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  1. golden globes
    Every Golden Globes Prediction, EverNatalie Portman and Annette Bening were picks for the top actress categories.
  2. Oh Sherry
    J. Gold on ‘Second-Rate’ Red Medicine and MoreAnonymity is important! And more restaurant-critic musings from Jonathan Gold.
  3. Quote of the Day
    Medicinal MusingsRuss Parsons’ final thoughts on the outing of LAT’s S. Irene Virbila.
  4. movies
    Breaking News: Critics Like Movies Again!Is ‘The Kids Are All Right’ one of the “most compelling portraits of an American marriage in film history”?
  5. Beef
    Platt Responds to McNally’s Response to Platt’s ReviewOur “bald, over-weight reviewer” responds to McNally’s defense of Pulino’s.
  6. Ask Platt
    Adam Platt Bumps Into Himself at AnnisaOur esteemed critic reacts to an all-points bulletin discovered at the new Annisa.
  7. the critics
    Edelstein on Greenberg: ‘Nothing to Do Except Wait for the Protagonist to Appall You One More Time’And more opinions from ‘New York’ critics.
  8. kudos
    Somebody From The Hurt Locker Probably Should Have Thanked Critics at the OscarsBigelow and Co. thanked everybody in their Oscar speeches except for, amazingly, the one group that proved most key in their awards-season success.
  9. critics
    Roger Ebert in His PrimeA bittersweet profile of our best movie critic.
  10. critics
    So, Did the Times Theater Critic Tear Scarlett Johansson a New One?Well, he began by talking about the “seeming effortlessness” of her work. This could go either way!
  11. Was 2009 the Worst Year of the Decade for Oscar-Bait Season? It Only Feels That WayRotten Tomatoes math doesn’t lie.
  12. critics
    Ben Brantley: Celebrity UnderminerThe ‘Times’ theater critic has reviewing movie stars on Broadway down to a formula.
  13. Mediavore
    Food Trucks Feel Heat in Santa Monica; Bill Cosby Will Work at Pink’s Hot DogsPink’s is having a celeb-filled birthday week, while Santa Monica business groups are pushing food trucks away.
  14. Gold Watch
    New Yorker Gets to Know Jonathan GoldJonathan Gold spills the beans on his methods and nicknames.
  15. from cody to grody
    Diablo Codyspeak: A Critical TimelineFrom “delightful invented IM-speak” to “excruciating to listen to.”
  16. Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Reveals HimselfJonathan Gold on the state of L.A.’s food and the state of his employment at L.A. Weekly.
  17. ranters and ravers
    Halloween II and Final Destination Close the Summer of Film-Critic IrrelevanceWarner Bros. and the Weinsteins make a big mistake.
  18. The Other Critics
    Danyelle Freeman Out at Daily NewsThe Restaurant Girl is gone.
  19. ranters and ravers
    Abbey Road ReconsideredThe two guys who reviewed the Beatles’ final album for ‘Rolling Stone’ have both changed their minds.
  20. Beef
    Chef Joe Doe Speaks Out About the New York Dining CircusThe outspoken chef lets loose about bloggers, critics, PR, and his neighbor across the way, Prune.
  21. pink slips
    Jeffrey Lyons Out at WNBCJeffrey Lyons, longtime film critic for WNBC and host of the nationally syndicated ‘Reel Talk,’ has been sacked.
  22. debate
    Nazi-Sex Novel The Kindly Ones Polarizes Western CivilizationReactions to the confession of an SS officer, a sort of evil Forrest Gump, who reminisces about sleeping with his twin sister and possibly killing his mother.
  23. Back of the House
    Outed Sun-Times Critic SpeaksChicago critic Pat Bruno says anonymity isn’t a big deal. Oh, and blogs are bad!
  24. Back of the House
    Waiters Eat for Free If They Catch a CriticA Chicago critic blows his anonymity; meanwhile, New York servers and critics are still playing hide-and-seek.
  25. party lines
    Brolin and Penélope at the NY Film Critics AwardsOh, to be a ‘Times’ theater critic!
  26. ranters and ravers
    Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: The Complete BallotsComplete ballots from all 57 critics participating in our poll, whether they knew it or not.
  27. ranters and ravers
    Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2008?Vulture checks with 57 of America’s top critics to find out.
