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Cute Babies

  1. celebrity babies
    Janet Jackson Is Thriving in This Selfie With Her BabyThey’re having a little us-time after a nap.
  2. happy sh*t
    8 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekIt’s been a rough one.
  3. under the sea
    Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Luna Is a Now a MermaidTeigen shared a photo on Snapchat of Luna dressed as an itty-bitty mermaid.
  4. Video Feed
    Cute Baby Gets Very Excited by FoodAny tray of food gives Milo all the feels.
  5. cute babies
    Gaze Upon the Rock’s Teeny, Tiny New BabyHer name is Jasmine!
  6. cute babies
    Enjoy How I Met Your Mother Starring ToddlersLike Muppet Babies, but humans. How I Met Your Mother Babies.
  7. popepalooza
    Pope Francis’s Security Detail’s Main Job Is Giving Him Babies to KissProtecting the pontiff — also important. 
  8. keeping up with north west
    North West Celebrated Her Birthday at DisneylandIt was wholesome family fun.
  9. cute babies
    Prince George Has His First and Very Own Royal ImpostorJust really different-looking babies. 
  10. shhhhh secrets!
    Kerry Washington Had a Baby 2 Weeks AgoDo we still have to send a gift?
  11. NBC’s Attempt to Steal YouTube’s Audience by Adding Cute Animals and […]Videos of cute animals and babies always score a ton of hits on the Internet, and this season, NBC execs introduced a new strategy to try to […]
  12. cute babies
    Dixie Pearl Followill Makes Her Twitter DebutWith an artsy black-and-white photo.
  13. cute babies
    Baby-Makin’ Trendy Among Lower ManhattanitesTribeca is the new Park Slope.
  14. babies
    Meet Nicholas Santo DomingoBaby photos!
  15. music
    Baby Prefers Bon Jovi to Miley Cyrus“Party in the USA” will grow on you if you give it a chance, little baby.