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  1. the law
    PnB Rock’s Final Moments Detailed in New Court DocumentsA mysterious “man in red” was present.
  2. crime
    Inside the Ransomware Gangs That Extort HospitalsThey shut down patient care and put lives at risk. Would the pandemic finally slow them down?
  3. gender reveals
    Another Gender Reveal Ends in Environmental DisasterA couple in Brazil may have contaminated one town’s water source by dyeing a 60-foot waterfall blue.
  4. crime
    A Train Hit a Police Car With a Woman Handcuffed InsideShe survived, though her attorney wonders why Colorado officers left their SUV parked directly on the tracks.
  5. crime
    Ryan Grantham Has Been Sentenced to Life in PrisonThe Riverdale actor killed his mother in March 2020.
  6. the law
    Everything We Know About the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez ShootingKelsey Harris, who witnessed the alleged shooting, is set to testify in the delayed trial.
  7. lawsuits
    Tiffany Haddish ‘Deeply Regrets’ Making Explicit Sketches With KidsHaddish says she “lost everything” following the lawsuit alleging she and Aries Spears made minors participate in sexually explicit videos.
  8. the law
    Adnan Syed’s Accidental JusticeHis exoneration shows that our legal system is designed to cement wrongful convictions, not correct them.
  9. crime
    Sherri Papini Gets 18 Months in Prison Over Kidnapping HoaxThe California mom pleaded guilty on counts related to faking her 2016 abduction.
  10. not great tom
    Don Draper on Erika Jayne’s $750,000 Earrings: ‘Give ’Em Back’“Honey, they were never yours!”
  11. true crime
    Adnan Syed of Serial Released after 23 Years, Murder Conviction TossedSerial will release a new podcast episode based on the developments.
  12. timelines
    The Complete History of Ezra Miller’s Controversial CareerFrom kidnapping allegations to felony charges to a new film premiering at TIFF.
  13. trial run
    The Tory Lanez Trial Has Been Delayed Yet AgainThe trial has been pushed back to December.
  14. crime
    R. Kelly Found Guilty of Sex Crimes With MinorsJurors in Chicago convicted the singer on 6 of 13 federal charges and acquitted him of obstruction of justice.
  15. human trafficking
    Trafficked Teen Ordered to Pay $150,000 to Accused Rapist’s FamilyPieper Lewis was 15 when she stabbed to death a man she says repeatedly raped her.
  16. crime
    PnB Rock Has Died After Being Shot, RobbedAt a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles.
  17. crime
    Three Children Were Found Dead at Coney IslandPolice say their mother is suspected of drowning them.
  18. the j-law
    Jennifer Lawrence on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Erika Jayne: ‘Evil’“Don’t drag me into this,” her Causeway co-star Brian Tyree Henry responds.
  19. crime
    A Las Vegas Journalist Was Allegedly Murdered by the Man He ExposedRobert Telles was portrayed as a vengeful boss in a series of articles by Jeff German, and authorities say Telles stabbed him to death.
  20. crime
    The Sarah Lawrence Cult Case Gets One More ConvictionOnce considered a victim, Larry Ray’s “lieutenant” pleads guilty.
  21. the intelligencer profile
    Dorothy Roberts Tried to Warn UsThe legal scholar has been writing about the criminalization of pregnancy for 25 years. Now she’s calling to abolish the child welfare system.
  22. ready to stop
    Arcade Fire’s Opener, Feist, Leaves Tour Following Win Butler Allegations“We are very sorry to see Leslie go home but completely understand and respect her decision,” Arcade Fire said.
  23. on set
    Police Debunk Threats to Natalie Portman–Led Lady in the Lake SetBaltimore PD now claims initial reports of extortion were false.
  24. rap music on trial
    Everything We Know About YSL’s RICO CaseFulton County district attorney Fani Willis defends using rap lyrics as evidence in a recent press conference.
  25. ghislaine maxwell
    Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Owes Her Lawyers $900KHer legal defense is suing the disgraced socialite for unpaid fees.
