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Crimes And Misdemeanors

  1. scary things
    Austin Bombing Suspect Explodes As SWAT Team Closes InThe 24-year-old white, male suspect reportedly killed himself with an explosive device while fleeing from authorities.
  2. scary things
    4th Explosion in Austin Leaves Two Men Seriously InjuredPolice believe it’s connected to the package bombings that killed two people in Austin earlier this month, but this blast involved a trip wire.
  3. MSU President Lou Anna Simon Resigns Amid Anger Over Handling of Nassar ScandalSimon, who denied knowledge of the sexual-abuse allegations, wrote in a tone-deaf letter, “As tragedies are politicized, blame is inevitable.”
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Slain Green Beret Reportedly Turned Down Navy SEALs’ Stolen MoneyThe SEALs are said to be suspected of strangling Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar in Mali last June.
  5. politics
    West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito’s Office VandalizedThe vandals spray-painted “f*ck Capito, f*ck Capital” on the building.
  6. Body-Slamming Congressman to Build Kids’ Wheelchairs for Community ServiceThe recently elected Greg Gianforte was sentenced to 40 hours for assaulting a reporter.
  7. O.J. Simpson Granted Parole After 9 Years in PrisonA four-member parole board voted unanimously to set Simpson free as soon as October.
  8. Note Left at GOP Senator’s Office: Vote No on Trumpcare or DieSomeone broke into Dean Heller’s Las Vegas office and left the threatening message.
  9. Manhattan DA to Curtail Criminal Prosecution for Turnstile JumpersA new initiative starting in September will offer a diversion program as an alternative to criminal penalties.
  10. crimes and misdemeanors
    Perjury Charge Against Officer in Sandra Bland Case DismissedIn a deal with prosecutors, Brian Encinia agreed never to work in law enforcement again.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Sexting With a MinorHe will have to register as a sex offender.
  12. Brooklyn D.A. to Try to Prevent Immigrants From Being Deported for Minor CrimesJeff Sessions won’t like this one.
  13. scary things
    Manhunt Under Way for Suspect Who Posted Video of Fatal Shooting on FacebookThe search for Steve Stephens, who is accused of randomly targeting an elderly man, has expanded to five states.
  14. shootings
    San Bernardino School Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, Including 8-Year-Old StudentA man opened fire on his estranged wife, hitting her and two of her students.
  15. mass shootings
    Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting Leaves One Dead, 14 InjuredThe gunman is still at large. Terrorism is not suspected.
  16. hate crimes
    Police Say Murder Suspect Came to NYC to Kill Black MenA white Maryland man told investigators that he fatally stabbed a homeless man in midtown because he “wanted to make a statement.”
  17. Secret Service Laptop With Trump Tower Info Stolen From Car in Brooklyn“Sensitive” documents include floor and evacuation plans.
  18. Jury Convicts Man in Nearly 40-Year-Old Etan Patz Murder CasePedro Hernandez, who confessed to killing the 6-year-old boy in 2012, has been found guilty.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Thieves Ring in the New Year With $6 Million Jewel HeistBurglars looted two safes not far from Times Square, just as the ball was dropping.
  20. NYPD Thinks It Knows Who Stole the 86-Pound Bucket of Gold Flakes From MidtownCops believe he took his loot to Los Angeles.
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    Judge Gives Go-ahead to $25 Million University Settlement“I don’t settle cases, I win cases,” said Trump in March.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    Obama Intends to Transfer 17 or 18 Guantánamo Detainees Before Leaving OfficeThe president also announced he’s pardoning another 78 people, and commuting 153 convicts’ sentences.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    White Supremacist Gets 30 Years for Anti-Muslim Death-Ray PlotHe described himself as a cross between Darth Vader and Forrest Gump.
  24. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two Juveniles Charged With Arson Over Deadly Tennessee WildfiresAuthorities are considering trying the pair in adult court.
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Seeks NBA Star Matt Barnes After Chelsea Nightclub AssaultBarnes has been accused of choking a woman and punching two people who tried to come between them while out partying on Sunday night.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Changes Mind, Wants His Lawyers BackNow he only wants to represent himself for sentencing.
