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  1. Skipping
    U.K. Dumpster Diver Will Stand Trial for Taking Tomatoes and MushroomsIt’s all thanks to a 190-year-old law.
  2. McLoogie
    McDonald’s Employee Who Spit in Cop’s Food Sentenced to 2-Plus YearsMany have committed these crimes; some are serving time.
  3. 12 Angry Milk-Staches
    Acquitted Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Turns Jury Into Raw-Milk Activists“I want to join that buyer’s club, I feel very passionate about it.”
  4. shootings
    NYC’s First Homicide of 2013 Was a Woman From the BronxWe almost made it three days.
  5. Leftovers
    Westville Hudson Opens; Day of the Dead Tacos at EmpellónPlus: Tompkins Square Bagels robbed, fabulous food book parties, and more of today’s leftovers.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Red Bulls Youth Coach Dies in Disturbing Union Square SlashingThe victim had his throat slashed and lost an ear.
  7. Crime Scenes
    Transgender Customer Slashed at Village McDonald’sPolice are calling it a hate crime.
  8. Crimes
    Lansky’s Deli Hit by VandalsThey’ll be closed until at least tomorrow night.
  9. Violence
    Three Dead in New Jersey Pathmark ShootingThe gunman reportedly shot two people and then himself.
  10. missing since 1979
    Investigators Increasingly Convinced by Etan Patz Confession Pedro Hernandez seems to have revealed specific details related to the abduction.
  11. Crimes
    Queens Food Carts in Armed-Robbery StringThere’ve been nine stickups mostly on Queens and Junction boulevards.
  12. Issues
    Future Toby’s Public House Plagued by VandalsThey’re being bullied.
  13. crimes
    Two Wounded in Bronx Hospital ShootingThe gunman opened fire in a public waiting room.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Mugger Seemed Like a Nice Enough Guy on the InternetLess so in surveillance-camera footage.
  15. rape cops ii
    NYPD Officer Accused of Rape Was Merely ‘Cheating’That’s his take on it, anyway.
  16. crimes
    Eight Siblings Kidnapped From Queens Foster Care FacilityThe kids are believed to be traveling in a very crowded Chevy Suburban.
  17. crimes
    43 People Were Shot in New York Over the Weekend“Just unconscionable.”
  18. unusual suspects
    New York: Low on Fat MenWe don’t even have enough to fill a police lineup!
  19. nightmares
    Washington Heights Man Stabs Neighbors, SelfChristian Falero attacked anyone unlucky enough to answer their door.
  20. game of thrones
    Man Attacks Cousin Over Game of ThronesThe police report specifically mentions that the show is on HBO. Branding!