  28. Foodie Kiddie
    12-Year-Old Walks Out of Salumeria Rosi With a Movie DealThat 12-year-old aspiring food critic we read about in the ‘Times’ has hit the big time.
  29. Book Report
    Bourdain Mentor and ‘Dark Prince of Italian Fine Dining’ Pino LuongoA new memoir from the Italian trendsetter has some salty words for the critics.
  30. Beef
    Ducasse FracasAlain Ducasse thinks New Yorkers are like spoiled children.
  31. The Other Critics
    Cuozzo Issues Gag Order to Restaurateurs Who Don’t Dig Their ReviewsSteve Cuozzo tries to shut up restaurateurs, such as Alain Ducasse and Alain Allegretti, who’ve been sniping back at critics.
  32. ranters and ravers
    Thin-Slicing Malcolm Gladwell’s CriticsEvery critic wants to be Malcolm Gladwell. We thin-slice his critics into the following categories: Prigs, Wannabes, Accountants, and Haters.
  33. ranters and ravers
    The ‘Times’ Public Editor Plays Theater CriticSince when is a critic obligated to frame his review in such a way that it’s unobjectionable to anti-gay interest groups?
  34. r.i.p.
    Fashion Critic Mr. Blackwell DiesThe critic, known for his annual best- and worst-dressed lists, was 86.
  35. elvis lives
    Official: Elvis Mitchell Has a Dicey SideMitchell has a perfectly good explanation for the $12,000 in cash he has stashed in that cigar box.
  36. Cheflebrities
    Scott Conant’s Favorite Restaurant Critic Is … Not a Critic at All!Scott Conant tells how he avoids being blindsided by the likes of Platt.
  37. ranters and ravers
    Can America’s Film Critics Make Anna Faris a Star?Wait, is she really as good as Lucille Freaking Ball?
  38. the projectionist
    David Edelstein Remembers Manny FarberPlus, a 1994 profile of Farber the artist.
  39. the take
    German Producers Put 100,000-Euro Bounty on Reviewers of ‘Der Baader Meinhof Komplex’German critics are rolling up their sleeves to hate on the biggest German-language movie of the year.
  40. ranters and ravers
    Ascetic Recluse Anthony Lane Had No Idea Tom Cruise Is in ‘Tropic Thunder’’I suspect that there will be gasps during the end credits.’ Wha?
  41. ranters and ravers
    ‘Step Brothers’ Review Makes Us Worried About Roger Ebert’Sometimes I think I am living in a nightmare.’
  42. ranters and ravers
    James Wood Objects to Descriptions of His Book But Does Not Deny He Is Raising an ArmyThe ‘New Yorker’ critic comments on our claims that his army will soon take over New York.
  43. ranters and ravers
    Is ‘New Yorker’ Critic James Wood Creating an Army of Like-minded Young Novelists?But what will James Wood do with his power???
  44. ranters and ravers
    Ebert and Roeper Leaving ‘Ebert & Roeper’And Ebert seems to give Disney a thumbs-down.
  45. ranters and ravers
    ‘Space Chimps’: the ‘Times’ Takes a Courageous StandWe still don’t want to see ‘Space Chimps,’ but we do want to see Neil Genzlinger write more movie reviews!
  46. in other news
    Did Sarah Jessica Parker Get Rid of Her Mole?Photo evidence would suggest that the prim little bump on her chin, often called the “sixth lady” on ‘Sex and the City,’ has gone missing.
  47. ranters and ravers
    For Lisa de Moraes’s Sake, Please Don’t Cancel the TV Critics Tour!The annual junket might be useless, but it provides the Washington ‘Post”s sharpest critic with a big, fat target.
  48. ranters and ravers
    Michiko Kakutani Writes Worst-Ever Jacket Copy for ‘The Sister’A first-time novelist gets a Donna Tartt comparison, but Knopf publicists are likely slapping their foreheads nonetheless.
  49. ranters and ravers
    French Critics, Even Snootier Than Expected, Pan Cronenberg OperaWe assumed critics would take to ‘The Fly’ like flies to … you know. We were wrong.
  50. the early-evening news
    Great Moments in Movie Marketing: Hellboy vs. GodPlus: Movie critics matter, Harvey’s 1996 phone call, and James Lipton.
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