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Crime And Punishment

  1. crime and punishment
    Hedge-Fund Founder Fatally Shot in NYC ApartmentSources told the Daily News the prime suspect is Thomas Gilbert Sr.’s son.
  2. crime and punishment
    The Tiny Police Department in Southern Oregon That Plans to End Campus RapeAnd it’s now telling Washington what’s up. 
  3. crime and punishment
    You’ll Never Guess What This Woman Was Arrested ForIt’s a mystery.
  4. crime and punishment
    Ex-NFL Cheerleader Indicted for Allegedly Raping Teen She Met on InstagramMolly Shattuck was indicted on two counts of third-degree rape, four counts of unlawful sexual contact, and three counts of providing alcohol to minor.
  5. crime and punishment
    Rikers Island Will Stop Putting Teens in Solitary ConfinementIt’s part of the “first round of changes” at the embattled facility.
  6. crime and punishment
    Woman Beheaded by Co-worker at Oklahoma Food PlantThe attacker is a disgruntled former employee.
  7. crime and punishment
    Teen’s Violent Rape Shared on SnapchatOne suspect is still missing.
  8. crime and punishment
    Man Confesses to Murder From 1997 After Getting a Bunch of Texts From WalmartSomebody was feeling a little guilty …
  9. crime and punishment
    Rapist Tried to Convince Victim to Kill HerselfYour newest candidate for worst person ever.
  10. crime and punishment
    Woman Sexually Assaulted Twice in One Hour in Clinton HillAccording to the NYPD
  11. crime and punishment
    NY Man Hides Drugs in Anti-Drug Stuffed AnimalThat D.A.R.E. shirt was…lion. ;)
  12. crime and punishment
    Guess What This Woman Was Arrested for StealingJust guess.
  13. Man Sues Grindr for Hooking Him Up With TeenNext up: suing OKCupid for hooking you up with ugly people.
  14. crime and punishment
    NYPD Officers Frequently Get Away With Misconduct Without Being Punished“In 2012 overall, the NYPD followed the CCRB’s recommendation in only 25 out 258 cases (9.7%).”
  15. crime and punishment
    Teen Arrested for Waving Around a Rubber PenisWe … didn’t know this was illegal.
  16. crime and punishment
    Queens Cocaine Smuggler Fires on U.S. MarshalsHe was wanted for cocaine smuggling and assault.
  17. crime and punishment
    New York City Jails’ Investigation Chief ResignsLess than a month after a federal report called her administration “ineffectual.”
  18. crime and punishment
    No Charges for Guards in 3 Fatal Rikers Island BeatingsThough they were ruled homicides.
  19. crime and punishment
    Michael Brown, Eric Garner Deaths to Grand JuryCharges could come, eventually, in Ferguson and Staten Island.
  20. crime and punishment
    More and More Turnstile Jumpers Getting JailedArrests for fare evasion have increased by 69 percent since 2008.
  21. crime and punishment
    Here’s Video Footage of the Harlem Double-Homicide GunmanThe suspect killed two men early Sunday morning before fleeing in a white Nissan Altima.
  22. crime and punishment
    Stranger Sucker Punches 6-Months-Pregnant Woman in Bed StuyPolice think she’s the latest victim of the Knockout Game.
  23. crime and punishment
    Justin Bieber Will Take Anger-Management Classes As Part of Plea DealCase closed.
  24. crime and punishment
    Rikers Inmates Sprayed With Chemical for Breaking New CurfewBedtime is now 9 p.m.
  25. crime and punishment
    Rikers Island Guards Accused of Horrific Inmate Beatings Won’t Be ProsecutedThough the case was highlighted by the New York Times and a U.S. attorney’s report.
  26. crime and punishment
    8 Appalling Stories of Inmate Abuse From Rikers Island’s Teen JailsA new report from the Manhattan U.S. attorney details the violence of corrections officers.
  27. ze french
    Fashion Robberies on Paris’s Swankiest Streets Spawn RidiculeA curious form of class warfare.
  28. crime and punishment
    How Oscar Pistorius Might Avoid Prison South Africa’s legal system is quite different from America’s.
  29. crime and punishment
    Bieber’s Eyebrow Connoisseur Has a Rap SheetUh-oh.
  30. hangovers
    Ralph Lauren’s Niece Sat Trial in an Irish PubFor reckless endangerment and public drunkenness charges.
  31. d.i.y.
    The Criminal Use for Nail Polish RemoverTeen girls used it to clean dye-pack-stained stolen cash.
  32. crime and punishment
    Florida May Make Revenge Porn a FelonyUpskirt pics still cool. 
  33. things that are awful
    Alleged Subway Pusher Has Been Unhinged For a Long TimeA former FDNY chief says she scratched him.
  34. crime and punishment
    Cop Acquitted of East Village Rape Is Now in PrisonThe judge says his appeal showed some “chutzpah.”
  35. Why Would You Even Want to Escape From Brooklyn’s Worst-Run Halfway House?Inmates play cards, watch movies, and drink.
  36. crime and punishment
    19-Year-Old Fatally Stabbed During After-School Fight in Hell’s KitchenA fight between two girls led to a brawl outside the school.
  37. crime and punishment
    Here Is David Berkowitz’s Unnecessary Contribution to the Gun-Control Debate The serial killer wants young people to know that violence is “not worth it.”
  38. terrible things
    Harlem Suitcase Murderer Gets Twenty-Year SentenceHe apologized to the woman’s family in court.
  39. crime and punishment
    Casey Anthony ‘Ashamed’ of Behavior During InvestigationShe tells Piers Morgan, “I didn’t kill my daughter.”
  40. terroble
    Soldier Who Plotted Fort Hood Bombing Found Guilty on Multiple ChargesHe faces up to life in prison.
  41. crime and punishment
    Subway Suspect Ryan Beauchamp Avoids Murder ChargeHe’s been charged with attempted assault and harassment.
  42. crime and punishment
    Cops Arrest Ryan Beauchamp As Suspect in L-Train DeathBeauchamp was arrested on Bushwick Avenue at around 2 p.m. today.
  43. crime and punishment
    NYPD Cop Found Guilty of Sexual Assault, Jury Still Deciding on Rape ChargesThe judge will not accept a partial verdict.
  44. crime and punishment
    NYPD Rape Trial Jury Hits an ImpasseSays they can’t come to a unanimous decision on the charges against Michael Pena.
  45. crime and punishment
    Police Release Sketch of Suspect in L Train DeathWanted posters are now a ubiquitous feature of stations along the route. 
  46. crime and punishment
    Middle-Aged Woman Lights Fifteen Trash Cans on Fire A woman in her fifties lit at least fifteen trash cans on fire in midtown Manhattan today.
  47. crime and punishment
    MTA Employee Allegedly Punched 6 Train PassengerAnd that’s why you always have exact change.
  48. crime and punishment
    ‘Stalker’ Boyfriend Suspected of Killing Brooklyn WomanThe stalker had violated orders of protection repeatedly.
  49. crime and punishment
    Accused Cop Killer Confessed to Shooting Veteran OfficerPride says the gun fired by accident.
  50. crime and punishment
    Judge Goes Easy on Crying Cop Who Planted DrugsThe officer avoided jail time and got probation instead.
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