliest details imaginable.
  19. an offer of employment
    Inspiring Craigslist Ad Will Improve All Bachelorette PartiesA Craigslist advertisement calls for a skillful, hot butler. 
  20. near-substitute professions
    Woman Realizes Her Life’s Passion Is Bridesmaiding, Takes Out Craigslist AdAn entrepreneur offers her bridesmaid services on Craigslist. 
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    Craigslist Naked-Photo Extortion Plot BustedA man was extorted via Craigslist.
  22. real estate
    Rent Now, Get a Free TV: The Strangest Apartment Perks Offered This WinterLandlords are giving away gym memberships, Kindles, and even gift cards.
  23. imagined missed connections
    Street Style As Imagined Missed Connections on CraigslistHelping the fashion world find love on Valentine’s Day. 
  24. Alison Brie and Jimmy Kimmel Shine Light on Some Craigslist Missed […] Not too afraid to venture into one of the darkest and most depressing sections of Craiglist, Jimmy Kimmel and Community’s Alison Brie pulled […]
  25. procrastination
    A Q&A With Craigslist’s Best RummagerOne woman’s procrastination aids your Craiglist hunting.
  26. two ships puking in the night
    The Best and Worst Craigslist Missed Connections From New Year’s EveGood luck tracking down your mystery midnight make out.
  27. true story
    I Got a Boyfriend on Craigslist Missed ConnectionsAnother reason to love New York: You can be socially incompetent and still find a date.
  28. real estate
    Who Stayed at This Craigslist ‘Celebrity Loft’?This is like “Washington slept here,” but more impressive. 
  29. the internet
    ‘Most Beautiful Missed Connection Ever’ or Not?Another emotional Craigslist post wins the Internet and is probably fake.
  30. craigslist of the day
    Government Shutdown Has D.C. Looking for Casual Sex on CraigslistIt begins.
  31. please stop thinking these thoughts
    Lena Dunham Fan Fiction SurfacesIt’s the stuff of poorly written sexual fantasy.
  32. where are they now
    Craigslist Wedding Bros Signed Book, Movie DealsThe brothers have made the most of their viral fame. 
  33. crimes and misdemeanors
    You Can’t Sell a Baby on Craigslist for $100, Especially If It’s Not YoursIt’s against the law.
  34. mothers
    Mom Tries to Get Her Son Laid With Craigslist AdJust helping him lose his virginity before college.
  35. funny things
    Sotheby’s Could Really Use an Administrative Assistant [Updated]A clumsy Craigslist ad makes this clear.
  36. crimes and misdemeanors
    Craigslist Subpoenaed Over Black Market GasAttorney general wants to know about price gougers.
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Reminder: Selling Drugs on Craigslist Is IllegalThe police have busted 21 online dealers since December.
  38. last night on late night
    How Craigslisters Can Get RPatz in Their HousePlus: Isla Fisher became the cautionary coke-head tale on the Bachelorette set, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  39. Got $10,000? Buy the Writers Room Table From The Onion’s New York Office[blackbirdpie id=”181864748978151424”] Now that the Onion is moving to Chicago, the staff has some priceless memorabilia to unload. Like their […]
  40. unhappy partnerships
    The Justice Department Is Investigating eBay Employees for Alleged Craigslist ThefteBay says the claims are “without merit.”
  41. early and awkward
    Ex-Congressman Chris Lee Sent Those Topless Craigslist Photos During a Republican RetreatThis is why you shouldn’t business sext during a conference lecture.
  42. clickables
    Help This Asheville Resident Get Some Lost ClosureHe’s offering free breakfast, too.
  43. early and awkward
    Woman Who Flirted Online With Chris Lee Is RevealedThat was fast.
  44. early and awkward
    Woman Who Caught Rep. Chris Lee Trolling Craigslist Says He Was ‘Dumb’ to Get Caught“People cheat everyday, but only dumb people get caught.”
  45. paladinosaur
    Carl Paladino Being Eyed by Upstate Republicans to Replace Quitting Rep. Chris LeeBrilliant.
  46. early and awkward
    Chris Lee Warned Teens Against People Like Chris LeeCue the Alanis Morissette song.
  47. early and awkward
    New York Representative Chris Lee Resigns After Trolling for Booty on Craigslist [Updated]Chris Lee claimed he was hacked. Then resigned.
  48. clickables
    Read, Consider Answering This Craigslist Ad for a Community Study GroupDonald Glover might join.
  49. stupid crime of the day
    Man Has Car Stolen, Regains It, All in One Week on CraigslistJewish Justice!
  50. whore presents!
    For Prostitutes, Nothing Is Quite the Same As Craigslist WasWhere to advertise now?
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