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Crime Wave

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    Crime Down Again in 2017. Will Trump Deny It, Ignore It, or Take Credit?The “massive crime wave” Trump talked about in 2016 was never real, and a quarter-century-long downward trend in crime has resumed.
  2. Can Jared Kushner Save Criminal-Justice Reform From Jeff Sessions?Bipartisan criminal-justice reform failed last year, in part because of the Trump campaign and Jeff Sessions. But now Jared Kushner is onboard.
  3. Are the New York Slashings Copycat Crimes? Maybe.The string of slashings plaguing New York might not be as random as it seems.
  4. Meet the ‘Biggie,’ the Parka With a Body Count “They were like sneakers or bags, people really liked them and wanted to have as many as possible.”
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    Even Criminal’s Own Mom Is a Fan of Salon-Defending Folk-Hero CopThe making of a folk hero.