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Crazy People

  1. apropos of nothing
    What the Terrorists Don’t Understand About Zac EfronThe Al Qaeda–affiliated Britons who issued death threats to Diddy and other dangerous subversives in the video that we highlighted earlier today really got us peeved.
  2. tube junkie
    ‘Crossfire’ With Ted NugentProgressive musician Ted Nugent took time out of a recent concert to talk politics with an equally forward-thinking audience.
  3. beef
    Religious Zealots vs. Pop CultureIt’s the end of August, and most of our pop stars are either on vacation, in prison, or planning their next DUIs — but for the zany Islamic fundamentalists trying to stamp out the influence of Western culture, it’s just another day at the office!
  4. countdown to meltdown
    50 Cent Already Practicing His Concession SpeechIn a video interview today with OnSmash.com, 50 Cent states unequivocally, “Of course I’ll outsell [Kanye West].” Then he preemptively makes excuses for why he might not.
  5. beef
    When Rap Magazine Editors Go WildBeefing rappers Kanye West and 50 Cent will share an upcoming cover of Rolling Stone — everybody wins! Well, almost everybody.
  6. countdown to meltdown
    50 Cent’s Office Rampage: Faker Than the Moon LandingA few minutes ago, blogger Miss Info posted this picture which purportedly shows the aftermath of 50 Cent’s alleged “rampage” in the offices of his record label.
  7. countdown to meltdown
    50 Cent to Keep Making Albums No Matter How Many Kanye Records You Buy50 Cent sat down with MTV News yesterday to confirm that he is, in fact, a lunatic, and also to go back on his promise to quit recording solo albums if his forthcoming record is outsold by Kanye West’s on September 11.
  8. the industry
    Michael Cera Gets RevoltingKanye, Lupe, and O.J.
  9. beef
    Elton John vs. the InternetBy now you’ve surely heard about Elton John’s imminent plans to shut down the Internet.