  27. conspiracy theories
    Gunman Detained at D.C. Pizzeria Was Investigating Clinton Conspiracy TheoryThe incident has heightened fears that an absurd fake-news story may now lead to real-world danger.
  28. Have You Seen This Man Who Swiped an 86-Pound Bucket of Gold Off a Truck?The gold flakes inside were valued at $1.6 million.
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    Former Officer Who Shot Walter Scott Testifies in Murder Trial“My family has been destroyed by this,” said Michael Slager. “The Scott family has been destroyed by this … it’s horrible.”
  30. crimes and misdemeanors
    Walmart Truck Driver Pleads Guilty in Tracy Morgan CrashThe crash occurred in June 2014.
  31. crimes and misdemeanors
    Dylann Roof to Represent Himself in Charleston Church Shooting TrialHe could cross-examine survivors and the victims’ family members.
  32. love and war
    A Love Triangle Gone Wrong Might Have Led a Prosecutor to Use an Illegal WiretapShe allegedly used it to spy on her love interest and another co-worker.
  33. crimes and misdemeanors
    San Antonio Shooter Apologizes for Killing Cop, Says Officer ‘Didn’t Deserve It’He also got married while the manhunt was under way.
  34. crimes and misdemeanors
    Trump’s Lawyers Promise He Won’t Use Foundation Money to Pay Fraud SettlementHe has a history of using his charity to cover his legal bills.
  35. true crime
    A Jury Found a Husband Guilty of Hiring Hit Man to Murder His WifeMorrad Ghonim’s conviction brought to a close a cold case dating back to 1992.
  36. crimes and misdemeanors
    Four Police Officers Shot in 24 Hours Across the United StatesAt least two appeared to be targeted ambush-style attacks; one of them, in San Antonio, was fatal.
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chelsea Manning Calls on Obama to Commute Her SentenceShe wants her 35-year sentence to be reduced to the more than six years she’s already served.
  38. awful things
    Suspected Serial Killer Charged With Four Murders in South CarolinaThe bizarre Superbike Motorsports murders are now solved, after 13 years.
  39. Cookie Monster Gets Stabbed by Other Costumed People Near Times SquareCookie Monster stepped into a fight between two men wearing costumes.
  40. crimes and misdemeanors
    Jury Acquits All 7 Leaders of Armed Occupation of Oregon Federal BuildingWhile the defendants said it was a triumph over government tyranny, others saw it as a shocking example of white privilege.
  41. crimes and misdemeanors
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio Charged With Criminal Contempt Over Racial ProfilingThe charges come just two weeks before he stands for reelection.
  42. court orders
    Judge Commits Gigi Hadid’s Stalker to a Psychiatric FacilityA Manhattan court found him mentally unfit.
  43. Pennsylvania’s Ex-AG Is Sentenced to Prison for Illegally Leaking DocumentsHer attorneys and her son argued for leniency, but the judge ordered her to serve up to 23 months in prison for the bizarre political scandal.
  44. crimes and misdemeanors
    Vince Neil Pleads Guilty in Vegas Battery CaseNo jail time.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    California Attorney General Begins Wells Fargo Criminal ProbeThe bank is being investigated for criminal identity theft.
  46. Judge in ‘El Chapo’ Case Gunned Down While JoggingJudge Zacarias worked on multiple cases involving powerful drug kingpins.
  47. crimes and misdemeanors
    Intruder Shot, Security Guard Stabbed at Miranda Kerr’s Malibu HomeLuckily, Kerr and her son weren’t home at the time.
  48. Man Reportedly Stabbed at Times Square Subway StationTwo men were reportedly arguing on the trip uptown.
  49. trump’s america
    A Trump Supporter Was Arrested After Threatening a Black WomanThe man allegedly threatened to beat the woman and hurled a racial slur at her outside a store.
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    Suspect in Fatal Shooting of Two California Police Officers ArrestedJohn Felix reportedly said he wanted to “shoot all police.”
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