  26. uvalde
    What We Know About the Police Response to the Uvalde ShootingThree months after the shooting, the school police chief has been fired.
  27. breakups
    Michelle Branch Files to Divorce the Black Keys’ Patrick CarneyShe took the step a day after announcing their split online.
  28. rightful convictions
    New York State Court Will Hear Harvey Weinstein’s AppealWeinstein claimed his defense was in a “stranglehold.”
  29. crime
    Singer Denies She Enabled R. Kelly’s Alleged Abuse of Her NieceSparkle said claims that she “had my niece sit on Robert’s lap and rub his head” were lies.
  30. crime
    Gary Busey Faces Charges From New Jersey Fan ConventionThe actor was charged with criminal sexual contact.
  31. lawsuits
    Vanessa Bryant Gets Emotional During Her Testimony in Invasion-of-Privacy TrialShe said she lives “in fear” of seeing the crash photos.
  32. power
    ‘Best Boss in America’ Accused of Sexual AssaultMore than a dozen women accused social-media-famous CEO Dan Price of sexual misconduct in a New York Times report.
  33. crime
    The East Hampton Star Police Blotter Is the Best Publication on EarthSuspicious hamburgers, mixed-up Jeeps, and a novelist with 911 on speed dial.
  34. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    The Kids Are Stealing Cars on TikTok NowMeet the “Kia Boyz.”
  35. r. kelly
    R. Kelly Chicago-Trial Opening Statements Began With Harrowing Abuse AllegationsProsecution warned the jury that the videos in evidence will be “difficult to watch.”
  36. profile
    The Tragedy of Jayquan McKenleyHe wanted to be a drill star. He became a symbol in a culture war instead.
  37. celebrity
    A$AP Rocky Has Been Charged With AssaultThe musician faces two counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm stemming from a November 2021 incident with a former friend.
  38. dce-who?
    Ezra Miller Is Being Treated for ‘Complex Mental Health Issues’“I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior,” The Flash star said in a new statement.
  39. what we know
    Salman Rushdie Is on the ‘Road to Recovery’ Following Gruesome AttackThe acclaimed author was grievously wounded and remains hospitalized but was taken off a ventilator and again able to speak on Saturday.
  40. tributes
    Padma Lakshmi ‘Relieved’ Ex-Husband Salman Rushdie Is Recovering After AttackStephen King, Neil Gaiman, and more react to the attack on Rushdie.
  41. trial run
    All Your Questions About R. Kelly’s Chicago Federal Trial, AnsweredThe convicted sex abuser continues to face justice after being sentenced to 30 years in his Brooklyn federal trial.
  42. r. kelly
    R. Kelly Denies One of His Alleged Victims Is Pregnant With His ChildAfter identifying herself as the singer’s fiancée, Joycelyn Savage claimed she’s pregnant with his child.
  43. rust
    Everything We Know About the Rust ShootingAn FBI report concludes that the trigger must have been pulled.
  44. crime
    Police Arrest Suspect in Killings of Muslim Men in AlbuquerqueAt least three Muslim immigrants have been ambushed and killed in recent weeks, terrifying the local community.
  45. it never ends
    Ezra Miller Charged With Felony Burglary in VermontThe charge took place while trying to serve an emergency care order to a woman allegedly living with her 3 children on Miller’s farm.
  46. unsolved mysteries
    The Bodies Keep Piling Up at Lake MeadFour sets of human remains have now been discovered in the rapidly receding reservoir since May.
  47. crime
    Everything to Know About the Ahmaud Arbery Murder CaseTravis and Gregory McMichael have received second life sentences for federal hate-crime charges.
  48. crime
    What We Know About the Disappearance of Gabby PetitoHer parents are now suing Brian Laundrie’s parents and the Moab, Utah, police.
  49. paw patrol
    Paws Up! Suspect in Lady Gaga’s Dog-Walker Shooting Has Been Caught … AgainJames Howard Jackson is back in the doghouse.
  50. normal australian news
    Dev Patel Takes Aussie Justice Into His Own Hands, Tries to Stop a StabbingAnd he wants this to be “a catalyst for lawmakers.”
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