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  1. Segment to Be is the Love Story We’ve Been Waiting ForFinding the right audience right for your business is the ultimate love story.
  2. Uncovering secrets (and customers) in Cold PressFind out what happens when these business owners decide to figure who’s been haunting them.
  3. Action Movies Just Got More Creative with License to KilnWhat happens when a spy-turned-potter needs to save a loved one and their business?
  4. How a DIY Creator’s Morning Chats with Her Mom Became a Bonding Experience“After seeing how much DIYing helped me with my journey and grief, I think it inspired my mom to find something to give her a creative outlet.”
  5. A Dancer Discovers Strength in Her Mexican HeritageSara Perez knew she came from a long line of strong women — but she never knew much about them. This is her story.
  6. How a Cartoonist Connected With a Forgotten Family StoryFor years, Jason Katzenstein’s grandmother has told him he reminds her of her own grandfather. This is their story.
  7. How the coffee bean became integral to Latin America’s economy.Hispanic Americans drink the most coffee of any ethnic group in the U.S.. It’s integral to both Latin America’s economy and the U.S.’s Latinx culture.
  8. A Colorful Kitchen Designed for ConnectionHow an ‘enriched environment’ helps calm the mind.
  9. A Serene Space for Cooking, Creating, and LivingFour tips for tapping into nature vibes.
  10. A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Succulent and Floral ArrangementsFrom versatile planters for your home to lounge furniture for the perfect patio soiree, shop CB2’s outdoor collection to revamp your space this summer
  11. How Reality TV Trailblazer Rachel Lindsay Lives Life on Her Own TermsBecoming a reality TV star was not in her five-year plan. But she saw an opportunity to represent herself, a Black woman, to a new audience.
  12. Destination Bermuda: Your Island Vacation AwaitsWhat to do, where to eat, and how to reset on an island that feels like a dream.
  13. All About the Girl Next DoorThe most classic of classic tropes in romantic comedies.
  14. Every Rom-Com Needs a Good Plot TwistPlot twists are part of the wide world of rom-com tropes.
  15. An Ode to the Meet Cute, One of Our Favorite Rom-Com StaplesIt’s an immediate way to establish a connection between two characters and show why they’ll eventually fall for each other.
  16. Meet the Musician Who’s Determined to Know His AncestorsChristian Sands has some surprising similarities with his 5th great grandfather. This is his story.
  17. Meet the Photographer in Search of His Family StorySam Ortiz is the grandchild of Puerto Rican immigrants on the Lower East Side — this is their story.