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Creepy Clowns

  1. that's ellen
    Ellen Scares Sarah Paulson Once Again, Because That Is Ellen’s NatureThe Ellen DeGeneres Show is a hard booking for performers who, for whatever reason, hate being terrified.
  2. Have We, As a Society, Reached Peak Scary Clown?Imagine a future where the scary clown loses its shock value. It’s easy if you try.
  3. The Complete History of Scary Clowns▶️ There’s a historical reason that clowns in pop culture strike fear in the hearts of audience members.
  4. not a joke
    The World Clown Association Blames It for Giving Clowns a Bad RapThanks for nothing, Pennywise.
  5. People Fear Clowns for the Same Reason They Fear UncertaintyWhy clowns’ creepiness isn’t confined to horror movies.
  6. enough already
    Target Pulls Clown Masks As Creepy Clown Incidents Get ScarierViolent attacks were reported this weekend.
  7. vulture lists
    11 Killer Clown Movies to Watch This Month — If You DarePut on your red nose and turn off the lights.
  8. creepy clowns
    McDonald’s Benches Ronald McDonald Until the Creepy Clown Trend PassesAs if you didn’t hate these creepy clowns already. Which you did.
  9. The Scientific Reason You’re Petrified of ClownsPaging Dr. Freud.
  10. Creepy Clowns Are Still Terrifying People Across the SouthA Kentucky man in a clown costume was arrested for lurking near an apartment complex at 1 a.m.
  11. scary things
    False Creepy Clown Report Leads to Arrests, But Sightings Remain UnsolvedThere have been reports of clowns trying to lure children in six states.