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  1. cruise ships
    It’s Happening AgainA coronavirus outbreak aboard a Norwegian cruise ship left 40 people newly infected.
  2. why though
    Oh God, the Cruises Are ResumingCarnival Cruise Line intends to relaunch eight of its ships on August 1.
  3. power
    Over 100,000 Cruise Workers Are Still Trapped at Sea“We are just in the cabin like prisoners.”
  4. coronavirus
    The Last Three Cruise Ships at Sea Are Finally Going HomeAfter months sailing the world, passengers on these coronavirus-free ships are being allowed back on solid ground.
  5. roll clip!
    Bill Burr Knows How to Save the Environment Using Cruise ShipsHe also has an interesting theory about Lake Superior.
  6. Bad-Luck Cruise Ship Can’t Catch a Break, Cuts Another Trip ShortHeaded back to Bayonne, after another storm and norovirus outbreak. 
  7. Mega–Cruise Ship Meets Megastorm for Scariest Super Bowl Party EverThe game played on.
  8. things that are gross
    Cruise Ship Docks in Los Angeles With 172 Ill Passengers, Sets Sail AgainAfter an “extensive deep cleaning.”
  9. annoying things
    A Cruise Ship Got Stuck in the Hudson RiverNot the best way to end a vacation.
  10. abandon ship!
    Disease-Prone Cruise Ship Returns to New JerseyAfter a short, gross trip.
  11. Motion Sickness
    Todd English’s ‘Truffled Potato Love Letters’ Await Your ReplyThe celebrity chef’s heart will go on.
  12. neil patrick harris
    Watch Neil Patrick Harris Perform a Disney Medley … on a Disney Cruise ShipNPH is a corporate shill! Just kidding — we’d take the money, too.