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  1. fashion
    Crocs Is Giving Free Shoes to Health-Care WorkersUp to 10,000 pairs a day.
  2. posty
    These Post Malone Crocs Sold Out ImmediatelyWould you buy them?
  3. revenge of the crocs
    Anyone Can Make Crocs Knockoffs, Court RulesA win for ugly shoes everywhere.
  4. best thing i saw today
    Balenciaga Introduces Platform Crocs for SpringFashion can’t get enough of these shoes.
  5. crocs drama
    Is This the End of Crocs?Quick, someone check on Mario Batali.
  6. croc out
    Bill Clinton Took It Upon Himself to Roast Mario Batali’s FashionAt a charity event in New York.
  7. deities
    Not God? Then You’d Better Not Have an Opinion About Christopher Kane x CrocsThe designer invoked a higher power when responding to criticisms of his runway shoes.
  8. london fashion week
    Christopher Kane Made Fashion Crocs a Reality TodayThe season’s most surprising collab.
  9. later gator
    Alligator Is Arrested After Seen Swimming in Queens Park“Jaws” is no longer on the loose.
  10. toddler swag
    Prince George Caused a Surge in Baby Crocs PurchasesAn infant-footwear icon.
  11. omg shoes
    Ladies, Men Hate Your WedgesThey prefer Crocs, apparently.
  12. croc-a-doodle-doo
    Crocs Made Over $1 Billion in 2011Which means the shoes are selling more than ever.
  13. crocs
    Check Out ‘the Most Offensive Picture in the World’Picture it: Nicolas Cage walks into a room, wearing Uggs and singing that terrible song from Spider-Man
  14. loose threads
    Kanye Shops at J.Crew; Victoria Beckham’s New Handbag Line Sold Out in an HourAlso, more rumors about Naomi Campbell’s wedding are flying around.
  15. loose threads
    Bill Clinton Wore a Pink Tie to Evelyn Lauder’s Breast Cancer Luncheon; Vogue’s Meredith Melling Burke Moves to Vogue.comAlso, Heidi Klum is a robot superhero for Halloween.
  16. dreams come shoe
    Crocs May Be Ugly, But They Saved an Adorable 3-Year-Old Boy’s LifeTalk about redemption.
  17. loose threads
    Crystal Renn Rumored to Walk Chanel; Crocs Store Opens in SohoAlso, Armani will open in airports, and don’t miss Bruno Pieters’s new ad campaign.
  18. store openings
    Dr. Martens to Open Soho StoreSuch a great, clunky complement to Soho’s new Crocs store.
  19. fugly
    Crocs Is Making Ballet FlatsAnd they ain’t pretty.
  20. make it stop
    The New Creepy Crocs Mascot Is Popping Up on Billboards in SohoIt looks like an oversize bacterium.
  21. ugly things
    Crocs Picks Up the Pace on Its Soho StoreNooooooooo!!
  22. lawsuits
    Porsche Sues CrocsThey make a Cayman car, and Crocs makes a Cayman shoe. WHAT IF PEOPLE GET CONFUSED?
  23. ugly things
    Crocs Are Profitable AgainBooooo.
  24. ugly things
    Crocs to Open First Retail OutletIn the recesses of Boulder, Colorado.
  25. loose threads
    Early Raves for Thom Browne’s Lower-Priced Offerings; Tim Gunn Wants MObama to Ditch CrocsAlso, Isaac Mizrahi opened a new store because of his psychic.
  26. ugly things
    Crocs Got a $30 Million Loan!Ahhhhhhhhhh!
  27. jew shoes
    Influential Rabbi Bans Crocs for Yom KippurMazel tov!
  28. life with andre
    André Leon Talley Wears UggsBut he draws the line at Crocs.
  29. mobama watch
    Vacation MObama Emerges in What Appears to Be a Swimsuit and CrocsTo her credit, they’re probably the least fugly Crocs a person can buy.
  30. ugly things
    Crocs’ Success Influenced Surge of Plastic ShoesThe company’s success showed how brands can tap into a new market of consumers.
  31. ugly things
    Crocs ‘Dead and They Don’t Know It’The shoe company could go under as soon as September.
  32. ugly things
    Crocs Determined to Survive the DownturnConsider yourself warned.
  33. ugly things
    The Slow Death of Crocs ContinuesThe company lost $22.4 million in the first quarter. Sad we are not.
  34. Endangered
    Orange Alert for CrocsBatali beware: The most-hated footwear may be endangered.
  35. later gator
    An Upside to the Financial CrisisCrocs may be doomed.
  36. gossipmonger
    James Franco Gets His Pick of Columbia FreshmenA bunch of girls screamed with lust for James Franco at Columbia, and we don’t blame them. Also, Alec Baldwin screamed at a limo driver while leaving the U.S. Open, in today’s gossip roundup.
  37. fashion album
    Crocs Go High Fashion in Paris ‘Vogue’?In what is reportedly a spread from the September issue, model Raquel Zimmermann wears Crocs.
  38. loose threads
    Ad Pages Down at ‘Vogue’; Crocs Sues for CopyrightAlso, Anne Slowey’s assistants aren’t perfect, Anna Wintour awaits two new babies, and Agyness Deyn sings at a big music festival.
  39. company town
    Some Lawyers Are SadLAW • Know a troubled lawyer? If you work in the law, you probably do — some estimates put the ratio of depressed attorneys at 20 percent — and a few new Websites are trying help them out. [Law Blog/WSJ, WSJ] • How not to get out of your marijuana arrest: When the judge lets you off easy, pull out a driver’s license covered in pot. [New York Law Journal] • So just how lame was Cadwalader’s Wild Wild West holiday party last night? Wildly. [Above the Law]
  40. company town
    Jeb’s JobFINANCE • Lehman landed former Florida governor Jeb Bush as an adviser. Makes you wonder which bank will get the honor of hiring W. when the “first MBA president” finally steps down. [Deal Journal/WSJ] • Does Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis’s move to save Countrywide, the largest mortgage lender in the United States, make him a modern-day J.P. Morgan? [MarketWatch] • John Dyment, the global head of Deutsche Bank’s hedge-fund unit, jumped ship for Shumway Capital Partners, a hedge fund based in Greenwich. [TheStreet.com]
  41. Neighborhood Watch
    Fatty Crab, Upper West Side Edition?Carroll Gardens: Faan has average food but festive décor, and it’s the only decent delivery in the neighborhood. [Brooklyn Record] But a new French bistro is coming to town. [Lost City] Fort Greene: The Greene Grape showcases its rosé selection with a series of tastings tonight through Sunday. [Clinton Hill Blog] Midtown East: A photomontage of Bon Chon’s Korean fried chicken. [Gothamist] Union Square : Mario Batali will team with Crocs, the maker of his trademark rubber clogs, and come up with an even more durable line to debut later this summer. Until then, the regular versions are available at Paragon Sports. [The Food Section] Upper West Side: Could the Chodorow-Pelaccio agreement culminate in a Fatty Crab taking over the old Fish’s Eddy space? [Eater]