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Crazy Heart

  1. vulture lists
    Every Colin Farrell Movie, RankedFrom The Lobster to The Batman.
  2. vulture lists
    Six-Packs and Steel Guitars: Film’s Drunkest Country Singers
  3. music
    Jeff Bridges Will Record a New AlbumHe’ll reunite with the team behind ‘Crazy Heart’ for his debut album.
  4. the industry
    What’s an Oscar Worth? It Depends on Your ContractChristoph Waltz got nothing from the Weinsteins, but his next studio paid up for his Best Supporting Actor win.
  5. Jeff Bridges’s Acceptance Speech: Just the Wacky PartsSee the video!
  6. party lines
    Gyllenhaal at the Character Approved Celebration“Peter, my husband, was like, ‘Uh, are they going to ask you to go stand on Broadway and Houston with flyers?”
  7. kudos
    Carey Mulligan, Jeff Bridges to Do Their Best Acting on More Screens’Crazy Heart’ and ‘An Education’ will expand to lots more theaters this weekend.
  8. kudos
    Bridges’s and Bullock’s Oscar Odds Now Even BetterWhat does Maggie Gyllenhaal’s surprise nod for Best Supporting Actress mean for George Clooney?
  9. kudos
    Oscar Snubs and SurprisesWho sneaked in at whose expense?
  10. kudos
    Which SAG Winner Will Lose on Oscar Night?Bullock.
  11. vulture lists
    6 Most Realistic Music-Journo Movies of All TimeIs it near ‘Almost Famous’? ‘The Idolmaker’? ‘The Doors’?
  12. kudos
    Mo’Nique, Memoriams, and More Nominations: Ten Reasons to Love This Oscar SeasonJames Cameron! Harvey Weinstein! Advanced math!
  13. chat room
    Singer-Songwriter Ryan Bingham on Crazy Heart“Scott and T-Bone came out and saw us play and were like, ‘Man, it’d be great to have you guys be the band in the bowling alley.’”
  14. ryan bingham
    Oscar Season’s Hottest Name: Ryan BinghamEverybody’s named Ryan Bingham this year!
  15. trailer mix
    Crazy Heart Looks Like The Wrestler Meets AnvilJeff Bridges plays an old country singer who used to be famous but is now broke. Sound familiar?
  16. put a ring on it
    Gisele Had No Idea Guns Were Fired at Her WeddingShe couldn’t hear anything from wherever she was at the time.
  17. the industry
    The Many Faces of Will FerrellPlus: ‘West Side Story’ returns to Broadway, in English and Spanish.