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  1. be best
    Checking in on the Be Best Initiative, a Week After Trump Called Omarosa a ‘Dog’Melania said social media can be “destructive and harmful when used incorrectly.” Indeed!
  2. cyberbullying
    Melania Trump Knows What You Think of Her Cyberbullying ProjectThe First Lady is “aware” of the criticism she’s been receiving.
  3. politics
    Wife of Cyberbully Calls for ‘Positive Habits on Social Media’Melania Trump said adults should promote “kindness, compassion and respect.”
  4. stoneman shooting
    Shooting Survivor Asks Melania Trump to Stop Donald Jr. From Cyberbullying HerFourteen-year-old Stoneman Douglas student Lauren Hogg and her family are being targeted by conspiracy theorists.
  5. wall street
    Money Manager Busted for Posing As Rival in Online Sex AdsCyberbullying hits Wall Street.
  6. Teen’s Ex and His New Girlfriend Arrested Over Her Cyberbullying SuicideBrandy Vela shot herself after her ex reportedly posted naked pictures of her online.
  7. real talk
    Kesha Opens Up at SXSW About Coming to Peace With Her Self-ImageThe pop singer spoke about dealing with online trolls and how she recovered from an eating disorder.
  8. Kesha Speaks Out Against Online Bullying in New PSA“Saying nothing says everything.”
  9. The Cyberbullying Gabby Douglas Experienced During the Olympics Is Horrifying“I’m not a target, I’m a human being.”
  10. cyberbullying
    Justin Bieber Is the Latest Casualty of Celebrity CyberbullyingPour one out for all of his philosophical captions.
  11. 2016 olympics
    Gymnast Gabby Douglas ‘Heartbroken’ Over Online BullyingDouglas’s mom, Natalie Hawkins, speaks out against the social-media bullying her daughter has experienced during the Olympics.
  12. cyberbullying
    Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei Quits Twitter Over ‘Horrific’ Abuse“I’ve not just been cyber-bullied, I’ve been racially cyber-bullied.”
  13. sad jen
    Jennifer Aniston Has Some Heartfelt Advice for TeensShe teared up while speaking about bullying at an Italian film festival. 
  14. the many directions of one direction
    Okay, Who Is Cyberbullying Niall Horan?“The sad thing is . As I tweet this they are in the group chat laughing at me “
  15. ted talks
    Monica Lewinsky: ‘I Was Patient Zero’ of Internet-ShamingShe gave a TED Talk yesterday about her experience.
  16. speeches
    Everyone Loves This Emotional Monica Lewinsky Speech on Sexism and Cyberbullying“I was Patient Zero: The first person to have their reputation completely destroyed, wordwide, via the internet.”
  17. true stories
    The Crusading Sisterhood of Revenge-Porn VictimsRevenge porn is illegal in one state. Why not the other 49?
  18. very sad things
    Impossibly Tragic Tween Suicide Blamed on CyberbullyingA Queens 12-year-old hanged herself.
  19. trolls
    Top Model Judge Reportedly Attempted SuicideVery sad news.
  20. school daze
    Cuomo Signs Cyberbullying Law, Horrible New York Kids Put on NoticeThink twice before you send that nasty tweet.
  21. school daze
    New York Kids to Maybe Face Consequences for Being Terrible to Each Other OnlineIf a teacher or someone finds out about it, that is.
  22. the internet
    Is Reddit Being Scared Straight for Encouraging a ‘Suicide’?There’s a strange, tragic tale developing in a dark corner of the Internet.
  23. cyberbullying
    Staten Island Teen Suicide Leads to More Facebook AwfulnessEven the adults are involved.
  24. intel
    Hey, Upper East Siders, Leave Your ‘Lashon Hara’ at Home, Mmmkay?Leave Gossip Girl at home, say area Jewish schools. They’re going back to the Bible to crack down on queen bees and rumormongers.