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  1. sweet birthday babies
    Celebrate Keanu Reeves’s Birthday by Watching Him Eat Cupcakes.Happy birthday, you beautiful Virgo!
  2. empire building
    Can Magnolia Bakery Reignite America’s Love of Cupcakes?The Sex and the City–tour favorite plans to unleash 200 new locations over the next five years.
  3. wtf
    These Pimple Cupcakes Are Fully PoppableThey’re certainly something.
  4. masculinity so fragile
    Men Threaten Rape Because They Had to Pay 17 Cents More for CupcakesMasculinity so so so so so so so fragile.
  5. See Why Cupcakes Will Never Taste the SameThis newest piece from Greg Stees and Rachel Laforest really blows my hair back. Seriously, my hair is all the way back. Like gelled back, or […]
  6. crimes and misdeamnors
    Police Locate Cupcake Burglar by Searching for Drunk Girl Covered in FrostingNot very stealthy.
  7. Little Kid Definitely Didn’t Eat a Cupcake TodayWhat cupcake?
  8. the color purple
    Marissa Mayer Hates Purple and Cupcakes, Okay?She’d like to set the record straight on these important matters.
  9. Slam Dunk
    Hostess Just Trolled Twitter With This Dumb Baseball Tweet“Touchdown.”
  10. Re-crumbled
    Crumbs Reopens Next Tuesday With a Brand-New Pastry Mash-UpIt’s a bagel-croissant hybrid, of course.
  11. All That Crumbles
    Crumbs Bake Shop Chain Closer to Reopening, Possibly Now With Dippin’ DotsJust $6.5 million for 27 stores. A bargain?
  12. All That Crumbles
    Bakery That Supplied Crumbs Laid Off 75 Workers After Cupcake-Bubble BustStanding orders for 225,000 cupcakes per week suddenly dropped 100,000 just below the closure.
  13. Cupcakes
    Here’s a Look at What It’s Like to Be a Cupcake BouncerSome “cupcakes that we claimed were from Magnolia” were “actually from one of the bakery’s offshoots.”
  14. Clear The Air
    Let’s Talk About This Cake Batter That Comes in a Spray CanThe country’s fine-dining kitchens already use sprayable cake batter.
  15. All That Crumbles
    Nearly Half of Crumbs Locations Won’t Be ReopeningPour some frosting out.
  16. Closings
    Baked by Melissa’s Original Soho Location Will Go Out in Blaze of FreeThe cupcake pass-through window just celebrated its fifth anniversary.
  17. All That Crumbles
    Crumbs Will Indeed Rise From the DeadFrosting and all.
  18. Cupcake Cavaliers
    A Cupcake Shop Knew About the LeBron News a Week Ago“Just texting with a friend who is directly tied in with Lebron and his camp, and he swears on his life #TheReturn to Cleveland is a done deal.”
  19. Cupcakery
    ‘Last’ Crumbs Cupcake Is on eBay for a Mere $250You have less than a day.
  20. Death Knells
    Great Moments From the Now-Dead Era of the CupcakeAs the world decides its officially done with cupcakes, Grub Street looks back on the dessert’s short, glorious run.
  21. Frosted Over
    Cupcake Specialist Crumbs Shuts Down All of Its StoresThe company was founded in 2003 and grew to an empire of 65 stores nationwide.
  22. Free!
    Magnolia Honoring Justin Timberlake’s Birthday With Free Cupcakes TodayHappy 33rd, JT.
  23. Male Gaze: James Middleton, Marshmallow KingBehold, Boomf.
  24. Openings
    Robicellis Bring Cupcakes Back to Bay RidgeThe cupcake power couple has opened a retail store.
  25. Sorry Wrong Number
    Callers to Obamacare Help Centers Get Cupcake Shop InsteadFresh out of health-care plans. But we do have some lovely red velvet.
  26. Memes On Wheels
    Finally, Cupcakes and Kittens Are Together and On DemandIt’s come to this.
  27. tools of sexist pigs
    Ladies, Put Down Those Sexist Cupcakes!Damn the man! Fight the bakery!
  28. Quote of the Day
    Allison Robicelli, Islanders Don’t MixPeanut-butter-frosted Islanders cupcakes are not her goalie.
  29. Video Feed
    Watch the Kooky Trailer for Robicelli’s: A Love Story, With CupcakesThe book comes out October 17.
  30. Bottoming Out
    Crumbs Opens Gluten-Free Store in Greenwich VillageThis is the end.
  31. The Future
    Manhattan Finally Getting the Cupcake ATM It’s Been Missing All TheseIt’s about time.
  32. Twinkie Back
    Those New Twinkies Are Going to Be Healthier, Maybe, EventuallyWhole grains? Stevia? Seriously?
  33. Twinkie Back
    Twinkies Make Triumphant Return to Stores July 15It’s once again time to load up the imitation-cream filling in the hydraulic spray nozzles!
  34. Fun Cupcake Recipe For Someone Who Just Recently Went Through A Breakup! […]Today, we are making Red Velvet Cupcakes with Creamy Vanilla Icing. This old family recipe was brought to America by my great-grammy Eleanor, […]
  35. Twinkie Back
    Should the Newly Revived Hostess Brand Go the Way of the Cronut?“You’ve got to run and test product and train (workers) and all of that stuff.”
  36. Bottoming Out
    Oh Look, It’s the Stanley Cup Made Out of CupcakesAn awful idea for a partnership.
  37. Bottoming Out
    Nine Reasons Why the Cupcake Boom Went BustBlame Kristen Wiig, Honey Boo Boo, and Mitt Romney.
  38. R.I.P.
    Gourmet Cupcakes Are Bottoming OutAt last, the market is crashing.
  39. Twinkie Back
    Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and HoHos Spared by Maker of Pabst Blue Ribbon [Update:And the soon-to-be owner says everything will be back on shelves by this summer.
  40. Sweet News
    Now Open: Buttercream Cafe & Bakery, Baking Cupcakes and Other Treats inWe suppose this means the almighty cupcake isn’t going away anytime soon.
  41. the hobbit
    See the Most Delicious-Looking Hobbit CupcakesEat ‘em all!
  42. breaking bad
    Breaking Bad Cupcakes Look DeliciousAnd the underwear looks delicious!
  43. Farewell Cream Filling
    The (Possible) End of Twinkies: Hostess Will Close ForeverThe company couldn’t reach a deal with striking workers.
  44. Quote of the Day
    Allison and Matt Robicelli Are Incredible PeopleThey handed out 1,000 PB&J sandwiches one day.
  45. Just Desserts
    Not So Sweet: Magnolia Bakery Suing Ex-Employee Over Cupcake IcingThe cupcake specialist is claiming the owner of Apple Cafe Bakery copied its “unique and distinctive” icing swirls.
  46. loose threads
    DVF Didn’t Know About the Smithsonian; Magnolia Bakery Makes Swarovski CupcakesPlus, let Naomi Campbell be your Russian tour guide.
  47. Bookshelf
    Big Gay News: Ice Cream Cookbook, Salty Pimp CupcakeLots shaking with the gayest frozen desserts in town.
  48. game of thrones
    Drool Over Game of Thrones–Inspired CupcakesArryn looks delish!
  49. Growing Up
    Semen-Laced Cupcake Leads to Arson Threats at Minnesota High SchoolAh, to be young again.
  50. Earth Day
    Sweet, Sweet Earth DayWe all have our ways of saving the earth, and sometimes it’s with cake and icing.
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