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  1. oscars 2019
    What the 1948 Best Picture Race Has in Common With This Year’s CompetitionThis year’s Best Picture race isn’t the first time films with conflicting takes on a controversial issue were pitted against each other.
  2. Staying Sane May Be Jon Stewart’s Greatest FeatStewart created the perfect comedy for our political and media age, and he didn’t let it crush his optimism.
  3. cable news news
    Newt Gingrich and CNN Are Undermining the Credibility of CrossfireYes, ‘Crossfire’ is back.
  4. pointless counter pointless
    Watch Big Bird and Oscar Go Head-to-Head on The Colbert Report“I want IN on this new era of bickertainment.”
  5. mean boys
    Stephanie Cutter Is Getting It From All SidesUnflattering portraiture in the Daily Caller and MSNBC alike.
  6. CNN’s Crossfire Reboot Not Exactly on TargetStephanie Cutter and Newt Gingrich were pretty awkward.