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  1. lgbtq rights
    Texas Republicans Fighting to Protect Chick-fil-A’s Right to DiscriminateIn a mostly symbolic fight between equality and “religious liberty,” Republicans stand up for the Evangelical chicken purveyor.
  2. centrism
    Democrats Aren’t Cultural ‘Extremists,’ They’ve Moved With the CountryRoss Douthat is wrong: Republicans are the ones who have abandoned “cultural centrism.”
  3. campus controversies
    Is a Professor Getting Railroaded for Questioning Social-Justice Dogma?Peter Boghossian claims his university is only investigating him because it is politically hostile to his research. The truth is more complicated.
  4. culture wars
    This New Gotti Ad Calls Critics ‘Trolls Behind a Keyboard’The bad reviews are fake news!
  5. culture wars
    Dannon Yogurt Drops Spokesperson Cam NewtonThey’ve yet to comment on Jourdan Rodrigue’s racist tweets.
  6. microaggressions
    How Microaggression Training Could Be Harming Minority StudentsSometimes, a psychological idea moves from the drawing board to applied settings a bit too quickly. It might be time to slow down.
  7. select all
    Why the Video-Game Culture Wars Won’t Die, Two Years After GamergateVideo-game culture warriors have a different, more fraught relationship to their hobby than other people do.
  8. Fragile Conservatives Are Upset That a Woman Blocked Them on TwitterA new article takes a creepily close look at who Lindy West is blocking.
  9. select all
    Why a Video of Someone Playing ‘Doom’ (Poorly) Became a Culture-War IssueThose damn social-justice warriors need to learn how to strafe and shoot at the same time.
  10. antonin scalia
    Law Students ‘Traumatized’ by Anti-Scalia Email“All we can do, really, is convey our solidarity with our wonderful students. We share your pain. We share your anger. We stand with you. You are not alone. Be strong as Justice Scalia was strong.”
  11. culture wars
    How the Fight Over Transgender Kids Got a Leading Sex Researcher FiredA transgender-politics maelstrom north of the border.
  12. babymakers
    Gay Men and Christian Wombs: Surrogacy’s New FrontierMeet the red-state women carrying blue-state babies for gay men.
  13. culture wars
    Brinker’s Way: Behind the Pseudo-Exit of the Komen Foundation’s FounderNancy Brinker is still in charge of the women’s health organization, despite a move to the executive committee.
  14. Culture Wars
    Is Esquire’s ‘Best New York Restaurants’ List Out ofIt’s all French, Italian, and (with the exception of Osteria Morini), above 28th Street. What gives?
  15. culture wars
    Warhol Foundation Threatens to Cut Smithsonian FundingBecause, unlike Boehner, the Warhol Foundation actually paid for it.
  16. tell us what you really think
    Old-Time Brooklynite Hopes Hipsters Choke on Williamsburg-Themed Cigarettes“I hope all these kids buy them, smoke them, and get cancer.”
  17. culture wars
    The BBC Smotherer Has Been Arrested for MurderHere we go …
  18. culture wars
    Bill O’Reilly Surprisingly Constrained About California Schools’ Cross-dressing Video for KidsIs Bill O’Reilly softening up or does he just appreciate cross-dressing?